Snake – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming about a snake means you need to be alert to possible betrayals. It may be that in your inner cycle there is someone who pretends to be your friend to pull your rug when you have the opportunity.

Dreams with snakes are not pleasant experiences. Well, maybe because these reptiles are not really pleasant. Ferocity, poison, and a reputation for cunning don’t help much the reputation already troubled by English performances in the popular imagination. The Judeo-Christian example of Eve’s seduction being the most illustrious.

However, the serpent is not only a symbol of evil, fear and lies. It can also evoke wisdom and transcendence, which explains its recurrence in so many religions and mythologies, often with more benevolent roles.

When remembering a dream with a snake, it’s easy to be negatively impacted and think it’s a bad omen. A sign that some disloyalty or terrible error of judgment is coming. There is no way the meaning of dreaming about a snake is something beneficial, right?

Well, that’s not necessarily true. Depending on the case, it may bring you good news. Warn you of completely different things from the bad vibes you supposed. Yes, there are a lot of bad things related to betrayals as well, but at least the dream is there to warn you, preparing you in advance for important events and false friends.

So? Curious to really know what is the meaning of snake dreaming? You don’t have to look anywhere else. Stay with us to know different interpretations for countless snake dream cases.

What does it mean to dream about a black snake?

What does it mean to dream about a blue snake?

What does it mean to dream about a nest of snakes?

Dreaming About A Black Snake

Black Snake

What does it mean to dream about a black snake? Knowing is quite useful, since it is an unusual event. Unfortunately, it is not the most promising vision. It is one of the most dangerous snakes in the dream world. A bad omen. Dreaming about it usually means that something traumatic or afflicting is coming, like the death of a dear friend, and that you should prepare your psychological and your emotional for a turbulent time.

The main message this dream seeks to bring you is that nothing can be good all the time. It is a symbol to show you that it is time for you to act. Well, let’s go with some examples.

Dreaming About Green Snake

Shoo, black snake! What it means to dream of a green snake is the arrival of long periods of plenty and luck. Green has a strong connection with hand nature: its appearance is always a sign that good news will come and that the world conspires in your favor, protecting you from envy and negative energies.

Normally, in real life, green snakes are thin and active only during the day. They are usually completely harmless snakes. This is important when interpreting your dream.

Dreaming About Yellow Snake

Yellow Snake

Just like the green snake, the yellow can be a sign of wealth on the way. This snake is associated with luxury because of the yellow color (reminiscent of gold) of its scales. It also has the possible meaning of alerting you to traitors and recommending the use of your intuition. The encounter with it is usually one of the most auspicious.

The meaning of dreaming about a yellow snake is related to obstacles. The presence of a yellow snake in a dream represents wisdom and the overcoming of these obstacles. In addition, riches may be coming after the yellow snake dream. Dreaming of snakes in general brings us a meaning, and this can vary according to the color of each one.

Dreaming About Many Snakes

Dreaming of many snakes is related to challenging issues and feelings you face daily. It can represent issues of your unconscious, with transitions of your life in healing processes related to spiritual aspects.

It is time to better select your friends and take care of co-workers. When dreaming of several snakes, your subconscious is asking you to pay attention to the quality of your companies and to be alert to a possible “mass betrayal”. Distrust the people who say they want your good.

Dreaming About A Big Snake

Big Snake

Something immense is about to happen in your life. Although you do not specify the “quality” of the coming event, you can be sure that you will recognize it by its dimension. It is also a sign that you are surrounded by true friends. The problem is only if the snake attacks you, which may signal that such a great event will be bad for you.

If the big snake is in your way from afar, it is a reason for you to reflect about your life and the people around you. Probably then there is some implicit distrust that puts a flea behind your ear. It’s not a sustainable situation in the long run, so it’s fundamental to solve your hang-ups before they become ghosts.

Dreaming About A White Snake

Dreaming of white snake can carry many positive aspects, because white is a positive color quite related to purity, the sky, faith and other good vibrations. The meaning of dreaming about a white snake can, however, be positive or negative, depending on what you saw and how you felt in your dream.

Dreams with white snakes have a lot of senses and interpretations, ranging from the prediction of a dream coming true to a warning of exaggerated confidence in someone’s judgment. Everything depends on the behavior of the snake. There is a consensus, however, that the rarity of this reptile points to a harbinger of unexpected events. Stay tuned.

Dreaming About A Coral Snake

Coral Snake

The coral snake is frightening and can even mean betrayal, the most famous stigma of snakes. You have to be alert about your decisions and re-evaluate certain parts of your life so that your choices do not have bad repercussions.

Dreams of snakes in general may be related to your fears and hidden concerns that may be threatening you. The dream can serve as a warning of something that you are not yet aware of or that is still hidden.

See here all about the meaning of dreaming about a coral snake.

Dreaming About A Red Snake

The snake of passion: it is a symbol of the desire for an intense relationship. When the red snake appears, you are probably entering or intend to enter into a serious relationship with someone, strengthening love bonds. It’s a good sign, but you need to keep an eye on your aggressiveness: passions can be destructive.

The meaning of dreaming about a red snake represents passion, so you can also interpret a dream about a red snake as something connected to your loves, or strong feelings, like anger, rage. Violent.

Dream With Blue Snake

Blue Snake

What does it mean to dream about a blue snake? Dreaming of a blue snake is a sign of great luck and success in your life. It’s an indication that a positive phase is about to enter your life, where things will start to work out more right and you will achieve several accomplishments that you always wanted.

Dreaming Of Dead Snake

You probably got rid of a huge mess. The dead snake is a sign of a grave danger that has been eliminated, allowing you to pass freely without being fatally struck by the poison. Feel relieved.

Dreaming About A Colored Snake

Dreaming of a colorful snake has its meanings depending essentially on several factors to identify, in fact, what it represents. Dreams with colored snakes depend on the color of the snake, its size, its attitude, whether it is aggressive or not, whether it is dead or alive, etc.

Although beautiful, it is necessary to see far beyond appearances: it is a venomous snake that symbolizes the possibility of a sad surprise with people you had in high regard. Risk of disappointment in sight.

Dreaming About A Rattlesnake


Another treacherous snake, this dream can mean infidelity of very close people. It is important to talk to friends and partners about recent frustrations and discomfort, perhaps understanding the cause of the problem before resentments result in betrayal.

Dreaming of a rattlesnake means that you need to open your eyes. It may be an indication that people who claim to be loyal to you will pass you by as soon as you give them the opportunity. Don’t trust just anyone!

Dreaming About A Snake Wrapped Around Your Body Or Neck

The meaning of dreaming of a coiled snake can be linked to any of these interpretations of symbology. In general, seeing a coiled snake, tense, about to attack, is a sign of concern. Is there anything in your life that you are afraid of? Is there an imminent problem? You may not even understand the ramifications of the problem, but be concerned about it anyway.

It’s time to set yourself free! If you’ve dreamed of a snake coiled up in your body or neck, maybe it’s time to let go of your passions and enjoy your time more, while retaining professional responsibility. Ask for a vacation. Be creative in your love relationship. Don’t let life’s comet go by so fast.

Dreaming About Killing A Snake

Dreaming that you kill a snake may mean that you have everything to face the adversities that arise in your path. You are in control. However, killing a snake can also stage an attempt to make up for some ever-feeling lack. You must pay attention to this ambiguity so as not to get confused.

Dreaming Of A Small Snake

If the big snake was a manifestation of true friendships, the small snake is the opposite: false friends may be about to betray you. Two eyes always open for your company, which must be chosen with care. Value your true friends.

Dream Of Snake Attacking

Dreaming of a snake attack on another person could mean that an event outside of you could end up involving or indirectly affecting you. Keep an eye out because it can also have professional repercussions. And if the victim of the attack is yourself, then it’s probably up to you to become the center of that future event.

Dreaming Of A Snake Bite

Snake Bite

Dreaming of a stinging snake is a sign that you need to bond in family or friend conflicts. Maybe it’s time to reestablish a friendship or resolve a long-standing dispute, so that loved ones don’t hurt each other more and more. And of course: a keen eye for betrayal.

Dreaming Of Snake In The Water

Hard routine, isn’t it? Dreaming of snakes in the water is the result of various daily concerns that can be transmuted into anguish and anger. Try to deal with the frustrations of the routine in a more positive and optimistic way. And control your mood so you don’t get hurt or the people you love, making everything worse once and for all.

Dream Of A Giant Snake

Facing a sucuri is a terrifying nightmare indeed. And it’s not a good sign. Unlike the big snake, which indicated good friends and great events, dreaming of a giant snake is cause for concern: negative events can assume unforeseen proportions and make your life difficult.

Dreaming About A Snake’s Nest

Snake's Nest

What does it mean to dream of a snake’s nest? If you have seen a snake’s nest in a dream, it may mean that a new life is about to arise in your family. It may be that soon some family member will emerge with the news of a pregnancy.

If in your dream you have felt threatened by the nest, don’t fool around with the people around you, don’t waver and be aware of betrayals. However, if you did not feel threatened by the snake’s nest, it means that your problems will be solved soon.

Dreaming About Naja Snake

Najas can generate good and bad omens. On the one hand, dreaming of a cobra naja stinging you can be read as coming from financial losses, beyond the common sense of betrayal. It is not a good thing. On the other hand, dreaming that you kill a naja snake doesn’t differ much from the meaning of dreaming killing a snake: you are strong and you only need courage to overcome the main obstacles of your life.

With renewed faith and energy, you just have to move on. Even the worst dreams can refresh your perception of things and guide you on a happier and safer path.

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