Dog – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of a dog means a harbinger of good things. Solid friendships, professional achievements and resolved personal life are some of the possible meanings of the encounter with the dog, symbol of affective ties and generosity.

As a companion and guide of men, the emergence of this animal is, mainly, an omen of overcoming problems and consolidating successes.

It is rare not to feel well when dreaming about dogs. After all, they are man’s best friends! Loyal, strong and companions, dogs have been cheering and protecting the troubled human being for millennia. Without exaggeration: their domestication process started about 40 thousand years ago.

The stories of dogs that faced more powerful animals to protect their owners are beautiful and true. They did not abandon him even on his deathbed. Even if you prefer other pets, you probably need to admit that having them as company is definitely all good. However, what does it mean to dream about a dog? Is it as positive a dream presence as the real life puppies in our lives?

In this text, we will explain the meaning of dreaming about a dog in different situations. Read our list below to discover the possible meanings of an encounter with dogs in the world of dreams.

That said, there are several ways to dream about puppies. Most have beneficial meanings, but we must also be aware of the alerts they can bring us. Like dogs, it’s time to trust your instinct.

What does it mean to dream about an injured dog?

What does it mean to dream about a dog attacking me?

What does it mean to dream that a dog has bitten you?

Dreaming About A Black Dog

The color black can represent grief and depression. Combined with a dog, sign of friendship, it can mean that close friends are experiencing problems in their personal lives. Maybe it’s a good time to extend a hand to loved ones who need help. The dream of a black dog is also a warning to take care of your own mood and health.

Dreaming About A Dog Biting

If a dog bites you in a dream, there is a high risk of discord with friends. And maybe great friends. Dreaming about a dog bite can also be a warning that you are ignoring advice from people who want you well.

But if the dog is biting someone else, it’s a sign that these fights may not be involving you directly, but they are happening around you. Try to see everyone’s side and understand why, in case you can’t avoid them.

Dreaming of a dog biting you may indicate some things, but it is usually a reason to reflect on your traumas and fears. It’s time to think about the situations around you and the people close to you who may be in conflict with you.

Dreaming About A Wild Dog

Dog - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

It may scare, but it’s nothing too serious. A dog that barks does not bite.

Dreaming of a wild dog is a clue that some boring discussion is about to take place between you and a loved one, be it a relative or a friend. However, your friendship should be restored in a short time. Perhaps even stronger than before the quarrel.

Dreaming of a wild dog means anxiety and lack of control. Maybe you are letting certain feelings take over and influence your way of dealing with things. Don’t let life’s fears get in your way.

Dreaming About Dead Dog

An obviously unpleasant image, no? Nobody wants to see a dead dog, because it is a reminder of the fragility of the flesh and of our own mortality. Not to mention our love for the pet.

Dreaming about a dead dog means that you have been going through frustrations and that you are not being able to deal with it. Dreams of dead dogs, therefore, come with the proposal of being an alert so that you can identify this problem in your life. Your subconscious already knows of your need to change your posture and has been bringing this message so that you can interpret it by knowing the meaning of dreaming about a dead dog.

However, the potential translations of this dream need not be bad: an idea of restart is also suggested. A propitious moment may be approaching for you to reinvent yourself as a person.

Dreaming About Dog Feces

Wow! Eba! Whoa, what do you mean?

Dreaming about puppy feces, most of the time, is an indication of radical changes in your life. Don’t worry, because this premonition is not linked to negative conditions, as many people think.

It’s just that actually dreaming about dog feces can advance an excellent and prosperous phase in business, with a lot of money coming in. Maybe this is a good time to finally turn great ideas into profitable projects.

You didn’t expect that, did you?

Dreaming Of Many Puppies

Dog - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Dreaming about several dogs can be a good or a bad sign, depending on the aggressiveness of the dogs. If they are docile, you should be in good company. Be thankful for the luck of having friends and relatives who want your welfare.

However, if the dogs are aggressive, attention! A lot of people may be wanting your harm or getting you involved in a gigantic mess. Always surround yourself with your proven loyal friends.

Dreaming About Dog Barking

Dreaming of barking can mean the need to give attention to some event that will occur soon, and can also indicate the need to reflect in relation to your posture before other people, as your behavior has had influences on their relationships.

Dreaming About A Big Dog

Dog - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Big dog can indicate good things. If you have dreamed of a big dog, you probably have great friends and are about to go through a period of professional growth. He is a sign of abundance and personal greatness.

There is also a less positive interpretation of this dream as a prediction of bad things. However, he also reveals that a great friendship will come to help you safely cross more dangerous roads.

Dreaming About A Small Dog

Dreaming about a small dog symbolizes problems. Some mishaps that may arise will make you feel “diminished”. Maybe it’s time to prepare for some battles in your daily life. You will need a lot of strength and support from people who really care about you to overcome obstacles and lead a more fulfilled life.

Dreaming About Puppy

Dog - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming about puppies can’t be a bad thing, right? After all, they represent goodness, innocence and purity. Dreaming of puppies can mean that a very remarkable friendship will appear in your life or still be a subconscious manifestation of paternal or maternal instincts.

However, there is a negative possibility in a puppy dream. This is only if you hurt or kill it: carelessness and accidental insensitivity can make you lose the confidence of important presences. Don’t forget to be tactful with your boss and your parents.

Dreaming About A White Dog

Excellent omen. Just like the puppy, the white dog is synonymous with peace, purity and innocence. You have made and will make right decisions, resulting from an altruistic and empathetic look. Your affection for others and your ability to make good choices should be rewarded with countless positive surprises.

Dreaming Of Dog Attack

In this case, look for more harmonious environments and try to get away from intrigues. If you see a dog attacking another person in a dream, it is a sign that maybe someone needs your help after going through a difficult period. The best quality of a dog is its sincere friendship: do not forget its importance.

Dreaming About A Dog Chasing You

According to Carl Gustav Jung (1987), dreaming that he is being chased by a dog or another animal means, most of the time, that an instinct that has separated from the consciousness is trying to incorporate itself again into it.

Something that has been repressed, and that the dream may be calling attention to it. This dreamlike thinking may be alerting us, for example, to an unnecessary risk that we are running because we are exposing ourselves too much. It’s time to act safely, and not take risks in activities for which you are not prepared.

Dreaming About Cat And Dog

Dog - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

In real life, harmony between cats and dogs is a beautiful and desirable thing. In dreams, however, you can acquire somewhat pernicious translations: for example, there are those who interpret dreaming of a dog and a cat playing together as a warning of disagreement with a partner.

In case of a fight between the two, an even more serious disharmony can arise in your family. Warning you of boring things that can affect you, this dream is very precious: it prepares you for possibly heated discussions with the most important people in your life. Act with patience and respect, without neglecting the affection of loved ones.

Dreaming About A Hunting Dog

Dreaming about a hunting dog can be a big problem if you are being chased by it. Maybe this reflects a paranoia in real life, the fear that someone is planning something very bad for you.

We recommend joining forces to confront these fears and get as far away as possible from those who do not make you feel good.

Dreaming About A Friendly Dog

Dog - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 7

Nothing like being in good with everyone, right? Because this dream means this. With many harmonious relationships, this is an indication that you are very loved and respected among colleagues and relatives. Your professional or academic life must also be well adjusted.

Dreaming Of Dogfight

Following a trend, dreams in which dogs are more aggressive reflect exalted spirits in real life. In case of a fight, it is a sign that you should beware of bursting temperaments and desperate attitudes.

We hope that these interpretations will be useful to you. Always remember that even when dreams don’t seem positive, they are warnings for you to act in a way that avoids or learns to deal with bad moments. May your subconscious be an ally in your life!

Dream About Hurt Dog

Dreaming about an injured dog means that you are not yet ready for what you want to be. Your dreams are still a little distant. Don’t be discouraged, that’s life. There are steps and they cannot be burned. Take it easy and in your time, one hour you will become who you always wanted to be.

Updated on 07/29/2020


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