Rooster – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of a rooster means that you are a person who likes to please others. Be careful not to abuse your goodwill. Face your fears and don’t bow to those who want to take advantage of you

Dreams about rooster represent ambiguous situations, because this animal, very associated with country life, work and sun, is a symbol of vigilance. Since very ancient times, it was placed on the roofs of houses and churches, both to warn about the sunrise and the approach of unknown people.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Rooster?

Therein lies, therefore, the first great meaning embodied in dreams about a rooster: vigilance, alertness, warning. But here it refers to people who tend to ignore truths that they don’t like, but that are right in front of them, and this is often related to the fact that they are unable to impose themselves, and thus do not rule their own lives.

And there is the ambiguity already mentioned: culturally, the rooster is also associated with beauty, grandeur, and even arrogance, which is the awareness of one’s own value taken to the extreme. Thus, in some cases, the warning of the rooster dream is exactly that the person must lose a little bit of arrogance to pay more attention to others and become simpler and wiser, otherwise he may suffer a lot.

In certain cultures, this bird is still widely used today as a symbol of prestige and power, being created exactly so that high castes can display it, as is customary with expensive goods. In this sense, another meaning of dreaming of a rooster is related to abundance, whether in the financial, loving or health fields – in short, about any bid that depends on luck.

Dreaming Seeing A Rooster

Seeing A Rooster

Try to remember the following details:

If the rooster was looking good and surrounded by chickens, that means success in the loving field – maybe even with the appearance of your better half!

If he was handsome, but alone: ​​he is representing the attitude you need most in life now: instead of just thinking about pleasing others, try to be more independent and owner of yourself. The grandeur shows the need for you to be no longer ashamed or afraid to show your talents, thus assuming your true self.

If he was ugly, that is, very thin, looking bad: warning that you will face problems that will make you lose money and even friendships.

Dreaming Of Pecking Cock

This cock is warning you that someone is wanting to take what is yours. Remember: roosters do not hesitate to peck whoever tries to invade their territory. Therefore, you also need to fight to maintain your achievements. Stay vigilant to find out who is the person you need to defend yourself from and when will be the best time to act.

Dreaming Of Rooster Crowing

Rooster Crowing

This is a good sign, as it shows that you will achieve the professional success you have been waiting for so long. However, do not wait for heaven: do not stop working hard, and do not “sing of a cock”, that is, bragging about it.

The most important thing is exactly what you did to achieve this and the size of your patience, because, as you know, who is used to great efforts for a goal, dreams can take a while to come true.

Dreaming Of Cock Eating

This dream is like a mixture of the cock pecking with the rooster crowing: you will achieve the things you want, especially professional success, very soon.

But you need to be careful with people who envy you, and be prepared to defend what belongs to you, especially your ideas. Remember that, in the henhouse, the rooster also needs to fight other roosters, chickens and chicks in order to feed.

Dreaming Of Running Rooster

This is a typical dream of people who get everything they want, mainly because they have the gift of convincing others through their admirable oratory. But running cock serves as a warning to the fact that you are making a lot of enemies because of the way you get things done.

Is it worth suffering for? It is necessary to police yourself in order not to go over anyone: develop empathy, which will also make you more scrupulous. Intelligence is best used when combined with generosity and kindness, not cheating.

Dreaming Of Flying Rooster

This is another dream that shows the territorial side of the rooster: it alerts you to defend your space from someone who is trying to take it. The point is that this person is already very close to you, because he pretends to be your friend. You need to discover it as soon as possible to get away from it.

Dreaming That Kills A Rooster

Although it seems bad and scary, killing a rooster in a dream is positive, because it means that you need to kill your inflated ego, the one that lives with the “crest raised”. In other words, it is a warning for you to become less arrogant. And it is necessary to start doing this soon, to avoid future suffering.

The good thing about this dream is that it means that you are already prepared to learn how to do this, which is an important milestone in your evolution as a person.

Dreaming Of Cockfight


This alerts you to fights in your circle of friends or family that are about to happen. Especially if you are one of the fighting cocks, this points to the existence of serious divisions within any group of which you are a part.

This warning comes first exactly so that you don’t get involved in the dispute, which is not your affair: do not take sides or try to interfere, because it is very likely that after it ends you will be alone. Even if the people involved are very important to you.

Dreaming Of Plucked Rooster

This foreshadows a period of great financial difficulty, which will even be able to keep interested people away from you – after all, think about this positive side. Trust only the people who stand by you.

This is just one of the lessons you will have during this period. In it, you will learn things that will strengthen you to return to the fight better than before.

Dreaming Buying A Rooster

This symbolizes the opposite: you will win good money soon, and it can come from business success or the lottery. Enjoy!

Dreaming Of Being Attacked By A Rooster

Someone is going to fight with you soon.

Dreaming About Black Cock

This dream depends on the location of the rooster and its physical state. If you were in a yard, it means someone is planning something bad against you.

But if the rooster was beautiful, with all its feathers, it means that you will not suffer any of the damage that your enemy wants you to suffer.

However, if the black rooster was plucked and almost dead, watch out, you will be hit. Take care, and get ready to face anything.

Dreaming Of Red Rooster

This dream has the same meaning as the simple sight of a beautiful and alone rooster, but from another angle: you cannot impose yourself as you should. Thus, people take advantage, lacking with respect, and you cannot manage your life as it would be more convenient for you.

This rooster appeared to you to show that you should not be afraid to show your talents, publicly assuming your true self. You are looking forward to it yourself!

Dreaming That Sells A Rooster

You will have a great performance in the sales of your business area.

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