Mango – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Mango – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Mango is the favorite fruit of many people. Having a sweet taste, it brings to mind the idealized image of a tropical country. This conception rooted in the popular imagination makes the symbolism of dreaming of mango something extremely connected to human sexuality.

Sexual tensions, new relationships, all of this and much more are suggestions and omens when the subject is what it means to dream about mango. Through dreams, we can get to know ourselves better, because dreams are often perceptions of our subconscious seeing the world, and this subconscious has its own unique language. In the same way that we communicate with words, gestures, and writing, our inner self communicates with us through the symbolic language of images.

The Egyptians, among other ancient civilizations, had this form of symbolic communication – see the hieroglyphs – and this allowed them a more pulsating spiritual connection with the oneiric, the subjective and the abstract. Today, this form of writing is practically extinct, but the oriental civilizations have their calligraphy coming from the imagery, as an example the Chinese and the Japanese ifs.

You may have already realized that the alphabet of these countries is different from ours, because we inherited the Greek alphabet, already the oriental writing originates from a strong symbolic content, almost a drawing. With this in mind, have you also observed how they are more spiritual than us? Finally, the meaning of dreaming of mango, for us to interpret correctly, depends on how this fruit is unconsciously perceived by us as a symbol. Well, just as mango is a delicious fruit, delicious is also this fascinating world that we are now going to explore: the world of dreams!

Dream That Sees A Mango

Dreaming that you see a sleeve is a strong sign of overcoming. You will overcome some obstacle that has stood in your way and prevented you from moving forward. The sleeve can have different sizes and if it in your dream is big, it means that something or someone you least expect will help you overcome it. If the sleeve in your dream, on the other hand, is small, it represents a big and lonely battle, but from which you will still emerge victorious.

Dream That Eats A Mango

Mango – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Ah, the passion! Sweet as a pink mango, that, of course, if the mango of your dreams is sweet. Then the symbolism of this dream is your idealization and romance, imagining what it would be like or what a romance with this person you are in love with. If you are sharing this manga with someone in your dream, and if by chance this person is your reason for being, be happy. Your relationship has everything to work out. But if the mango had a bitter taste, it represents some opportunity that is gone, but do not suffer for it. Opportunities come and go.

Dream That Sucks A Mango

Sometimes we carry with us problems and frustrations that, if we shared it with someone we trust, we would feel lighter and more willing. Dreaming that you suck a sleeve represents that burden that you are advised by your inner self to get rid of. So do it, let it out, forgive it, forget it. Life goes forward, the past is a picture on the wall. If it’s ugly, just get it out of there.

Dream Of Many Sleeves

Prosperity, good news and old problems coming to an end. How good it is to know that life is made of phases, isn’t it? If you were in a bad phase, it will come to an end very soon. Dreaming of many sleeves can also mean doubt about your ability to realize a dream you have been working for. Don’t give up, you have a good chance of making it.

Dream Of Green Mango

You have let anxiety get in your way and probably didn’t get everything you could have gotten if you had had more patience. Pretty obvious, isn’t it? Green mango picked ahead of time. You can still get better, but you’ll have to work twice as hard this time.

Dreaming Of Mango Tree

Mango – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Congratulations! Having someone to trust and support is a great privilege. This dream represents this person and the strong relationship between you. Sometimes this person is a friend, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. It can be a relative, brother or even a co-worker. However, if the sleeve foot in your dream is cut off, it means that something important will be taken from you. Patience.

Dreaming Of Ripe Mango

Don’t wait any longer, this is the time. You have some opportunity passing right under your nose, but you may miss it if you don’t act fast. But hold on there! Acting without delay is different from acting without thinking. Aim well not to miss the target.

Dream Of Rotten Sleeve

The chance you wanted passed and you didn’t see it or maybe you acted hastily or maybe you didn’t act. Well, that happens. It’s over, just like the song “It’s gone” says. Focus on the future and how you can create new opportunities. What is past is past, and if it is past is a picture on the wall. Remember… if the painting is ugly, just take it out.

Dream Of Mango Juice

Mango – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming of mango juice is a warning. Take an attitude in your life, don’t settle down and let it pass you by. You can do more, but you have to work hard and fight for it. Your life is stagnating, don’t admit it.

Dream That You Are Reaping Mango

Satisfaction and achievement. It can be sexual or with your life in general. Dreaming that you reap mango symbolizes your desires by fulfilling yourself, perhaps with whom you love or who knows at work or in your own business? If you reap the mango from your foot and suck it, it represents fulfillment in the loving field and is a strong indication that a new and lasting passion is coming. If you pick your sleeve and put it in a basket, it represents profit, financial stability and at work.

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