Key – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Key – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

What does it mean to dream with a key? Well, dreaming with a key usually means something good. For example, your dream may bring the news that you will receive a salary increase or an unexpected trip. Also, the meaning of key dreaming can be linked to good things in the field of feelings.

Now you are in control of your own emotions, and that is what the key dream comes to show you. You can do what you want and find positive results in the face of your choices. If you are experiencing problems, the dream can be an indication that you will get out of this easily and quickly.

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Dream With A Car Key

Key – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

The dream with a car key shows that inside you there is a need to always be in control of everything. Sometimes you can’t accomplish something if it’s not under your control, especially the news. However, being always in control of everything may not be a positive thing, especially when it comes to relationships. Keeping yourself in the power of your actions is essential, but remember that not everything can be commanded by you.

Dreaming With A Golden Key

Dreaming of a golden key can mean that you are someone powerful, who has the key to all situations. This shows that you are someone very confident in what you are capable of doing and in general achieve good results in your actions. Being confident is the key not to be afraid to move forward, but to exaggerate in confidence may pass an egocentric idea.

Dreaming Of A Broken Key

If the key that appears in your dream is broken, it is a sign that your relationship is coming to an end. Maybe by excess or lack of control the bonds have been broken and some mistake was made during the relationship.

Dreaming About A Bunch Of Keys

Key – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

When a bunch of keys appear in your dream, it can mean that you have a lot of ease in adapting to different situations, whether they involve things you already know or not. You can always take some learning out of the situations and have the power to solve even what you can’t control.

Dreaming Of A Lock And Key

Dreaming with a key and lock can mean a negative feeling, usually linked to the feeling of inability to realize dreams or run after what you most desire. Some situations will certainly prevent you from resolving and controlling everything, but you don’t have to feel incapable because you can’t resolve everything: sometimes circumstances are not really conducive to what we want at the moment; maybe waiting for the next occasion can bring you better fruit.

Dream That You Lose The Keys

If in your dream you lose a key, it is a sign that you are afraid of not being able to control everything, a sign that at this moment you feel trapped in a situation that cannot be changed and that maybe you have lost the opportunity to change.

Dream That You Find A Key

Dreaming that you find a key is linked to victories in your life: at this moment you feel able to solve all the problems and nothing else can stop you. Finding a key in a dream is very positive, especially if it is after a negative moment in your life.

Dreaming With Key And Padlock

Key – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

The dream with key and padlock means that several opportunities are arising in your life. Prepare for big changes in the professional and loving field, but pay attention not to let them pass! At this time you need to be careful with everything that happens around you, analyzing situations well and realizing the time to hold on to the things that really come to add.

Dreaming With A Big Key

A dream with a big key means a salary increase in sight! Finally you will be rewarded for your work and receive a salary that can change your life for the better. Who knows even a promotion doesn’t show up there? Be prepared!

Dream With A Small Key

Like many key dreams, dreaming with a small key can be the indication that something very unexpected will happen in your life. It’s hard to say what, but be prepared to receive a surprise.

Dreaming With A Rusty Key

If you have a dream with a rusty key, it’s time to find a doctor. At this time you need to take care of your health more than ever. Sometimes you are negligent when it comes to your health and now you need to deal with it. Seek a doctor for general exams and a check-up.

Dreaming About A Keychain

What does it mean to dream about a keychain? Well, if this object appears in your dream it means that you are in a moment of great inner strength, feeling able to develop any task and face any problem that appears in front of you. The most important thing in this moment is to take advantage to solve everything but without losing the focus on what you really want.

Dreaming About The Old Key

Key – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

An old key appearing in your dream may mean that your financial life will go through a negative moment. Keep control over your money and don’t lose your temper: this moment will not last long.

Dreaming About A Master Key

The master key that appears in your dream is an indication that you have control over what you believe about the people around you. You know who the people you need are and they would never let you down with betrayal or picky. You really know what is good for you and for those you love, and this is the characteristic that dreaming with a master key brings out.

Dreaming That You Keep Keys

Dreaming that you keep keys means success in professional life, where you finally receive the merits for competence in the services provided. The change of life at this moment will be great, where you will reach another level of life, higher than before. Enjoy the moment when all your efforts will be rewarded!

Dream That You Deliver A Key In Someone’s Hand

Dreaming of handing someone a key means that things will get better. If you and your family go through an unstable moment with financial problems, this dream has warned that little by little the conditions will get better and you will be able to follow life in a more dignified way.

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