Fish – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of fish presages fortunes and loving successes. It means, in general, tranquility and critical sense when making choices. There are also those who see the fish as signs of our aspirations and desires, besides the greatness of spirit of the dreamer.

Our relationship with the fish varies. After all, on one hand we admire the beauty and placidity of aquatic beings. On the other hand, it is one of our main meals (and this relationship of predatism can be reversed in the case of sharks).

By the way, fish is a very important religious symbol in Christianity.

Of course: as always, the meaning of dreaming about fish is not necessarily positive. Depending on the context of the dream, it can be an alarm for instances of your life to which you have been paying less attention than you should.

In order not to be a fish out of water and know more about what it means to dream with fish, stay with us.

What does it mean to dream that you are fishing?

What does it mean to dream about goldfish?

What does it mean to dream that you caught a big fish?

What does it mean to dream about goldfish?

Dreaming About Big Fish

Fish - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

What does it mean to dream that you caught a big fish? If the fisherman is successful and brings big fish home, then surely there will be no lack of food on the table. In the world of dreams, it’s not much different: dreaming about big fish is a sign of your ambitions and your effort can result in colossal success.

Dreaming about big fish means that your life is about to improve. It represents financial gains and a healthy life. Enjoy the moment also to grow professionally!

Never forget to keep a generous and open mind.

Dream Of Dead Fish

Dreaming of dead fish means that you must be careful not to miss the good opportunities that life puts in your way. Stay alert with them, always keep your eyes open, because we do not always have the chance to catch them again.

If dreaming of live fish means taking advantage of an opportunity, dreaming of dead fish is exactly the opposite: if you don’t pay attention, you may end up leaving important doors closed.

It’s not only about dedication, of course, but also caution and wisdom. You take the most important decisions of your life alone, you are the ruler of your own future, but don’t ignore what your closest relatives and friends have to say before choosing.

Dreaming About Colorful Fish

Fish - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

Dreaming of colorful fish will vary from case to case, depending on the color of the animal. The coloring usually reflects the personality and temperament of the dreamer. For example, if you dream of blue fish you may have great emotional strength and character.

What does it mean to dream about goldfish? Goldfish already show more impetuosity and unpredictable, untimely behavior. Yellow fish can refer to the possibilities of material gain, but also to remorse and selfishness.

Dreaming About Live Fish

Another sign of happiness: the living fish represents the persistence of dreams that can be realized very soon. It is a sign that good things will come if you persist in doing the activities in which you are best, in addition to seeking the realization of other projects that you have always intended to carry out.

Dreaming About Fried Fish

Fish - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

This means that you are doing well. With serenity and honesty, you will climb steps towards your goal. Your life is rewarding your effort: enjoy this generosity of destiny and move on. Always firm and strong.

Dream With Many Fish

Fish - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Remember how the big fish represented success? So: many fish also indicate great joys and achievements, but with an even more powerful symbology. Maybe it’s a little more problematic to dream about aggressive sharks, which reflects social phobias and professional insecurities.

Otherwise, excellent dream.

Dreaming Taking Fish In Your Hand

If you dream that you catch a fish in your hand, you may be able to control unexpected circumstances and stabilize your life. However, dreaming that the fish slips out of your hand represents an even greater effort to overcome equally greater problems. In both cases, you will need willpower and moral fiber.

There is also a reading of loving disappointment if you try to hold it with only one hand. Here there is room for a somewhat shaken popular saying: there are many more fish in the sea.

Dreaming About Fish In The Aquarium

The interpretation for this dream is that of much repression of emotions and desires. The routine has been forcing you to make sacrifices and carrying you with you anguish that you are afraid to announce to your friends. Maybe because you are too empathetic to worry others, maybe because you are ashamed to “create a climate”.

However, it is better to be more direct with your desires and your willingness to express demands and frustrations than to become a ticking time bomb at the worst possible time.

Dreaming Of Small Fish

Fish - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

This is already an alarm so that you do not lose sight of details that seem unimportant at first, but can become very important and difficult to resolve there. It’s time to avoid procrastination and heal your most urgent pendencies at once.

Dreaming Of Fish Out Of Water

It’s pretty obvious: you’ve been feeling out of place, right? It is possible that you are not getting along with colleagues or relatives. Maybe you’re feeling forgotten, devalued.

Don’t feel like that: you are not a fish out of water. Reevaluate your friendships and take advantage of more useful chances for your life. What matters most is your happiness.

Dreaming About Fishing With Fish Hooks

What does it mean to dream that you are fishing? Here it will depend on your success with fishing. Have you caught one or several big fish? Then you will keep a good health and put your hands on some money on the way. Have you failed in fishing? The sense is the opposite: be careful with finances and health.

Be sure to take into account your effort in fishing. Dreaming that you fish easily usually means greater skill and ease in dealing with unforeseen events, while a more complicated fishery can only say that you will have to apply yourself a lot to get what you aspire to in some areas.

Which is not bad either. Hard work makes the rewards, fruits of so much sweat, much more rewarding.

Dream That You Are Eating Fish

Fish - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

You are taking your relationships healthfully, thanks to your charisma and sensitivity. This is another dream that demonstrates the association of the fish with calm, harmony and pacifism. Fights hardly lead anywhere.

Dreaming That Nothing Together With Several Fish

If you dream that you swim with fish, you have probably been trying to know yourself more and start to accept with more confidence who you are. Many people follow their lives without questioning if what they have been doing to them really makes them happy, dying of fear with the answers of their subconscious. That is why they end up being very hard on themselves.

Remember that self-love is the key to a successful and confident person.

Dreaming That You Are Bitten By A Fish

It sounds like a bad dream, but it’s actually a warning of good news. Obviously it depends on the context of the dream. If in case you are being chased or about to be devoured by a shark, which is an unbelievably frightening nightmare, you have probably been feeling chased in real life too.

It may be that your impression is mistaken or you urgently need to change your airs.

Dreaming About Goldfish

Fish - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 7

What does it mean to dream about goldfish? Congratulations, you have just had an extremely promising dream. This little fish suggests the contribution of money, a lot of money. Your investments will yield and your income at work will reach stratospheric levels.

Of course the dream is not enough: only by acting, using your head and working here, in the “awakened” world, someone can reach your main goals. If not, you’ll be able to swim and die on the beach.

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