Crying – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Crying – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

The human being is the only species on the planet that cries and sheds tears expressing a feeling. “But my pet also cries,” you might say. Well, we don’t want to be the person to destroy his illusions, but the truth is that his pet’s crying is not that true.

In animals, unlike us, crying works as a special or defensive vocalization, as a way to get adults’ attention, and tears are just lubricants for the eyes. Now, crying as an emotional expression, only human beings are capable.

Well, let’s get down to business. You must have come this far because you dreamed you were crying or, who knows, someone in your dream was crying. The meaning of dreaming that you were crying connects with your instincts and how they can help you in certain occasions. Dreaming of crying is a symbol of decisions, to free oneself from repressed emotions, fears and sorrows of real life.

However, for proper understanding of the meaning of dreaming that with crying or dreaming that you see someone crying, we need to analyze the circumstances involved in each dream. The way your dream unfolds or what triggers the crying is essential to understand what your subconscious wants to tell you. Some may make an immediate association of dreaming of crying with a bad fact or a bad omen, however it is not always so.

For you to understand better what we are talking about, let’s take a few examples.

Dreaming That You Are Crying

A clear representation that you have repressed emotions. Crying indicates that you have faced various pressures in your life, made decisions and they have not been easy. Many of these decisions may involve your job – deciding between changing jobs if you risk something better or staying in safety, but possible stagnation – ending a loving relationship or, depending on your position, even the difficult decision of having to fire someone.

Dreaming That You See Someone Crying

Look, this could be a great sign. A person will emerge in your life and make a difference, it could be that a new and refreshing love relationship is about to start in your life or, who knows, a partnership in the business and projects that you are touching or planning to touch. It is a unique moment from which you can get a lot of good things. Don’t forget to give back everything you earn. Be grateful!

Dream That You Hear Someone Cry

When you dream that you hear crying but do not see or identify from where or from whom, this is a reflection of your own unknown self. You possess skills and gifts that you have not taken advantage of or even discovered. It may even be that something you would do very well in is around you, but you haven’t noticed for never having tried. Some gifts are never discovered because we settle for what we are used to. Get out of that comfort zone and try it. If you don’t try, you will never know. Don’t let time rub off on you in the future.

Dream That Makes Someone Cry

There is an implicit symbolism in dreams like this, and this is in your relationship. It is most likely a love relationship, but in some cases it may refer to some very close relationship. In the case of a love relationship, if the person you have made cry is your husband, wife or boyfriend, moments of crisis may be coming or already being experienced.

Seek pacification and avoid discord. Do not insist on foolish arguments and do your mea culpa, that is, see where you have failed instead of just seeing the failure of others. There is a very applicable biblical phrase here, whether you are a Christian or not: “first take the beam out of your eye so that you see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. This passage refers to the judgment we make of others, without first noticing our own faults.

Dreaming Of A Child Crying

Crying – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Something that will surprise you is on its way, be prepared, but stay calm. Dreaming of a crying child is not usually a bad surprise, it may even represent the arrival of someone new in the family, such as a family member getting married or even having a baby, who may also be adopted.

Dreaming About An Adult Crying

In general, it means that some of your attitudes are causing sadness to other people. What could you have done to make this happen? Try to reflect on how you have treated those around you and whether you have made little case for people who sincerely care about you.

Dreaming Of A Crying Relative

That’s a good sign, huh?! A person close to you has been through moments of depression and sadness, but an encounter with you will do her a lot of good. You may not even know or come to know how much good it will do this person, but rejoice, your presence will be revitalizing. This dream can also mean reconciliation with the person you love.

Dreaming Of Crying With Joy

Crying – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

It is time to pay more attention to your intuition. Of course, not always following our instincts or listening blindly to the heart is a good idea. But sometimes we should rather listen to that inner voice pointing us in the right direction.

Dreaming Of A Friend Crying

Don’t try to solve everything on your own, be humble enough to ask for someone’s help when something too heavy to carry yourself arises. This dream indicates that you will go through the kind of situation you should not try to face alone.

Seek the help of a trusted friend, be resilient and have the courage to face something unexpected and difficult to solve. Don’t despair, everything in life passes and good winds will blow again. Negative moments are usually more striking in our lives for very understandable reasons, after all nobody likes to suffer. However, only phases like this stimulate us to grow.

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