Mouse – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Mouse – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming about a mouse is not usually very positive. The stigmatized rodent usually symbolizes envy, jealousy, falsehood, rancor, among other negative feelings. What does it mean to dream about a rat? It can be an indication of turbulent periods and betrayal.

It could also be. Vector of numerous diseases and parasites, with highly infectious urine and bite, this inhabitant of the sewers is a mammal of surprising intelligence, but whose relationship with humanity is not one of courtesy or mutual affection. They can even be considered man’s worst enemies (which, let’s admit, is not a flower to smell either) because they are associated with the bubonic plague, a disease that has almost led us to extinction.

Meetings with rats in real life can be disgusting experiences. Dreaming about mice is also a boring event, although a bit far from this dark and traumatizing thing that some people say it is. But it’s scary and disgusting, of course.

That said, there are exceptions. Sigmund Freud (Freud, 2016), for example, believed that mice in dreams would be a genital symbol because they would be related to pubic hair (he only thought about that…). Sometimes, too, the mice belie our prejudices, carrying auspicious news. And even if the dreams are not “good”, they exist to make you take more reasonable and altruistic attitudes in your daily life. It doesn’t cost to share a little cheese with the mouse, right?

Curious to find out more about dreams with mice? Read our article to the end to know all about the meaning of dreaming with mice.

What does it mean to dream that a mouse bit you?

What does it mean to dream about Gabiru?

What does it mean to dream about a rat?

Dreaming About A White Mouse

Mouse – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Compared to other rats, white may even look prettier. The color white in the world of dreams is usually associated with notions of purity and peace. But make no mistake: he is a mouse.

The most recurrent interpretation of this dream is that fake friends may be lurking, waiting for the right moment to deceive you or hurt your reputation, even though they dress with great skill a disguise of innocence.

However, there is a much more benevolent reading that sees the white mouse as a herald of good news and loyal attitudes from true friends, who will help you in times of difficulty.

Dreaming Of Dead Mouse

Is dreaming of dead mice one of the few positive instances in this article? No. The death of the mouse does not bring satisfaction either. Problems related to his health or that of his family are among the possibilities suggested by him.

Funesto? Also no. In fact, ALL dreams are positive. That is, they do not exist to predict exactly what will happen, but to alert you to what MAY happen. So it becomes a prop for you to lean on in the search for a safer route.

Discover other meanings of dreaming about a dead mouse.

Dream With Grey Mouse

Gray is one of the most common colors in rats. Dreaming of a rat with this shade is a warning of minor shakes in important relationships. What you should do after this encounter is to value crucial aspects of your relationships, especially those closest to you, which you have been neglecting.

Deal with this dream as if it were wise advice.

Read the specific article about dreaming with a grey mouse.

Dreaming With Black Mouse

What does it mean to dream about Gabiru, also called black mouse? Black rats do not bring good news. It is basically a worsening gray: in other words, crises in relationships can end up deepening in an unforeseen way. Even more caution is recommended.

Another possible meaning is the approach of an illness. Take the opportunity to check your health and take care of yourself. It is always better to prevent than to cure, isn’t it?

Dreaming About Biting A Mouse

What does it mean to dream that a mouse bit you? Another dream with a mouse that presages betrayal: the rat that bites you represents someone who probably intends to harm you, moved by resentment or jealousy.

However, if in the dream the rat bites someone else, maybe the one who is not being nice to the others is yourself. Pay attention to the way you have been treating some friends and relatives. Be kind and honest with the people who love you.

Dream About Running A Mouse

The direction of the running mouse is similar to that of the white mouse: it has a trairage in the middle. And possibly from someone close by! This is a good time to better evaluate the people you trust, maybe avoiding exposing intimacies and sharing secrets.

Just like in the white mouse dream, you have to be very careful.

Dreaming About Many Mice

This dream is a sign that something can go wrong in your life, perhaps because of the action of an opponent. Several mice can also mean a period of confusion and indecision.

In any case, do not be disturbed. It’s possible that a person may try to hurt you, but that’s what resilience and patience are for. It is you who gives. Do you already feel the aroma of triumph?

Dreaming About Cat And Mouse

Mouse – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Maybe some of your relationships will suffer sudden changes, for good or for evil. This applies to both spouses and friends. Dreaming of mouse and cat points to a strong connection with their social life, anticipating both the consolidation of affective ties and disagreements with the ability to liquidate dating and friendships.

This dream is a good reminder not to make your existence a game of cat and mouse, trying to dominate or submit to a partner / friend. It is good to keep things in perfect balance.

Dream With Brown Mouse

Brown mouse is a medium term between gray and black. How so? If you have gone straight through these two, what we mean is that this dream does not symbolize a minor problem, but it is not so serious either. Let’s say “intermediate”. You may contract some mild illness or get in a fight for a while with a friend.

Nothing too terrible. You are stronger than that.

Dreaming About Mouse Feces

What is dreaming about rat feces? Nobody expected that: as bizarre as it is, this is an incredibly positive dream. It’s a sign of prosperity, fortune and luck.

Yes, it is a surprising meaning indeed. And few things in life are as rewarding as good surprises.

Dream That Kills A Mouse

We have already said that dreaming of dead rats is not a good omen, since it signals the threat of misfortunes hanging over your family. However, if we are talking about a mouse killed by you, the meaning is quite different. Be convinced that you have with you the necessary strength to easily overcome all the problems on your way. As if they were a mere mouse.

We are sure you will find it anyway: the dream is a warning, a metaphor. It is not exact science or the end of the Mayan calendar.

Dreaming About A Mouse In Bed

Life is weighing down, right? This dream is a cry for help from your subconscious, which can no longer stand the amount of stress you take to bedspreads every night. It’s also possible that an unpleasant experience has marked you quite recently.

Don’t be discouraged. Run away from the same thing. Take life with the passion of those who know how to have only one.

Dream That You Are Looking For A Mouse

If you dream you are in search of a mouse, it is probably a response of your mind to desires for personal and professional growth. Are you looking for a great opportunity? Don’t let it slip through the doorway!

Dreaming About A Mousetrap

Mouse – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Did you dream that you are setting up a mousetrap? You are not a fool. You are taking every opportunity to grow. Your “trap” actually just reflects how you don’t let anything escape.

However, finding mice in the mousetrap can have the opposite meaning: it is you who can end up falling into the mousetrap. Don’t be fooled by the smell of cheese!

Dreaming Of A Mouse Nest

Dreaming of a rat’s nest goes some way back to the sense of dreaming of many rats: harbinger of unpleasant events and false friends preparing to betray you.

Don’t let yourself be shaken. Remember that you are not a mouse. Without feeling bent, stand up after each fall, ready for whatever comes and goes.

Dreaming About A Rat

What does it mean to dream about a rat? This dream symbolizes betrayal and treacherous actions. Be aware, for there may be someone wanting to take advantage of your innocence and good will. Do not let yourself be used by anyone!

Updated on 08/09/2020


FREUD, Sigmund. The interpretation of dreams. Translation Renato Zwick. Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil: L & PM Ed., 2016.

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