Swimming Pool – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Swimming Pool - Dream Meaning and Symbolism
Swimming Pool

Dreaming about a swimming pool means joys and fun, always linked to positive feelings. They are omens that bring you good news.

Each type of dream can indicate several different meanings. Therefore, we must evaluate them thoroughly so that we are not caught by surprise by some unexpected event. Dreaming of a swimming pool is no different.

We will see more about the meaning of dreaming about a swimming pool of all kinds so that you know what message to keep in mind.

Dreaming About A Clean Pool


Dreaming of a clean water pool can mean a turnaround in your life, so be prepared for big changes.

But don’t worry, these changes are probably good, bringing a lot of happiness to your life and helping you to complete your goals.

Generally, this dream comes to say that this turnaround will bring you many profits and professional successes, making you succeed and prosper in your life.

Dream Of A Dirty Pool

This is a warning that came to keep you alert, because it is indicating that the falsehood is all around you. Therefore, be very careful with the people around you.

Stay away from any kind of false friendship or interest so that you do not get hurt and do not get hurt. Keep close to you only the real people and that you have total confidence.

This dream may also indicate a betrayal by your partner, so be aware of any change of habit or suspicious actions.

Dream Of A Big Pool

Swimming Pool - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

This dream can mean two things, depending on the obstacle you are facing in your daily life and that you really want your resolution.

If you are having some financial problem, when dreaming about swimming pool, it may be that you swim and swim, and don’t get anywhere. It may be a warning from your subconscious not to take ahead the enterprise you are insisting on.

Sometimes our attempts to obtain financial success are further delaying our success. Therefore it is time to approach a new method for success.

Another possibility of this dream is when you are experiencing love problems. However, in this case, it is a good thing because it shows that there is a lot of love involved.

Invest in the person you love and don’t let him/her get away from you, because you are gaining a great opportunity to love and be happy every day.

Dream About Deep Pool

Dreaming of a deep pool can show that you are feeling smaller or smaller than someone who does not deserve this status. It’s time to value yourself and evolve more and more.

You should keep in mind that you are not inferior to anyone and that you can improve every day so that you don’t feel bad for anything or anyone.

You must value yourself and believe in yourself. Show people that nothing can reach you, because only then you will be truly happy.

Dream Of A Full Pool

The full pool is a sign that you should pay more attention to your feelings, because they may be harming you and making you more confused with the situations of your day to day.

It’s time to have control over your feelings and to show yourself that you can control yourself and make your own decisions without letting your feelings interfere with your judgment.

Show everyone that your emotions are controlled by you and not the other way around.

Dream Of An Empty Pool

Swimming Pool - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

This kind of dream can show that you will have new projects to worry about, because news will appear in your life.

These projects may be financial or personal, but they will appear and you will work on them from scratch, so dedicate yourself to succeed as soon as possible.

Dream That Nothing In A Swimming Pool

Dreaming that you are swimming can be a warning that you will have big changes in your life, however, they can be good or bad and will arrive as fast as you imagine.

If you swim in clear and clean waters, it can mean that you are going on the right path, towards happiness. Keep at it!

But if the water is dirty and darker, know that you will have many obstacles to reach your goals. These obstacles will be challenging and you will have to prove yourself to overcome them.

If you are trying to swim, but something is not letting you go, you should try to get rid of any problem or insecurity you have so that you can achieve your goals without further problems.

Finally, if you are naked in a pool and you start swimming, it means that you will reach your goals quickly, besides having no weight or obstacle to reach them.

Dream That You Are Thrown In A Pool

This dream came to show that you will have some problem that will be caused by another person, however, it is not a very big adversity, since it is only you learn to overcome it, just like you learn to swim.

Don’t worry, this problem will be overcome, but it will leave you a little shaken. You must have control over your emotions so that you won’t be affected by it.

Dream That You Throw Someone In A Pool

Swimming Pool - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

If you throw someone in a pool when you are dreaming, calm down, because it means that you are very stressed and you need to organize your thoughts.

By being stressed, you can end up treating people badly, so you must control yourself and get to the root of the problem in order to be calm and cheerful again.

Dream That You Save Or Are Saved From Drowning In The Pool

Dreaming that you are saving someone or that you are being saved in the pool may mean that you are in need of hope and that other financial opportunities will appear.

Hope should be your main weapon, for it is it that will help you keep calm and overcome any obstacle to professional growth.

See here all about the meaning of dreaming of drowning.

Dreaming That You Dive In A Pool

Swimming Pool - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

This is one of the dreams that come to give you good news and advice, because it indicates that you are able to go through happy and good-humored situations.

However, it also advises you to go after things that make you happy, because this is the time to seek your happiness and complete your goals.

Dreaming Of An Agitated Pool

Stop those negative thoughts that only put you down, because this dream came to alert you and open your eyes.

Be positive so that good things happen to you, because you will only succeed if you believe it is part of your life. That’s why it’s crucial for you to fight more and more for him.

Dreaming About Endless Swimming Pool

This could be the most dangerous dream with swimming pools, because it came to show that your efforts are leading you nowhere.

We are not talking only of general efforts, but of financial efforts, to go up in career and to succeed, because this is one of the main goals of our lives.

Be more objective and stop swimming against the current. Let go of the futilities of your life and focus on what really matters so that, finally, you can find an ending in this pool.

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