Cockroach – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of cockroaches means feelings like fear, forms of resistance, facing the unknown and battles of life. They are disgusting beings, who appear unexpectedly and, most of the time, cause panic and terror. It can be the representation of unpleasant feelings in your life.

Some people simply have an unimaginable fear of cockroaches and sometimes this fear is so great that it escapes the common average. Why is this tiny being so terrifying to most people? The meaning of dreaming about cockroaches can present many interpretations, everything depends on how you see them in the dream, the details and the sensations. The cockroach, besides being unsanitary, has, above all, the characteristic of a resistant insect.

It resists almost everything, when it takes a slippery slope that tears it apart, for example, can still take hours to contort. The poison, if not very potent, cannot kill her, and the story still tells that the cockroach survived the effects of the atomic bomb. Can you imagine?

Who could imagine that a being considered despicable would bring us significant interpretations of dreams? Dreams are messages from the unconscious, bringing emotions to the conscious in a representative way. See now the various points of view on what it means to dream about cockroaches.

Dreaming About A Flying Cockroach

Between us, dreaming of a flying cockroach can be considered a nightmare. The impression is that it is filming us from above and knows exactly where to fly, and it is right in our head! Dreaming of a flying cockroach is linked to the feeling you have of not being able to handle the tasks, you are overloaded and you have no time left.

This burden of not being able to do your jobs, or any activity that you can’t finish, keeps you tormented. Try to do one thing at a time and go all the way. Decrease stress by practicing physical activities, talk and laugh more. Going out to distract yourself will do a lot of good to your routine. It is also important not to take work home.

Dreaming About Many Cockroaches

Cockroach - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

Dreaming of many cockroaches indicates that you have a certain block in being in the crowd or in the crowd. This block may be related to the insecurity or distrust of people acting in a group. But it reveals that you must become aware of the difficulty to face it.

This dream may also indicate childhood feelings, also related to other children. If you remained very isolated from the group, this difficulty in relating has been accompanying you ever since. Start by analyzing yourself, and what are the reasons that lead you to want to be far away. Do not feel guilt or think that something is wrong, just analyze yourself.

Dream About A Dead Cockroach

Cockroach - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Dreaming of a dead cockroach reveals that your plans are about to become practical. Everything you have been longing for in recent times and working towards it will finally begin to happen.

In this process, you overcame challenges and expectations and worked hard, now you deserve to relax and be inspired by the prize of positive results. If in the dream the cockroach was dying, it means that there is some resistance on your part or from others to accept something or an opinion. And the change you need so much may be depending exclusively on it.

Dreaming About A Cockroach In Your Body

Dreaming of cockroaches on your body indicates that something you are not yet ready to face is, in fact, already knocking on your door. Everything indicates that it is a new relationship.

It’s time to calm down and see reality as it is. Leave fear behind, because it is always time to be happy. This dream is connected to having more security. Dreaming about a cockroach in your body can also indicate an unexpected visit from a friend or relative who is far away.

Dreaming That It Kills Cockroaches

In case you dream that it kills the cockroach, the dream is revealing that you have definitely faced your fears and difficulties. However, you must pay attention to the form and tools you used to achieve it. Rethink your attitudes, justice and virtue.

For, more important than speed, is the right path to follow. Now you can be in a bolder period, and therefore take care with the decisions and ways of treatment not to regret later.

Dreaming You Try To Kill A Cockroach

Cockroach - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

If in your dream you try to kill the cockroach, it indicates that you are making your decisions in a correct and balanced way. Weighing the actions and facing the difficulties and obstacles as they are. Keep facing and doing the right thing. Don’t worry about the result, just dedicate yourself and with effort and persistence.

Soon you will be able to maintain total balance and reach your goals. If in your dream you try to kill the cockroach and succeed, it means that if you still had some doubt about some decision, it has already healed itself. But if, in the dream, you try to kill the cockroach and you see that you don’t succeed in the end, even if you are making the right decisions, there are some small doubts to be solved. Try to clarify everything as much as you can to move on.

Dream That You Are Chased By A Cockroach

Dreaming that you are being chased by a cockroach means that you are on the right track and don’t have to look back with doubt or fear. Above all, pay attention because paths can sometimes lead to the same place, and this does not always mean something bad. Whatever there is, carry on without pride, come back if you have to, but don’t feel afraid.

You will reach the end you have to reach. Persistence here is the word. If in the dream the cockroach was giant, it reveals that you will have to have twice as much courage to move forward at any cost. Seek strength and courage to follow your goals as far as you think it is worth. Your own intuition will tell you, and surprises may happen.

Dream That You Deal Naturally With A Cockroach

Dreaming that it is normal to be intimate with a cockroach indicates that you are in the best phase of self-knowledge. Enjoy and be gentle with yourself, you will be able to taste and discover wonderful things about yourself. Feel comfortable experimenting with new activities that will do you good and feed your creativity.

Read books, enroll in a new course, take an unprecedented trip, eat or drink something you have never experienced, or seek to know more about places you are far away. It means that you will make new friendships soon, attend new places, and those friendships will be special and lasting. Enjoy this phase of self-knowledge, it can shape your next years of life and even your prolonged future.

Dream That A Cockroach Walks On You

Dreaming that a cockroach walks on you has meaning with time and maturity. If in the dream you are calm, it indicates that everything is in the right time and some things are happening naturally. It can be an ex relationship that is passing for good.

It can also be a job proposal that no longer fits you. But if in the dream you are terrified of the cockroach walking on you, it indicates that you are immature to accept some events in your life. You can’t handle the situation, and its effects will be totally emotional or even in symptoms of low immunity.

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