Rabbit – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Rabbit – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Maybe, at some point in your life, you have already dreamed about rabbit and, since then, you have been wondering what this dream means. The meaning of dreaming about rabbits demonstrates a change in your life and in your inner self. The rabbit is an animal which transmits serenity, that is why it is so closely connected to our childhood. Many who have had a dream about rabbits, or several of them, are looking for positive spiritual transitions related to their emotional and search for prosperity, evolution and to see life in a more prosperous, optimistic and lighter way.

The dream symbolizes this transition. Depending on the rabbit dream you had, a new message of intimate search for evolution may be under your eyes. It is enough that you can see it. If you dreamed about rabbit, you are also prepared to cross the bridge between an old and a new phase in your life.

The meaning of dreaming about rabbit goes far beyond what our consciousness teaches us when we are awake. There are several meanings for each type of dream, and each meaning will represent something new and a new learning for you. Analyze your dream and see if it fits some of these types below.

Dream With White Rabbit

Rabbit – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Perhaps the most frequent dream with rabbits. Many people ask themselves what it means to dream about white rabbits and what this dream represents. The dream of white rabbits can have several meanings, among them the increase of family with new fruits of the loving relationship.

The white rabbit represents fecundity and a new being can be on the way. In addition, the dream with the white rabbit means fidelity and happiness in the relationship. Stay stable so your happy and healthy relationship can bring you great positive surprises.

Dreaming About Grey Rabbit

What does it mean to dream of a grey rabbit, a color that for many represents sadness? Dreaming about a gray rabbit depends a lot on each individual’s perspective. For example, many see gray as an attractive and positive color. Others already see it as a more erased and sad color. So, in general, if the person who does not feel good about the color gray dreams about a rabbit of this color, the meaning of this dream is the negative and demotivating thought. Otherwise, the gray can reflect a moment of happiness and much peace in your life. The positive side of dreaming about a gray rabbit also includes good socialization and healthy relationships.

Dreaming About Black Rabbit

What does it mean to dream about black rabbit? You may find this kind of dream strange, but don’t worry, because dreaming about black rabbits is not such a negative thing. It’s a dream that reveals a fear and insecurity of showing your intimate side to someone that you can have a more open relationship.

This insecurity can be related to the fear of misunderstanding of the world. Another meaning of the dream with black rabbits can be an evil eye. When in doubt, have a rabbit’s foot with you. It will help remove the negative energies that may be surrounding you.

Dreaming About Brown Rabbit

What is the meaning of dreaming about brown rabbit? The meaning of dreaming of brown-haired rabbits can represent a period of turbulence which is approaching. But do not despair, because a turbulent phase can serve as a great learning for your spirit, and despair will only hinder its evolution. Act wisely, since actions coming from wisdom and faith will help you in times of difficulty. Acting wisely will make this period short and the changes in your life will be totally positive.

Dreaming About Jumping Rabbit

Rabbit – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming of a rabbit jumping is very important, especially in the life of a couple, since it represents virility. If the couple does not yet have children, the dream of a rabbit jumping represents the will and the virile moment to make the family grow, both man and woman. Enjoy this moment to, who knows, bring a new member to your family. Children are always welcome.

Dreaming Of A Rabbit Cub

We know that rabbits are docile and beautiful animals, so what does it mean to dream about rabbits when they are still puppies? Its meaning is similar to dreaming of rabbits jumping. Dreaming of puppy rabbits also demonstrates a moment of virility for the couple, and the inner desire that this love bears fruit. If you have concrete plans to increase your family, take advantage that the moment can be now. And the most positive thing about a dream with puppies rabbits: they are too cute and your dream will be adorable.

Dream That You Are Feeding A Rabbit

Rabbit – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming that you are feeding a rabbit may not be such a positive thing. This is because the dream with this symbolism means that someone or more than one person may be trying to reach you to shake your spiritual and abuse your goodness. But don’t worry and be sure to visit your friends. Just stay alert and start selecting your company better.

Dreaming About Biting Rabbit

It seems like a peculiar dream. Maybe you are wondering what it means to dream of a biting rabbit. If you are in a loving relationship, dreaming that you are bitten by a rabbit may demonstrate that you need to be more attentive to that relationship, to give yourself more to the person you love. This rabbit dream may mean that you are not giving your best to the person you love. Take good care of your loving relationship, because if it is important to you, it is as important as it is to the person you love.

Dreaming About Rabbit Playing

Rabbit – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

This dream is extremely positive for your life. Dreaming that you play with rabbit is a good and calm dream. Just like you feel inside. If you have a dream about playing with rabbits, it means that your health, personal well-being and self-esteem are going from wind to wind. But, always be aware of these three vital elements in your day to day life, once you keep them in perfect balance, they will be your portals open to a world of realizations.

Dream Of Rabbit’s Foot

As we know, the rabbit’s foot is a symbol that represents luck. Many use them as pendulums, windows, doors, or carry this object in their pocket. If you dreamed of a rabbit’s foot, you are in luck. This can mean that good things will come in your life, with happy endings. Take a chance! The winds are blowing in your favor.

Dream That Kills Rabbit

The idea of a dream in which you kill a rabbit may seem something negative and even absurd. After all, who would have the courage to kill such a docile and fragile animal as the rabbit. However, dreaming that you kill a rabbit symbolizes good things. If you had this dream, it means that you are about to have positive changes in your life, mainly in your love life. This dream demonstrates that you can guide your love to the path of wisdom, and the happiness between you and your loved one is in total fullness.

Dreaming Of Dead Rabbit

A dream in which you may not feel well. After all, nobody would like to see that animal so docile dead. A dream about dead rabbits, or just a dead rabbit, has a simple and essential meaning in your life: change. So what does it mean to dream about a dead rabbit? The meaning of dreaming about dead rabbits represents that something has been left behind, a loving relationship, a loved one or a great friendship. The transition phase from old to new. Great changes are about to happen, new relationships are included in these changes. Be prepared for them to come in a positive way in your life, after all, it requires changes at all times, we just need to be able to live them with learning.

Dream That Eats Rabbit

Another very peculiar rabbit dream. Dreaming that you eat rabbit can symbolize something relatively more positive or negative in your life. This dream can be a wake-up call for people who are jealous of you and will do anything to shake your spiritual peace. If you had this dream recently, it came in good time. Now is the time to prepare yourself spiritually to win this spiritual battle against those who are wishing evil for you. The dream can also symbolize attitudes superior to those of others, such as emotional control of instincts and awareness of emotional balance. Just be aware of the defenses you create and always respect everyone’s opinion. Remember, we are all in constant evolution.

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