Elevator – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Elevator - Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about an elevator means that you need to be more persevering if you want to achieve your goals. Depending on your interpretation, it can represent both problems and success.

What is the meaning of dreaming of an elevator and what are the omens that such dreams bring us? First of all, we have to remember that our dreams have several meanings in our life. The dream is totally connected to the subconscious and all the emotions resulting from moments in which we are living.

Some symbols produced by our mind during sleep may represent what our thoughts cannot see during the time we are awake. One of the great representations of dreams are connected to transitions. These are the changes, links that connect old phases to new phases of our experience. We have to be attentive to what our unconscious is trying to transmit to us.

The secret is in the medium our subconscious has found to alert us, through these symbols, about how we can deal with the positive and negative emotions we experience in our daily lives. Our mind teaches us how we can know ourselves better to learn how to deal with our fears and yearnings. Self-knowledge is the most important thing in an individual’s life.

So, departing to the context of the dream, what does it mean to dream of an elevator? Why did a machine that goes up and down appear in our daydream?

As we already know, the elevator is in constant movement. And that’s what the omens of an elevator dream represents to us.

To dream with an elevator indicates movements, constant transitions, between the ups and downs, the setbacks of life. The elevator in the dream also represents a certain confinement, since it, with closed doors, becomes an enclosed and small space.

To dream with an elevator also represents our persistence. Be aware of the various meanings of dreams with elevators and see if any of them fits what you dreamed.

Dream That Is Inside The Elevator

Elevator - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

If you happen to dream that you are inside an elevator, this dream may indicate that you are evolving in life, both socially and professionally. Use this moment to take advantage of every opportunity for new relationships, especially intimate ones. You are ready and mature for a relationship. Enjoy also the opportunities for a professional ascension, since you will achieve your financial success through them

Dreaming that the elevator is going up and you are inside it still indicates that you are seeing life with a more optimistic and more conscious perspective.

Dreaming About A Falling Elevator

Elevator - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

The meaning of dreaming of an elevator falling with you inside indicates your lack of emotional control. Just like the elevator in your dream, when you don’t have the control and reins of your life, you can also enter free fall. And this can bring difficulties in making decisions.

If you dream of elevator crashing, it also indicates some barriers and obstacles that you are living in your life because of real events that may have been traumatic, both in personal life and at work. This lack of control and such emotional instability makes you feel trapped in your declines.

Dreaming About Elevating

Dreaming of an elevator going up is a positive omen for your life. The elevator going up demonstrates that you are about to achieve the much dreamed professional success, significantly improving your financial life.

The dream also indicates your spiritual maturity. You are evolving spiritually, taking the reins of your life, elevating your ability to control your emotions and solve problems in a more diplomatic and mature way.

Dreaming Of Elevator Descending

The meaning of dreaming of an elevator going down, especially if you control it on the way down, indicates that you have the full command of your ‘declines’ and maturity to solve any impasse that arises in your life, especially on your emotional side. The descending elevator also indicates fortune. You will be recognized in your work and this will bring you great success in your career.

Dream Of A Broken Elevator

Elevator - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

This dream can be a negative sign for you. Just like when the dream is of a falling elevator, dreaming of a broken elevator indicates an omen of lack of emotional control, due to some obstacle caused by experiences not positive for you, both in professional and affective life.

But for any apparently unsolvable situation, the best thing to do is to stop to reflect on how to solve it.

Dreaming About Old Elevator

Elevator - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

The meaning of dreaming of an old elevator indicates that you are trying to escape from some unpleasant situation. If there is some ghost from the past that still disturbs you, try to forget and live the present. Although the past is part of our history, he finished and took along with him everything he had to take. Live the present.

Dream With A Full Elevator

Elevator - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

If you dream of a crowded elevator and you can’t reach the door to get out, this is a harbinger that you need to be more determined and harder at your job. You need to set your goals more concretely if you want to achieve your professional goals.

Dreaming Of An Empty Elevator

Elevator - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

The meaning of dreaming of an empty elevator is an indication that if you are not careful with your professional life, you may have serious financial losses. If you are in some investment, or have a money saved and need to use it, do it carefully, since an omen of financial loss could mean bankruptcy due to misuse of it. Save it for when you have mature ideas and set goals.

Dream Of A Stationary Elevator

Dreaming of a stopped elevator is a negative sign. This dream indicates that you or a relative of yours may have some health problem. It’s time for you and people in your family who are more susceptible to illness to see a doctor.

Dreaming About A Hotel Elevator

Elevator - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 7

Dreaming of a hotel elevator demonstrates your determination for a successful future. This dream indicates that you can achieve this goal and your life will be financially more tranquil. If you dreamed of a hotel elevator, be aware of the opportunities, especially at work.

Dream Of A Runaway Elevator

Dreaming of an elevator going down and up indicates exactly what happens in an individual’s life: the ups and downs. If you dreamed with elevator going up and down constantly, this dream indicates that your life is full of peace, with quiet thoughts, but with worries related to impasses and problems to solve.

But you don’t have to worry, because nowadays this is the standard of life of people, tranquility and worries are always oscillating and wanting to take a place in our emotional state. All you have to do is choose which of these feelings you should give priority to.

Dreaming Of A Horizontal Elevator

The meaning of dreaming of an elevator walking horizontally is a sign that you have conformed to your current situation in your life, be it good or bad, and that you don’t have great expectations for growth, but you also don’t have deep concerns. Maybe this is a comfort. Keep in mind that life is too dynamic to park. The search for growth and new experiences is what drives us to live.

Dream That You Are Stuck In The Elevator

Elevator - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 8

Dreaming that you are stuck in an elevator (moving or not), is a sign that you are leading an extremely simple way of life and that you are moving from the impulses of others.

If you have understood the meaning of dreaming of an elevator, start to reflect on how you can adjust your inner self and seek great successes in your life.

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