Swimming – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming that you are swimming means that your life is flowing. The most important aspect here is that dreams about swimming serve to indicate that a major change is about to happen in your life, which will change your course.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Swimming?

The dream can illustrate in which area of ​​your life this will take place (mainly financial or loving), but most likely it will reflect how you will receive this change.

That is, whether you will embrace it promptly or fight it, due to something that prevents you from abandoning your old life and accepting the one that presents itself, an aspect that you need to find out which is to overcome and allow yourself to enjoy the positive side of the changes and to be able to face the problems of this new phase with realism to solve them.

Dreaming That Nothing In A Pool

Someone is watching you. But don’t be alarmed! It is very likely that it is to offer you a better job or salary, due to your talents, that are drawing the attention of someone powerful.

Dreaming That Nothing In The Sea

This dream usually happens to people who are feeling lost in their lives. Therefore, it is a good omen: it announces that soon this state will pass, that is, your life will get on track and you will resume its reins.

A good tip for this is to lose the fear of saying “no” to some people and situations. Being a little selfish is important for you to keep yourself from passing (often, more than once) by people who just want to take advantage of you, or involve you in delicate situations that don’t get you anywhere.

Dreaming That No Clothes

No Clothes

Let’s agree that swimming in clothes is a very strange and inappropriate situation, isn’t it? And this happens even in a dream.

The message here is that you are accumulating many hurts from the past, and this is weighing on you, preventing you from proceeding normally with your life. You may also be feeling inadequate in some situation. Try to reflect on what moments in your daily life this is happening, and try to face problems and relationships more lightly.

Dreaming That Nothing Naked

This dream is pleasant, because it shows that your displacement in life is free. This is because your problems are being solved in a much easier way than you imagined.

One cause for this may be that you have simply learned to leave behind not only your own problems and hurts, but also those of others, which you have often carried without even realizing it, which has made your burden much heavier than you really need it. to be. This may be why you are feeling much lighter now. Cool, huh?

Dreaming That Nothing Against The Current

This opens a time when you will achieve victories in your love field. Think about it so much to finally win over that special someone, as well as to get your relationship on track. Don’t give up on your goals, you are swimming well, as you should be.

Dreaming That Nothing In Clear And Calm Water

The direction your life will take will be one of peace, close to what we usually associate with happiness. It is significant that those who have this dream tend to be coming out of a very difficult phase, due to the amount of problems they had to solve. So, take the time to really relax!

Dreaming That Nothing In Dirty Water

Swimming in dirty, cloudy water, so dark that you can’t see the bottom, means that you still have a lot of obstacles to overcome in order to reach your goal. Despite everything, try not to get discouraged! Trust in yourself, remember your strength and wisdom, which have already been tested and matured by your other achievements.

Dreaming That Nothing In Choppy Water

Do not confuse cloudy water with turbulent water! Turbulent, turbulent water is warning you to prepare: soon you will receive a call that has been waiting for a long time – especially if it is related to the professional sphere of your life.

Therefore, although at first it seems scary, it has a positive meaning: it shows that you are finally in a position to assume a desired situation, that is, you are prepared to face all the turbulences that may come from now !

Dreaming You Can’t Swim

You Can't Swim

A dream in which you desperately need to swim but cannot show that you still have fears and insecurities to overcome, otherwise you will not be able to move. If you end up sinking, it speaks of how urgent you are to worry about these aspects that you cannot deal with, but that have great power to stop you.

It is very likely that you will need to undergo therapy to be able to handle this task.

Dreaming Of Many People Swimming

It foreshadows that you are about to find and join someone who will do very well in your life. Good, isn’t it?

Dreaming That Teaches Someone To Swim

It announces a moment when you will progress in your professional life. An interesting development of this dream is that it will happen because you are not only concerned with your own navel, you also want to see the people around you happy with their own careers, and you always help them in what is possible. Keep it up, even though some may be jealous of how much you are adored.

Dreaming That Nothing Alone

Great news: you are managing to overcome your fears! Therefore, naturally you will soon move forward in life, especially in the professional field.

Dreaming That Swims In A River

Swims In A River

Like the dream of not being able to swim, it is a warning for you to pay attention to your traumas and try to cure them, that is, to learn to see negative situations in another way, to give them another perspective.

A particularity here is that, being an open space (river or lake) and calm waters, it is an important sign that now is the best time to deal with this, as everything is more peaceful and you are ready. So, this is the task you must dedicate yourself to now.

Dreaming That Nothing Back

This dream has a positive omen: it shows that you will be able to overcome all the bad events in your life. Exactly those who left negative marks and stopped you on your way.

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