Flooding – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming about flooding means something related to a bad feeling, which can even lead to a certain panic or discomfort associated with not very pleasant situations that approach you. This is due to the fear we may feel of being carried away by water, which explains this association with panic.

What does it mean to dream of flooding?

A flood, or flooding, occurs when there is a large volume of water that cannot be drained. There is, therefore, an overload in the proper drainage points that cause a lot of water to be retained and cause many devastating effects, so to speak. Flooding dreams, then, tend to have this connection with a moment of emotional overload that you are going through, which may indicate that you have been feeling hopeless because you are experiencing certain conflicts.

It is important to take care of these aspects of your life, as this meaning of dreaming about flooding can be an alert for you to take care of these problems before they overflow to disrupt your life, creating just more destructive effects.

So, it is interesting that you understand this aspect of the dream well, but it is even more interesting that you keep an eye on the different contexts that it can present, because different contexts can bring different interpretations. Therefore, to fully understand what it means to dream about flooding, you must remember what you dreamed to analyze your details well in a more complete way.

Dreaming That Sees A Flood

Dreaming that you see a flood can mean something related to your sexual desires and the need you may have to release some of them. If the flooding is very intense and strong, it can also be related to certain emotional problems and tensions. You may be repressing your emotions too much and this has been overwhelming you. It is important to note the relationship between these two interpretations.

Both relate to things that you have been repressing, and that is causing you an overload. It is not good to keep many things accumulated, be they tensions, fears or problems. One day it will overflow like a flood and it will become something huge, difficult to control. In addition, it is important that you pay attention to the location of the flood, as it can be interesting to identify the point in your life that is causing this stress.

Another alternative meaning for this dream is to understand that you may, in fact, be overwhelming other people with your strong demands and opinions and it may be interesting that you review the way you are dealing with others, to have a better relationship with everyone . In addition, the dream can also be about the need you have, just like in a flood, letting go of everything you have so that something new can start.

Dreaming That Is Carried Away By A Flood

If you have been taken in by a dream flood, it could mean that you are being taken in by things that are out of your control right now. It can be the ideal time to stop for a while and try to better understand what is happening in your life.

It can be helpful to reflect on what feelings you have that may be having a major influence on your life, but that you may be neglecting without realizing it. Letting problems go by without trying to solve anything can be something that brings a certain distress and it is important that, in our lives, we try to solve everything, so that there are no marks that affect the future.

Dreaming About Flooding At Home

Flooding At Home

Dreaming of a flooded house can be something that brings great discomfort and even despair. Our home is the place where we feel safe and we have done a great job in building an environment that truly brings a feeling of warmth.

Therefore, seeing this flooded environment, with things being carried away by the water can be something that brings quite negative feelings. This is reflecting things that have been happening in your life that make you feel that your comfort and safety are threatened. This can be mainly related to emotional problems that are making a big impact for you.

Dreaming About Flooding In The Street

When we find ourselves in the middle of the street and are faced with a situation that presents danger, we are immediately concerned, even more than usual, because the street is a place that does not pass much security and we end up feeling exposed. So, the first reaction is to look for a place of refuge that offers protection.

This dream is exactly that, you are threatened by a situation in your life and you do not know how to deal with it or who to turn to. It can be a good time to seek support from people you trust, and it is extremely necessary for you to face your problems so that you can regain your feeling of security.

Dreaming About Flooding Dirty Water

The dirty or cloudy water can indicate that that water point is stopped and has been accumulating dirt and, because of that, need to run to renew itself. This is what the dream is related to, because you may need to renew something in your life, and this dream becomes an alert.

It is very likely that you are overwhelmed with things that are not generating any more positivity in your life and it can be very good for you to get rid of it. Review your life to find what is holding you back and do a real clean up.

Dreaming Of Flooding With Mud

Flooding With Mud

This dream is also related to bad things in your life. The main meaning is that you have been feeling that you are being disrespected too much and that people don’t care about your feelings. Therefore, it is important that you impose yourself more and try to make people notice your feelings more.

Dreaming Drowning In Flooding

Drowning In Flooding

Dreaming that you are drowning usually means that you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, which in itself already finds a parallel with the flooding dream itself. So here the interpretation is the same, but it is even more intense, given the situation found in the dream. It becomes even more important that you start to free yourself from the things that may be bringing you that kind of feeling.

Dreaming Of Taking Refuge Somewhere During Flooding

This dream may indicate that you are a very prepared person, because, even in a situation that can be desperate, you managed to avoid any complications and found a refuge.

So this is an indication that you are able to deal with your problems and need to be more aware of it. That way, you have the full possibility of making things happen in your life in a more efficient way, with greater success.

Dreaming That Saves From Flooding

In that case, you were in a bad situation, but you were able to overcome and avoid the worst. It may be related to something that has already happened or is even close, but the main point to stand out is your strength and ability to overcome it. You have a great fighting spirit and you must not let yourself be shaken easily, because you are a strong person.

Dreaming That Helps Flood Victims

Dreaming that you are helping flood victims can reveal a very positive side to you. In this case, you are showing your good side, that you think about others and always try to help. Think about it and use inspiration to bring out your side.


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