Elephant – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Elephant – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Elephants are docile but, at the same time, exquisite fighters and protectors of their territories and their young. These animals are the representation of the greatness, strength and resistance of the animal world. Moreover, they symbolize the animal which is apparently always well nourished, because of its consistency and physical strength. And this brings us to the idea of abundance.

But what is the true meaning of dreaming about an elephant?

If you dreamed about an elephant, it means a good omen for you. A period of great glories that walk towards you. New airs are in your favor. Let these winds of change guide your dreams so that your journey will always be successful! And be aware of the kind of dream you had. Some, few, may be warning signs.

Depending on the dream you had with an elephant, consider it as an indication that you should pay attention in order to make the right choices, be they related to love, professional life, or social life.

Remember that the right choices may not be the easiest, but the path of learning is what will teach you to overcome the existential, professional, and social obstacles of your life.

See below the numerous meanings of elephant dreams and analyze which one fits best with yours or the current period in which you are living.

Dreaming About White Elephants

The meaning of dreaming of white elephants is linked to the acquisition of material goods. It symbolizes that you are about to acquire a property, one or more cars, or other types of goods and financial assets. Future purchases will add great value in cash for you.

But the white elephant dream can also have a spiritual representation in your life. It indicates that answers or visions linked to your spiritual and material side are about to be revealed to you. Wait for the right moment, for everything will be enlightened.

Dreaming Of Black Elephant

This dream has a totally positive message for you. The black color brings us to the idea of sophistication, luxury and elegance. And the elephant is the symbol of abundance. Joining abundance and elegance, the meaning of dreaming with black elephant indicates a life of wealth for you.

Dreaming Of A Gray Elephant

Another dream of good omens. Dreaming of a grey elephant symbolizes moments of peace and harmony in your life, especially between you and your family. In addition, joy and abundance resulting from your financial success are on the way. Enjoy the moment to relax and analyze your future plans. They can add benefits in your life. But remember that success is the result of your effort and work. So, get to work.

Dreaming Of Elephant Swimming

Elephant – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

The meaning of dreaming about a swimming elephant is not something positive. It represents future problems that will require calm and patience to solve them.

The dream of the elephant swimming also represents the escape from these challenges. Reflect on the best attitude to be taken, and seek the best solution in a calm and complacent way. Facing the challenges head-on will keep you stronger and more resistant to situations you will need to live, especially in your professional life.

Dreaming About Elephant Cub

Good omens are linked to the fact that you dream about elephant cubs. The meaning of dreaming of an elephant cub can indicate moments of joy in your family. And one of them indicates that the passion of your loving relationship may bear fruit that will increase your family, and even more the joy of your home.

Dreaming About An Elephant Drinking Water

Dreaming of elephants drinking water is a totally positive omen. This dream symbolizes a period of great surprises in your professional life. Such surprises can be a promotion, salary increase, professional ascension in several ways. Whatever it is, be attentive and prepared to embrace with love those opportunities that life offers you.

Dreaming About Elephant Bathing

Elephant – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

The meaning of dreaming about an elephant taking a bath brings a positive presage to his life, especially to his emotional side: it indicates that a good friendship relationship is about to be part of his journey. This relationship will bring great social and professional fruits and opportunities for you.

Dreaming Of The Gentle Elephant

This dream has a meaning of tranquility. It indicates that you are living in a period of peace and happiness. This dream also means that you are a peaceful person, or if you are living in a turbulent moment, it is necessary to use all your calm and dexterity to solve these impasses in a calm and complacent way.

Dreaming About An Angry Elephant

Dreaming of a wild elephant indicates some obstacles in your life, especially in your work. Be aware of the professional environment, be prepared for some obstacles and impasses, and try to solve everything calmly and patiently.

Dream That Kills An Elephant

In real life, it would be impossible to kill an elephant with just its physical energy, unless you had a supernatural force. Therefore, the meaning of dreaming about an elephant killed by your own hands represents mainly your strength and dexterity to solve problems in your life. Life always puts us before obstacles and challenges. And your strength and faith will be your drivers to overcome them.

Dreaming About A Dead Elephant

For some, death is, symbolically, a passage, a transition. However, there are people who may even rebuke their own dream because they think that dreaming of elephant death is linked to death. But, in fact, what does it mean to dream about a dead elephant?

To dream with a dead elephant means that you will have to build a link between the new and the old. That is, leave old things behind, give up the old, even if you are happy with it, and start something from scratch. New opportunities will come for your personal and professional growth. Accept the changes that life will bring you.

Dream That You Ride The Elephant

Elephant – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

This dream is linked to the feeling of recognition for all his efforts, whether at work or in his studies. Riding an elephant indicates that you are on the right path. Follow this journey and never give up your goals and objectives. If you continue like this, your financial and personal success will be guaranteed.

Dreaming About A Circus Elephant

Dreaming of an elephant in a circus may demonstrate that you need to take some care of storms to come. Perhaps a period of turbulence is approaching you. Several problems and challenges may arise for you to solve. Be prepared and keep calm to solve such problems.

Dreaming Of An Elephant Running Away

Dreaming of an elusive elephant is a negative omen, but with caution, you will be able to face these challenges without problems. If you dreamed of an elephant running away, some misunderstandings and conflicts may arise in your life. Keep calm and try to solve them in the best way possible.

Dream That Feeds An Elephant

Elephant – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

Dreaming that feeds an elephant is a sign of great social and professional opportunities in your life. Your investments, whether they are to start small or large companies, will be great sources of success and money for you.

Dream That You Sell An Elephant

Dreaming that you sell an elephant is a totally positive sign for you. This dream has two meanings: it indicates a life of fortune and plenty, since in the dream itself you are showing your entrepreneurial power. This shows that your business acumen is emerging, and your unconscious is warning that it’s time to make a good investment.

Dreaming that you sell elephants also means long life and complete happiness. By uniting both symbologies, you can consider yourself lucky. Enjoy all the opportunities that life offers you and have a long life of plenty and luxury. You deserve it!

Dream Of Many Elephants

If you dream of elephants, several of them, instead of only one, can jump for joy. New and totally positive people will emerge in your life. Friendships that will add learning and good experiences to you. Although new, the bonds of friendship with these people will be lasting, and even for life.

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