Hair – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Hair - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming about hair means, in general, your health. If your hair is falling out in the dream, it may be related to diseases and illnesses. However, if they are big, shiny and full of volume, it means that your health will improve.

Dreams are manifestations of the unconscious, some objects or actions can have special meaning, already for being significant in reality. To understand what it means to dream about hair, let’s consider that the hair itself, which carries a lot of meanings in real reflections, perceptions and stories. In Greek mythology, it was often quoted in relation to the gods.

Hair also represents strength in the story of Samson, a biblical character. Among many meanings, hair brings images of personality, seduction, change. The dream with hair may still be related to health. The meaning of dreaming with hair depends a lot on the characteristics with which the hair appears in the dream.

What does it mean to dream with my short hair?

What does it mean to dream with hair?

What does it mean to dream about cut hair?

What does it mean to dream that you are cutting your hair?

Dreaming About Hair Falling Out

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Dreaming of hair loss can be related to health. It usually has to do with excessive worries, stress, emotional wear and tear, a feeling that all the efforts of everyday life are not being worthwhile. It is a warning, above all, to your vitality.

It can mean that you are losing control of situations. If in your dream you feel bad when you see your hair falling out, don’t worry, it means that you are no longer being part of your life what you can no longer hold on to.

But if in the dream the falling hair doesn’t bother you, pay more attention to what you really need to value. Be aware of the symptoms and excessive worries of everyday life. Try to relax and think that every thing has its time, and that you can’t embrace the whole world. Leave each thing in its place and breathe new air.

Dreaming About Big Hair

Hair - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming of long hair is usually a good sign. Connected to the financial side, it means success. The interpretation of dreams depends a lot on what is most recorded in your memory, the characteristics that most attracted your attention during the dream.

If long hair is hidden, for example, it means that you don’t want to show something of yourself, it can be a secret, a thought or even something physical that you don’t want to show people. If you appear showing your long hair with pride, it means that you are valuing your own characteristics, or the opposite, that you are exaggerating too much in yours by showing your appearance.

But if what most caught your attention was the size of your hair, be careful, it may mean that you are having trouble finishing something from the past, out of fear or insecurity. Think about how to break this cycle, because you need to start a new phase in life.

Dream That You Are Cutting Your Hair

Hair - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

What does it mean to dream that you are cutting your hair? This dream represents your own image that you want to pass on to others. It symbolizes your vanity and your care with your appearance. Hair is a part of your body that represents your essence.

Dreaming Of Cut Hair

What does it mean to dream about cut hair? Understanding the meaning of dreaming about cut hair depends a lot on the point of view. In the foreground, dreaming of hair being cut is related to the change. If you have dreamed about your hair cut and liked it, it means you are open to new phases.

If in the dream you did not like your hair cut, it means that you have been doing the wrong thing or that you are afraid to do something that needs to be done. If, when dreaming of a haircut, it was you who cut it yourself, it means that you need to detach from the past or from something specific, like objects or habits. Sometimes letting go is the best thing you have to do, new things come if there is room to enter. Rethink your priorities and open your mind to new sensations.

Dreaming About White Hair

Dreaming of white hair is related to wisdom and long life. Great energies are coming to you. It means that you have balance in your thoughts and will make good choices in all areas of life. Always in moderation, the results of what you do are positive. Dreaming of white hair is also a sign of peace, both in spirit and soul.

Dreaming About Short Hair

Hair - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

What does it mean to dream about my short hair? Short hair is tied to the financial field. It means that you may have some loss in business. If you are a wage earner, you are being devalued because your work is of quality and does not correspond to the amount you earn.

But don’t despair, these are periods of crisis that will soon pass. Everything will become clearer and good and new things will emerge, leaving you better than before. You’ll be more valued at work, if you’re an entrepreneur or autonomous, you’ll close better deals, which before you couldn’t see.

Dream About Someone Else’s Hair

If in the dream you pull someone’s hair, you want to attract attention, you want an answer from that person, it can be in a friendly relationship, with family or in a loving relationship. If in the dream you cut the other person’s hair, take it easy in your attitudes, because you may be forcing the bar with this someone.

You must learn or relearn to respect the other person’s space. Forced attitudes only lead to suffering. Try to balance yourself and see the freedom that everyone is entitled to. Live your freedom and give the best of yourself, whatever has to be shared with you will be of free and spontaneous will.

Dream Of Blond Hair

Hair - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 7

Dreaming of blonde hair means a radical change in your life, it may be happening right now or it will. This change can be good or bad. It can mean inconstancy and risk of infidelity, be aware of the people in your life.

It can also mean being in love with a novelty, and great chances for romance. Besides being somewhat mysterious, dreaming of blond hair can mean light, but remember that not all that glitters is gold.

Dreaming About Black Hair

Hair - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 8

Dreaming of black hair is a positive sign. It indicates that you are in the best mood and energy period. Take the opportunity to finish or start projects or renovations, take care of your body, or do a social service for others. Dreaming of black hair also represents virility. With the sexual energy established, the dreamer will have great sexual experiences in his next encounters with his partner.

Dreaming About Hair In Food

Dreaming about hair in food may indicate possible intrigues. It also means doubts and setbacks in your decisions, sacrifices are to come or are already happening. It can also mean difficult decisions that you are being forced to make.

Try to observe what is taking you from the center and forcing you to do something that is not of your will. Keep calm and take the reins of the situation, you can’t control anyone, but you can defend yourself from who tries to control you. Make a difference and show that you have discernment and balance.

Dreaming About Strands Of Hair

What does it mean to dream about hair? This is a kind of dream that warns you to run away from intrigues, stay as far away from problems that do not concern you.

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