Menstruation – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Menstruation – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

If we think about menstruation, the act of menstruating is nothing more than the fluid of blood because no fertilization of eggs has occurred. This can be good or bad, depending on the point of view: for those who want to become mothers, menstruating is a bad thing, because it shows that you have not reached your goal this month and need to try again. For those who don’t want to become a mother, being menstruated many times is a relief and brings a momentary joy.

Of course, for some days that bleeding causes discomfort and because of the hormonal changes, the mood also oscillates. But despite all the negative biological part, dreaming of menstruation is usually a sign of good news that are coming. Good surprises and joys are on their way in your life very soon!

Dreaming That You Are Menstruating

Menstruation – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

If you dream that you are menstruating, it may mean that your maternal instinct is growing within you. This shows that in your unconscious you wish to be a mother and soon your desire will begin to be externalized. If you are already a mother, the desire to become pregnant again will arise and take over your thoughts very soon.

If you are a male and have dreamed that your partner or wife menstruated, this demonstrates your deep desire to become a father, even if unconsciously. Even if you have not had the desire to be a father until now, very soon this desire will begin to grow in you.

Dreaming Of Menstruation On Your Clothes

If you dream of menstrually stained clothing, it can mean the release of secrets from the past that once caused you harm. It can also represent the serious consequences to people close to you or to yourself. Staining the clothes is a sign that your subconscious wants to put out your feelings and emotions stored deep in your soul. Now they can finally find a way to release their disappointments and sufferings from the past.

Having this kind of dream is liberating. It shows that anxieties from the past will no longer make sense and you will be free from everything that torments you. Dreaming of clothes stained by menstruation represents that the time has come to redeem yourself and heal yourself from the marks of your past.

Dreaming Of Another Person Menstruating

Dreaming of another person menstruating is usually a warning for you to be alert to intrigues, gossip and false friendships. Be careful because you might get stabbed in the back by someone you consider a friend or you might have your carpet pulled by someone who is near you every day. Be alert to other people’s behavior and be safe in the near future.

Avoid talking about your life or telling intimate secrets to anyone. This kind of dream with someone who is not you menstruating shows a warning sign where everything you say can be used against you in the future, and that people you trust can betray you.

Dream That You Can’t Menstruate

If you have a dream where you can’t menstruate, this is a sign from your subconscious that you want to clear your mind of situations that are leaving you with a heavy conscience.

Many women who still do not have the desire to be mothers are scared when they dream of something like this, because they believe it can come true and they may be pregnant. Those who for a long time want to be mother, wake up happy and excited of this kind of dream, thinking that in the future they will be able to be graced with the arrival of a new baby.

Regardless of whether you want to be a mother or not, dreaming about not being able to menstruate shows that you should clear your conscience of all the weight you carry. Meditate and try to understand what ails you. Get rid of bad energies and everything that still bothers you about your past.

Dream About Menstruation Being A Man

It seems somewhat unusual to be a man and dream of menstruation, but this is more common than you can imagine. Usually this kind of dream comes to signal a loving reconciliation or even greater stability in your affective relationship.

If you are not in any relationship, this is a great time to meet someone and start a courtship. If you are in a relationship, there are great chances that your relationship will prosper and become a marriage. If the relationship is in crisis, now is the time to settle the differences with your partner and propose improvements between you two. Take advantage of this beneficial moment and enjoy the next weeks with your partner.

Dream That You Are Bleeding Somewhere In Your Body

When dreaming that you are bleeding somewhere in your body, you probably woke up scared of being hurt or suffering some accident. Take a deep breath, don’t be scared and understand better what your subconscious is trying to tell you through your dream with bleeding somewhere in your body.

Dreaming of blood usually means that unforeseen events will happen and you will have difficulties in achieving your life goals. Blood symbolizes the struggle and the great effort to effectively conquer your greatest desires and plans. It can also symbolize the neglect you have in some aspects of your life, that is, you are focusing your efforts on some issues and are neglecting others (it may be that you are putting all your efforts into your work and forgetting to take care of your health, for example).

Dreaming of bleeding in your body is a sign that this moment should be used for great reflection. Reflect on what your greatest dreams are and what kind of effort you need to make to achieve them. Also think about whether you are leaving any aspect of your life aside and try to give importance to this perspective from now on. Remember: success lies in harmony and balance, so try to balance your life and all the conceptions present in it.

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