Earth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Earth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Since ancient times, dreams have fascinated humanity and generated countless speculations about their meanings and interpretations. There are several biblical passages where God sent, through dreams, his message, either of a purpose or plan to be accomplished, or, still, about facts that would occur only years ahead.

When interpreting dreams, we cannot forget that their language is symbolic, because our subconscious works differently from our conscious. While our conscious represents our ego – which is subjugated to our wills and desires guided by our discernment – the subconscious is our inner self, much more independent. It is there where the data that form your personality is processed before it reaches your conscious.

During this processing, everything you experience, see and feel is understood and compressed into a single playful mass that will help build who you are, so water can be life, birds can symbolize freedom, and land can represent fertility, fulfillment, or hard work.

The meaning of dreaming of land is comprehensive and understanding what this dream symbolizes depends on several variables of what can occur in this dream where the land ended up being the most striking element. To help you understand what it means to dream about earth, we have separated some of the most recurring dreams and interpreted them for you.

Dreaming About Earth And Plants

Earth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Dreaming of earth and plants is a representation of fertility, development and independence. This kind of dream also suggests that you may be wanting to get closer to nature. Dreaming of earth and plants symbolizes, in the same way, that you have evolved spiritually and detached yourself from the material plane.

Dreaming Of Loose Earth

Loose earth is a sign that things in your life are changing and much can change and in a short time. This can be a good sign, but it is important to be aware of these changes and that every decision that is put in front of you is very well analyzed before it is taken. During this period, instabilities are also common.

Dreaming Of Yellow Earth

If you are going through a period of hard work and difficulties, do not be discouraged or let frustration take over your life. Dreaming of yellow earth means precisely that this period is nearing its end and that in the end you will emerge victorious and better as a human being. If you are not facing a troubled period, it may be that it is about to begin, but, rest assured, commit yourself and face it head-on. There will be an end and success there.

Dreaming Of Cemetery Land

In general plans, it may represent that you or some friend or close relative will be affected by an illness that will bring suffering. Not exactly a lethal disease, but it is recommended that you have a check-up just to make sure and give a push; after all, signs are good for you to anticipate. If you have taken the cemetery land, this is an indication that you can trust people who are close to you in case you need help to solve a problem.

Dreaming Of White Earth

White earth in a dream is a good omen. The white earth represents the encounter of your life with ample happiness and in all senses. You should experience days of prosperity and financial stability, accomplishments in love and work, and be able to create stronger bonds with friends or a business partner. Take advantage of this period to strengthen relationships and, if possible, dedicate yourself to leisure.

Dreaming Of Digging In The Earth

You feel the need to reveal something that has been sorry to keep secret. How often do we keep things that end up making us suffer? Find someone you can trust, preferably someone you know for a long time and have a close relationship with, and let this person know.

This is just advice, but make sure that revealing whatever is causing you discomfort does not bring unnecessary suffering to others. If it is a secret you have been entrusted with, sometimes talking to the person who has entrusted you with such a responsibility can bring you some comfort.

Dreaming Of Earth And Rock

Dreaming of land and rock indicates that periods of great success and fulfillment will come for you, but not without much struggle and obstacles that will have to be circumvented with patience and objectivity. Therefore, be committed to your values and the courage to face the barriers that will try to block your way.

Dream That You Own Land

Earth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

To dream that you are a land owner is a good omen and luck in business. A clear sign that your income will increase and you will prosper in whatever you are doing. Wait for profits and abundance, but remember not to wait sitting down. Dreams serve as an indication that something you are doing is going well or not. In this case, it is going very, very well, but do not slow down.

Dreaming Of Landslide

There are changes coming in your life and they can be good or bad. Dreaming of landslides brings this ambiguity in interpretation, what is certain is that the changes will come and this indicates that you should act with caution and wisdom in order to make them smooth and positive.

Dreaming Of Earth Trembling

Earth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming of shaking earth or dreaming of an earthquake symbolizes a challenge that will be remarkable in your life. Perhaps you are already facing this moment and have no idea how to overcome it, or maybe this moment will come soon. Don’t let it get you down.

Of course it’s not easy to go through difficulties, but it’s the purest truth that everything in life has a time to last. Nothing lasts forever, neither what is good nor what is bad will last in your life as long as you keep your faith and your eyes on the horizon. Have faith!

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