Lover – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


The meaning of dreaming about a lover is usually related to your feelings that have been repressed. Although they are dreams of a lover, it does not mean that they are necessarily linked to your love life.

They can also relate to certain problems in your past that ended up not being completely resolved. These problems usually bring you great regret, mainly because you feel that you have hurt a friend with this.

The meaning of dreaming about a lover, therefore, is usually associated with self-acceptance. In addition, you can connect with positive feelings of recognition of your own worth. This dream, therefore, can represent positive or negative things that depend a lot on its interpretation.

Another point common to those who have this dream is the integration of their masculine and feminine aspects, which results in a feeling of completeness. In addition, the dream may be related to its most obvious aspect, which is the lover itself, being connected to the person who represents someone ideal for you.

From this, it is possible to have a basis for the interpretation of the dream, but it usually changes according to the particularities that happen in each one’s dream. Therefore, it is very important that the whole context presented is well analyzed so that one can have a more complete idea of ​​what it means to dream about a lover.

Dreaming That You Have A Lover

Have A Lover

Having a lover in a dream can be related to your sexual desires. You may be repressing something right now. Often, lovers, in the popular sense of the word, are seen only as something to satisfy sexual desires, without a greater emotional commitment. Many people often say that when someone is not fully satisfied with this aspect, they end up having a relationship with a lover.

Therefore, it is because of this more popular image that this dream manifests itself. You have your desires and end up not satisfying and even repressing them. So, your subconscious comes to give you this alert. It is an excellent time to talk to your partner about it, if it is in your interest to spice up your relationship a little more. A good way to deal with this is to bring news to the relationship, like a trip for two.

Dreaming Who Is The Lover

It may happen that you are the lover in your dream. Although many times people are not fully aware that they are, when they have this knowledge, they usually do everything hidden, so that they do not discover anything. This act of doing things out of the spotlight is an escape representation.

So, this dream can mean that there is something that you are running away from in reality, most likely you are not getting to enjoy something in fact. You may be hesitant to indulge in something, be it in your professional or even loving aspect.

However, you can’t run away from decisions forever, because at some point life will demand you and you need to prepare for when that happens. Insecurity can be a big delay in your life and you need to learn how to deal with it better.

Dreaming About Mom Or Dad’s Lover

Dreaming that the father has a lover, or dreaming that the mother has a lover can be something that causes a bad feeling in you. It is usually related to childhood, with some kind of frustration that you have faced and that has not yet fully resolved.

It can be very difficult for a child to discover that one of his parents is being unfaithful, as this represents a break in his stability figure, which is his family. Thus, this dream is associated with this type of feeling.

Therefore, it is important that you try to identify what is causing you, and you can even ask your parents for help to better understand this issue. It is very important to remember that this dream does not mean that one of your parents once had a lover.

In addition, the dream may mean that you have a certain fear of being too far away from your parents, regardless of the reason. So, this is where you really should look for them and try to pass some of that desire to be closer.

However, it is important that you are aware that it may not be possible to have your parents by your side whenever you are feeling this way. You need to prepare yourself better to learn how to deal with these moments and understand that at some point you will part with them.

Dreaming About Old Lover

Old Lover

Dreaming about a former lover can be an indication that you have a certain feeling of loneliness. The human being is an essentially social being. As much as there are people who like to have time alone, living in solitude is something that nobody really likes. In life we ​​need people with whom we can share joys and sorrows.

This dream can be an indication that you are not feeling satisfied with your current relationship and it makes you feel lonely. This can happen because of your partner’s inability to meet your emotional needs.

In a close interpretation, this dream may mean that you have unresolved problems with this ex-lover, and that is bothering you, maybe you are experiencing very similar problems in your relationship.

Dreaming About A Wife’s Or Husband’s Lover

If your husband or wife has a lover in your dream, it may mean that you have a certain insecurity in your relationship that is affecting your life as a couple. There is a feeling that there is something going on without your partner’s total sincerity. This feeling, however, may or may not be real.

This lack of sincerity is not always linked to something exactly against you, your partner may be facing some difficulty and has been needing some time alone. The best you can do is take it easy and try to talk. Arriving accusing without evidence can be very damaging. Try to understand what is happening with your partner and try to make him feel calm to have your help and solve any problem.

Dreaming About Dead Lover

Dead Lover

Having a dead lover in your dream may indicate that you regret something you have done and that you have probably hurt someone you care about very much. It is very important that you try to understand what happened and with whom so that everything can be properly resolved.

The dream can be a very direct message if you are in an extramarital relationship, as it can be a reflection of your subconscious that you have been feeling guilty about it. It may be an ideal time to review this situation.

Dreaming About Pregnant Lover

This dream may be an indication of what news will happen in your love life. The dream may mean that you are about to discover a secret from your partner. It can be a good thing or a bad thing, so it’s important that you don’t jump to conclusions. If you are not in a relationship, it may mean that you are getting close to entering one.

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