Eyes – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming with eyes means that a novelty may be approaching your life. Dreams with eyes are images that become possible to associate with what we usually call a vision of the future. Thus, the meaning of dreaming with eyes is linked to things that will happen to us in the medium or long term, whether positive or negative.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Eyes?

To know which of these two possibilities will be the true one, it is important to analyze the general context of the dream, because the variations presented usually say a lot about different possible meanings. Thus, those who dream of green eyes will have a different interpretation from those who dream of blue eyes, for example. Thus, it is important to know a little more about these various variations so that one can determine with greater precision what it means to dream of eyes.

Dreaming Of Another Person’s Eyes

Dreaming of another individual’s eyes is an indication that there is a strong connection between you and the person of that dream. This can be verified when we think of what common sense tells us, that the eyes are the window of the soul. In this case, there is this strong soul connection between you, and this is something that your subconscious hopes to exalt, so start to give greater value to this person.

Dreaming Of Your Own Eyes

Seeing one’s own eyes in a dream is associated with knowledge, understanding and a state of intellectual alertness. This brightness that exists in you and your mind is linked to the sense of “eyes open”, indicating that yours meet in this way, and your mind is becoming increasingly open to new thoughts coming from within, as well as to the opinion of others.

It is interesting to note that there may be differences if the focus is on eyes in isolation. In the case of the left eye, there is a symbolism associated with the Moon and a greater focus on darker thoughts of your mind, while the right eye is associated with the Sun and living with the words of people closest to you. This dream can also be a warning for you to look a little more at yourself and start taking self-focused actions.

Dream Of Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

Dreaming of blue eyes is related to what the color blue usually goes through. It is a symbol of tranquility and calm, referring to the image we have of the sky, in which a clear sky of a beautiful and sunny day is of this color. There may be someone in your life capable of bringing you that kind of feeling.

Therefore, if this is the case, it is up to you to give due value to it, as this can be something difficult to conquer. If you have blue eyes in the dream without them having that color naturally, it may mean that you may need to have more sympathy with others.

Dreaming Of Green Eyes

In the case of green eyes, this may be an association that some often make to the financial success that this color may indicate, usually when something is valuing itself. So this dream is an indication of luck and good finances. It may be the ideal time to invest in something new, or start new projects at your job. The return is not fully guaranteed, but this dream usually says that you are more prepared for it.

Dreaming Of Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes in a dream can be an indication that you possess a great power of seduction. It is even possible that you are not aware of this, so it may be a good time to try to explore this side. Associated with this is the power of intuition, something capable of making you realize the details that are not always so clear.

Dreaming Of Red Eyes

Red eyes often mean that your feelings are at the surface of your skin. Thus, this dream is an indication that you have been going through a period of imbalance, and this can cause harm to your professional and personal aspects. It is therefore important to seek a greater balance in your life and try to vent these feelings in a healthy way, without affecting those around you. This way, you will be able to find greater pleasure in the things you are willing to do and even in your obligations.

Dreaming Of Blind Eyes

Blind Eyes

As the saying goes, the worst blind person is the one who doesn’t want to see. This dream, therefore, concerns something you are living and that will soon have negative consequences. You find yourself in that kind of situation where people are warning that something will go wrong and yet you want to move on with it.

The probability of something going wrong can be high, but you keep insistent. If the situation was complicated and it didn’t work, the correct thing is to move on and look for new airs, without looking for guilty, no matter how important it is to understand what really went wrong.

Dreaming Of Started Eyes

Dreaming that you see eyes torn off means that you will have a moment of difficulty seeing what is around you. Clear situations are a little confusing in your mind right now. That way, you are quite susceptible to being fooled by others. Therefore, it is important that you regain focus and try to analyze the situations in another way, otherwise you will end up falling behind.

Dreaming Of Sew Eyes

Once again there is a connection with the possibility of being deceived and in this case there is a strong indication that you will suffer a betrayal. This can occur in different areas of your life and it is important that you be aware of any sign that this may happen.

Dreaming Of Fixed Eyes

This dream is an indication that you are maintaining a bond with something, be it a new friendship or a new love. Fixed eyes symbolize this connection given to your representativeness of the soul, indicating that happiness may be close to you if you know how to enjoy the moment.

Dreaming Of Distracted Eyes

Dreaming that eyes get distracted is an indication that you are not paying attention to the right details in your life, and it may be time to review what your priorities are at the moment.

Dreaming Of Machucated Eyes

Dreaming that you are faced with bruised eyes can symbolize a sacrifice made by you and the difficulties you have been facing. This indicates that you should not forget the efforts you have been making, because at some point you will reap the results of all this.

Dreaming OF Buggy Eyes

Bagged eyes can sometimes be symptoms of diseases, and that’s what the dream relates to. Your subconscious is trying to warn you about this, so try to take better care of your health from now on.

Dreaming Of Closed Eyes

Dreaming that closes your eyes can be an allusion to the popular expression we use when we try to avoid facing a truth. That way, it may be important that you reflect a little on what may be relevant that you are leaving aside. The truth can hurt, but it’s still better than living in lies.

Dreaming Of Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful eyes are often an attractive feature, but this may mean that you are getting carried away by this beautiful appearance. So think about whether what seems too good to be true is really paying off.

Dreaming Of Cat’s Eyes

The cat’s eye has a much sharper vision than that of the human, so this dream is related to the fact that you have been having a great ability to find your way, even though you are wrapped in darkness. This is a good indication that you are fully able to cope with your difficulties.

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