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Dreaming of the sea means a multitude of things, just like the things the sea hides under its waves and its deepest waters. If you don’t know how to swim, it is better to learn, since maybe life will put you in situations beyond challenging.

Just like everything the sea brings to the edge of the beach, it also brings to the bottom of you and this means that unexpected revelations will happen in your life. Dreaming of the sea also talks about changes, adventures and fears to be overcome.

But according to Freud (2016), to interpret this dream it is fundamental that you think about what feelings the sea awakens in you, because its symbologies can have different meanings for each one.

The sea, for some, has the meaning of destruction (like the hangover putting down structures), for others it can be connected to invasions (when it advances over the sand), or yet, purification, when we take a dive to recharge our energies on the last day of the year. Therefore, reflect on what the symbolism of the sea represents to you while reading the interpretations below.

What does it mean to dream of a rough and dirty sea?

What does it mean to dream of waves?

What does it mean to dream about beach and sea?

What does it mean to dream about the ocean?

Dreaming Of Calm Sea

Dreaming of a calm sea predicts a trip, whether to a coastal region or not. Here, the image of the sea is not necessarily the revelation of the place where you can go, but it will be an opportunity for rest and relaxation.

Dreaming With Calm Sea

Dreaming of a calm sea is a balm, a breath for those who in recent times have faced monsters and troubled waters. Now is the time when you can rest, meditate and reflect on the learning you have had. Your maturation is clear and will be necessary for your next journey.

Dreaming About The Rough Sea

 Rough Sea

Problems in the family. Dreaming of a troubled sea speaks of your home, your closest ones and so well cysts. When the sea revolts inside the house, everything else ends up shaking. That’s where we have our anchor and that’s why it’s so important to know how to deal with adversities in the family. Work hard and peace will reign again.

Dream That Nothing At Sea

To dream that nothing in the sea is for the strong, not all people can take risks in the cunning waters of the sea. With this now you know that your potential is greater than that of so many other people, do not accept less, go in search of more.

Dreaming that you are swimming in the sea has more to do with what moves you internally than what the world outside has to tell you. If you feel that life is too calm and that you should venture into new waters, throw yourself into the sea in search of what will make you happy.

Dream That You Are Drowning In The Sea

Drowning in the Sea

Dreaming that you are drowning in the sea shows that you are reaching a stage where you will be able to make the dissolution of old fears and traumas, which will give you a new breath of life. Don’t be afraid, keep trying.

Dreaming Of Another Person Drowning In The Sea

Dreaming of someone else drowning at sea means that you will not always have the strength or the condition to help someone and this should not be carried as the feeling of guilt. Lessons come in many forms and perhaps yours is learning from the mistakes of others.

Dreaming That You Are Traveling By Sea

When you dream that you are traveling by sea, stop and take a better look at your life. It is possible that you have been taking your days too lightly and too seriously. Life is not a sea of roses and at any moment you may face a bigger problem than on the surface it seemed to be.

Dreaming Of Deep Sea

 Deep Sea

Dreaming of deep sea shows that it is time to take risks in life. No more living on the warm and comfortable surface, you have the skills and potential to go beyond, to dive deep and find treasures you never imagined you could reach.

Dream Of The Sea Invading The Sand

Dreaming of the sea invading the sand shows that outsiders are threatening their relationship. You have to be firm if you don’t want to die on the beach. Fight for your love and bring it back to your safe harbor.

Dream Of A Muddy Sea

Problems in sight. Dreaming of a sea of mud is a warning for difficulties along your navigation, but it does not mean that you will be unable to overcome them and emerge victorious. Focus, follow your North and everything will end well.

Dreaming Of Rough Sea

Changes in sentimental life. Dreaming of angry sea indicates that something within your love relationship is not right. One of the two is with an internal turbulence of great strength and will be able to move the pieces necessary to arrive at a decisive change in the way they relate. This change can be an end, but also a new beginning.

Dreaming Of A Sea Of Big Waves

Dreaming of a sea of big waves asks you to keep calm from now on, because during the next endless months, family fights may happen and this will take you out of your mind. Know that these will be tests to evaluate how much love you feel for each other and what you are willing to forgive.

Dreaming Of Storms At Sea

Storms At Sea

When dreaming of storms at sea, we see that you are in the center of a period of mental or emotional turmoil in which you cannot stand for long. Storms at sea are always very dangerous and have taken away sailors with years of experience. You have to seek help beyond the physical if you want to overcome this phase and become an “old sea wolf”.

Dreaming About Red Sea

When dreaming of the red sea, you must have realized that something is disturbing your feelings. We must not forget that the color red is associated with passion and uncontrollable feelings. So, when seen as the color of the sea, be aware that you may drown in this sea of passion. Be careful not to suffer for nothing, you do not deserve it.

Dream Of A Sea

Dreaming of a sea of fire speaks of a friendship that will have its bonds strengthened and strengthened because of a help. You may well already be helping someone without having realized it, or this fact will still occur. The important thing here is the strong bond that you and this person will have.

Dreaming Of A Frozen Sea

 Frozen Sea

Dreaming of a frozen sea is a sign of a paralysis in life, a stagnation. But calm, these periods of introversion are not always bad, on the contrary, sometimes all we need is to close ourselves, pause life and look inside in search of answers and revelations that are not outside, but reside inside you.

Dreaming Of A Rough And Dirty Sea

Although dreaming of a dirty and rough sea may seem to be a negative dream, its meaning is exactly the opposite. It represents an evolution of spirit and of your emotions. It means that you are maturing and growing as a human being.

Dreaming Of Beach And Sea

Dreaming of sea and beach means that you feel the need to relax, to let go of everything and forget about problems. What you need most at this moment is rest and peace, because you are very tense. This kind of dream is a sign that you need more time for leisure.

Dreaming About The Ocean


Dreaming of the ocean represents the state in which your feelings and emotions meet. It is an indication that your life is lighter and calmer, your peace of mind is renewed.[

Dreaming That You Are Sailing With The Agitated Sea

It is a sign for you to prepare yourself, because your life can go through moments of instability, where one hour you are well and another not so well. Be aware of the ups and downs of life.


FREUD, Sigmund. The interpretation of dreams. Translation Renato Zwick. Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil: L & PM Ed., 2016.

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