Parrot – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Parrot – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Birds fly, are free and inspiring. Birds have always made us dream of taking flights and reaching the skies. It is a human dream to have wings like Icarus, in Greek Mythology, and it was this dream that inspired Santos Dumont and the Wright brothers to invent the plane. In several ancient civilizations, and until today, birds symbolize protection, intelligence, wisdom and connection with the spiritual. They are messengers that walk between two worlds, the heavens and the earth.

Instigating, isn’t it? For forget all this, here we are not exactly talking about birds, at least not the eagles and hawks that come to mind when we think of the adjectives mentioned above. Nor are we talking about the crows and owls that dominate the night and carry the dark and mystical aura of the beyond.

No, not these ones. We are here to talk about parrots. Yes, parrots, those little green and friendly looking animals that imitate what others talk about. The meaning of dreaming about a parrot can be quite ambiguous, like this little bug itself, which can recite an entire Our Father as much as say the most scalaphobic words. It can be a good or a bad sign. They can be discovered, news, warnings of bad omen.

What does it mean to dream about a parrot? That’s what you asked yourself when you decided to get the answer here and that’s what we’ll help you decipher from now on.

Dreaming That You See A Parrot

The ambiguous meaning of the parrot already begins when you see it in your dream, for the complexity of understanding what this dream wants to tell you will depend more than your inner self allowed you to feel during the experience than exactly what we may tell you in these few lines.

It may mean that good news, that which you want to hear, is coming, but this dream may also mean that something serious may be coming to you. In this same logic of duality, whatever happens to you, this fact itself will also have two sides. See, something good can become bad, but something bad can become positive. See and understand that the same glass that is half empty is the one that is half full.

Dream Of A Flying Parrot

Parrot – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

There are intrinsic targets in the life of each one of us. What does that mean? An intrinsic target is that living objective that you have visualized from an early age, for example, a marriage, graduating, building a career, having children. It is something inherent in all of us and different from making money, being happy or buying a car. Dreaming that you see a flying parrot means that you are close to achieving this intrinsic goal. That’s definitely a good thing.

Dreaming About A Parrot Talking

Gossip, right? It couldn’t be anything else. Dreaming of parrot talking represents that people are talking about you, but calm down. It can be both good and bad. Do the following, pay attention to the people you live with and notice one detail: those who speak ill of others to you, very certainly will speak ill of you to others. Stay away from this type and live your life.

Dream Of A Green Parrot

It is an excellent sign of money and profits in the following months. If you have a business, it is likely to grow and generate more dividends for you. If you are an employee, your work will be recognized and you have good chances to win a promotion. These omens are reinforced depending on how green the parrot was that you saw. The greener, the more prosperity is coming.

Dreaming Of A Colored Parrot

Dreaming of a colorful parrot, in case you own a business, represents stubbornness of your employees and difficulty in making yourself understood. A leader must be clear, objective and inspiring. Dreaming with a colorful parrot symbolizes problems in making yourself heard and being understood by your employees or subordinates. Reevaluate the way you communicate with them, although the problem is not always in you. Be tactful in dealing with the situation.

Dream Of A Sleeping Parrot

Parrot – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

The phase of fights and discussions finally seems to be coming to an end. Turbulences in our family nucleus are not pleasant and can completely spoil our day. This period may be coming to an end, but it is necessary that you do your part and avoid bad words.

Dreaming Of A Dead Parrot

It’s sad when we realize that people we trust and live with speak ill of us behind our backs or try to sabotage us, but that’s what this dream reveals to you. Be aware of those around you, because something is not clear and someone may be being false to you. No obsessing about this information, just follow the rule: if they speak ill of others to you, they speak ill of you to others. From these, stay away!

Dreaming Of A Parrot Cub

Parrot – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

News are coming and along with them will come money, health and the opportunity to transform your life for the better.

Dreaming Of A Kite On Your Shoulder

Your subconscious is warning you that you need to become more independent and walk the road of life alone. This is not a sign that you should stay away from people, but rather a sign that you need to disconnect yourself from their dependence. It is time to mature and walk with your own legs.

Dreaming Of Many Kites

That’s right, you’re not afraid of news and you’re not afraid of playing in life. Excellent! Dreaming of several kites is a sign that you are already able to make your own decisions and take the responsibility that comes from them. Remember, taking decisions is not something magical that will suddenly take you to the best path. Walking with your own legs requires analysis, confabulation and pondering about everything you believe is best for you. To mature is to know that everything has consequences, choose well so that yours are positive.

Dreaming About A Caged Parrot

Parrot – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

There is a secret being kept away from you, but you will discover it and you will be disappointed with someone. Don’t let yourself down, this discovery will be like the cage door being opened. It is better to discover the truth and be able to decide about it than to live in ignorance where the lie becomes your own prison.

Dreaming About A Sick Parrot

Someone you have met recently hasn’t shown himself to you completely and this could get you fooled in the future. Don’t just give in and open up at once like you usually do. Take it easy this time. You’ve broken your face before and you don’t want to break it again, do you? Take it easy in this relationship, be it friendship or possible love.

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