Corn – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Corn – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Corn has always been identified as a symbol of abundance, prosperity and happiness. The meaning of dreaming about corn depends, of course, on the details of what you dreamed, but harvesting, planting and even just seeing the corn in your dream brings good omens of success and success in financial life.

The Mayans tell us, in their mythology of creation, that the gods created our planet and then the animals. Man emerged after some frustrated attempts. The first was to create them with clay, but men did not survive. Then the gods made them using wood. It worked. But they became proud and cold. Seeing that this was still bad, the gods destroyed men in a flood (the flood is present in several cultures and their creation myths. Some, for this fact, take it as a mere legend. Others, for the same reason, believe that if several cultures tell a similar story, it is probably because it happened) and, in a new attempt, used ground corn grains for their making.

Of these grains, four men were generated, and from their bodies, four women were created. They reproduced, multiplied, and spread on the land. As we can see, the archetype of corn has always been one of wealth and satiety, of multiplication and good fortune. But is this all the corn brings to those who receive it in their dream? There is always something more to be discovered in this magical universe of dreams and messages, and what it means to dream about corn, after all, will be revealed to you in the next lines.

Dream That Eats Corn

Corn – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Some things happen in our lives and we can’t always understand why we have to go through this or that. Dreaming that we eat corn represents this disorientation. It is true that chance is the father of many, but not the father of all. That’s why certain things don’t fit in the box of chance.

When certain facts demand answers, you can believe that they will come, but they won’t be in your time, they will be in the only time that gives us the wisdom to understand. The right time. Be calm, ask for enlightenment, but do not suffer for that which is beyond you. It will only cause you stress and frustration.

Dream That You Plant Corn

How often do we work and strive, give our best and don’t get the proper reward, right? The old saying only says what those who were willing to learn, learned with time: everything has its time. Dreaming that you plant corn is a strong indication that this hour is coming and your reward for everything you have battled is about to come.

Dream That You Harvest Corn

Corn – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming of harvesting corn is a sign of abundance and rewards for hard work. Nothing better than harvesting the fruits we plant with so much effort.

Dreaming About Planting Corn

It is a dream that represents that one is on the right path, on the road to success. If you are starting a new business, this dream indicates that you have chosen the right business and have everything to prosper. If you are an employee, this dream represents that you have acted in a way to increase your chances to grow and even to win a promotion. Profit and financial return have everything to do with this kind of dream.

Dreaming About Popcorn

Corn – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

You have gifts and capabilities that have not been fully utilized or developed. Your potential is hidden and this is practically a sin. In the Bible, there is a passage that deals with the gifts (coins) that a lord gave to three of his servants, two of them invested, multiplied and made yield these gifts, but one of them, out of fear, did not multiply his gift and returned it to his master. This one, in turn, became furious and punished him.

If you have a gift, try to use it and make it bear fruit. If you do not know what your gift is, it will not be doing every day the same thing you will discover. An example, imagine if Neymar had never played soccer, maybe he was working in an office without ever knowing what he could have become.

Dreaming Of Corn Ears

It is a great omen and a very good omen. Dreaming of an ear of corn symbolizes the success that is present in your future and that in all its departments you will be happy and successful.

Dreaming Of Someone Else Eating Corn

Dreaming that you see another person eating corn is a sign that this person will go through enormous difficulties and will need help to overcome them, but not only that, you will be the only person able to help her and this brings you a huge responsibility. The most embarrassing thing is that although you may have identified this person in your dream, you will not be able to offer help on your own initiative.

This dream indicates that you can only manifest yourself if your help is requested. If you take the lead, you may cause the opposite effect and emotionally destabilize the person causing even more problems. So be ready, but do nothing for now.

Dream That You Do Not Want To Eat Corn

Dreaming that you have corn at your disposal and reject it by not eating it can be a sign that you and a very close friend will disagree and the reason will be some attitude from you. See, if this friendship has value for you, it’s no big deal to give your arm to twist, apologize and recognize that you’re wrong. To mature means to change behaviors and habits, attitudes and concepts. Do not let something like this destroy something of much more value. A friendship is not found on any corner.

Dreaming About Raw Corn

People who disguise themselves as friends, but actually want their evil, are out there. Unfortunately they exist and, many times, they deceive us, so stay alert. False friends may be wanting to sabotage you, but this dream indicates that you will stay above them and win.

Dreaming Of Dry Corn

Corn – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

If you are planning to have children, it is likely that this year will not be the most fertile period to become pregnant. But come on, huh?! Don’t go making mischief thinking that you can’t get pregnant. Probably a planned pregnancy won’t occur, but, believe me, an unplanned pregnancy is always around you. Be safe if you don’t want to be taken by surprise. When a man dreams of dry corn, it is a sign that he can soon marry the woman of his dreams.

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