Spider – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Spider - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming about a spider means that you need to be careful about the adversities that may soon arise in your life. The spider represents feminine power and motherhood.

Spiders can arouse different reactions, but fear may be the main one. By the way, arachnophobia, pathological fear of spiders, is quite common. And let’s face it: the animal is not beautiful. Especially not up close.

But do appearances matter? After all, the meaning of dreaming about spiders can be much more positive than you think. These spiders have the potential to indicate excellent luck, good friends, and prosperity. A spider dream can take on numerous positive (and some negative, depending on interpretation) meanings. We will interpret most of them here.

If you have always wanted to know what it means to dream about a spider, stay with us for the next few paragraphs.

Dreaming About Black Spider

It may even be scary on the outside, but this spider appears in your dream world to make you face regrets and, if possible, apologize and fix mistakes. Dreaming about it can turn into a good tip not to allow remorse and fights to weigh unhealthily on your conscience.

Dreaming Of Spider Bite

If the spider stings you, it is possible that your subconscious is alert for some betrayal or change. This is a spider of instability: its presence comes to shake the foundations in which you have stood until now.

It is also possible that your intention is to help you get out of the routine and escape from the commonplace, accepting with more courage the unpredictable.

Dreaming Of A Crab Spider

The crab spider, like the black spider, can be frightening. It is huge, hairy and probably the most traumatic nightmare of any arachnophobic. This may suggest that you are being shaken by great fears. Face them!

Remember again: appearances are deceiving. Crab spiders also symbolize solid and transparent friendships. You are surrounded by people dear to you for their greatness of spirit. And perhaps it is precisely because you seek to see beyond the superficial.

Dreaming Of A Poisonous Spider

This spider is no longer very auspicious: its presence in a dream indicates many exaggerations and lack of health care. It is also a sign of destructive relationships: one must be careful not to turn a crazy passion into a runaway train that blows up your aspirations and other instances of your life. Be very careful.

Dreaming About Spider Web

Spider - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

This is a dream with many variations. The main ones are very good: dreaming of a spider weaving a web is synonymous with stabilized professional life and a lot of self-control, while dreaming that destroys a web is a demonstration of strength that reveals your willpower to overcome problems relentlessly. This is good, but be careful not to act thoughtlessly.

Dreaming Of The Big Spider

A large spider, unlike a crab (which is also large but deserves a separate category), is not necessarily a negative symbol. Some people interpret it as heralding great obstacles and disappointments, but in fact its greatness may be yours!

The big spider can represent great wealth, great happiness, great love, great luck. Take the opportunity to take the best possible positivity out of the dream.

Dreaming Of Spider Stinging

To dream that a spider stings another person can represent its empathy, its fear that others will get hurt because of it. It is important to worry about others, yes, but we also recommend that you don’t push yourself too hard: there are things that do not depend only on you.

Dreaming About The Brown Spider

The brown spider is another one that weaves an idea of stress. In this case, that of excessive worries. Perhaps you are worrying too much. Adding this to the news-fueled paranoia, with epidemics of diseases that appear all the time in various parts of the world, you may be getting a little hypochondriac (i.e., disease-ridden).

Don’t let that happen. Get out more. Distract yourself. Do physical activities in the fresh air.

Dream Of Spider Attack

Being attacked by a spider (not bitten) may seem like something bad, but in fact it is a sign that you are paying attention. Make sure your surroundings are correct in your professional life and intimacy. Don’t let yourself be taken in by excessive distrust, but also don’t let others think they can easily suggest you.

If something comes up and you remain cautious, everything will soon be resolved.

Dream Of Many Spiders

A dream with many spiders can be a bad experience if you have an irrational fear of them. However, it is an extremely beneficial vision. Maybe new important friends will emerge in your life and the family is able to grow.

Also don’t be surprised if you bring a lot of good things into your home, especially luck. The more spiders, the better!

Dreaming About Yellow Spider

Yellow spiders can symbolize money on account of their association with gold. However, these animals are particularly poisonous and harmful to man: a bad period may be coming, with emotional and professional frustrations. Maturity and concentration are the tips of this dream.

Dreaming About White Spider

This color is deeply connected to love and sexual relations, referring to some anguish and implicit desires. If you are a man who dreamed of a white spider, it is possible that you are afraid of being controlled by a partner in a long relationship or an ephemeral passion. If you are a woman and have this dream, on the other hand, it is because you like to rule, imposing your will on partners.

Dreaming About A Giant Spider

Spider - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

If you have seen the dream with the big spider, then imagine all that multiplied by a thousand: that’s what happens with the giant spider.

That is, if the big spider was a frustration, the giant spider will be an even bigger frustration. And if the big spider was big luck, the big spider can anticipate one of the luckiest moments of her life.

But that must be a scary dream, this must.

Dreaming Of A Dead Spider

This dream is a sign that something very striking will appear or disappear, no matter if good or bad. What is certain is that it will be difficult not to recognize it. As examples of what it can be: a promotion at work, what is good, or the loss of a friendship, what is bad. So be aware.

Dream That Kills A Spider

Dreaming that it kills a spider can mean a shot in the foot. That is, sometimes your biggest obstacle is yourself. Be more attentive and less temperamental, without risking the waste of good friendships. Also, don’t throw away the good opportunities that come your way.

Dream Of The Red Spider

Red is the color of blood and red signal. You are likely to be very concerned about something or someone, either financially or for health reasons. This dream seems sad, but deep down it only reveals how you care about others: your subconscious is as gentle as your conscious.

Dream That You Eat Spider

Power! A lot of power!

This augury shows that you are strong, just like the dream destroying the web. It’s a little more bizarre, though. Spiders don’t feel much like our taste.

You must wake up scared, but your life force is even more frightening.

Dreaming Of A Colored Spider

These beautiful spiders mirror complexity. You are a person who can observe the world with sharpness and passion, so much so that even arachnids appear in your dreams in one of your most beautiful versions.

Dream That Holds A Spider

Spider - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

An excellent omen, especially if you do not fear the spider, symbolizing your ability to seize opportunities, and treat it with affection and respect, metaphor for your empathy.

A lot of luck and a lot of money may be coming. Keep yourself a generous and open person.

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