Storm – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Storm – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

The meaning of dreaming of a storm may be broader than one imagines. Storms are beautiful when seen from afar, but they tend to be frightening and dangerous to those under them in the open. These turbulent natural phenomena can come to earth with uncontrollable force, and have been responsible for countless disasters.

But what does it mean to dream of storms? The meaning of dreaming of storms can be linked to various omens. If you had a storm dream and it was recent, be aware of what you are living in this period of your life.

The storm dream represents the emotional and intimate nature of the human being. Usually a storm indicates something intense, since most of the time it is accompanied by a turbulent energy from the sky. And this is what the storm represents in our dreams: the energy that may be out of our control, either internally or externally. A storm or a period in which everything seems to be in deep conflict, whether at work or in our personal lives.

Thus, storm dreams may not augur well. And what creates most discomfort in people is not being prepared for new challenges and periods of great transitions. Although life is dynamic, these transitions may not be easy to face. And dreams with storms can represent the need to take charge of your life and calm the storm under an open sky inside your own unconscious.

And it is intrinsic to the human being to decipher a comprehensive meaning of dreaming of a storm, whatever the storm. After all, dreams lead us to reflections.

Reflect on what kind of storm you have dreamed and see if the dream fits with your current perspectives.

The first meaning is perhaps the storm we are most used to.

Dreaming Of A Windstorm

The meaning of dreaming of a windstorm does not represent something positive. The dream denotes a moment of emotional instability, where the dreamer experiences a series of thoughts that generate intolerance and impulsive attitudes.

These dreams can also demonstrate a lack of control of feelings and a fear that these turbulent emotions may bring negative results in your life. The wind in a storm represents aggressiveness. Something violent to come. Knowing the consequences of situations that need a balance, try to reflect on a diplomatic way to find a way out of each situation.

Dreaming Of A Sandstorm

Storm – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

The meaning of dreaming of a sandstorm is linked to the fears that persist in our feelings. It demonstrates that you may not be seeing the truth as it really is. Perhaps you are resistant to seeing what you don’t want to see, and a distorted reality is closing your vision.

Try to work on this fear of facing the facts. Fight against this resistance that is distorting your visibility. From the moment you begin to see life as it is, remember that your eyes will also see positive things around you.

Dreaming Of A Storm At Sea

Storm – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

This dream may indicate some emotional instability due to present or future family imbalances and problems. The solution of problems begins with reflective attitudes. Try to remain calm in order to find the best solution to deal with internal or family problems.

Dreaming Of A Rainstorm

This dream indicates that you should be careful with your own exhibitions. Keep a low profile on yourself to prevent opinions and judgments from interfering with your goals. If in the dream you are walking on clay, it means you should walk carefully. Any false step can put you in danger.

Dreaming That You Are Running From A Storm

Dreaming that you flee from a storm can demonstrate that you are a person determined to find yourself and know deeply your inner peace. However, even though you have battled incessantly to achieve a state of full peace of mind, this goal has not yet been achieved. Don’t give up this fight. If you are determined to reach this goal, fight until you succeed.

Dream Of A Lightning Storm

Storm – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

This dream may bode well for you, depending on how you handle some transitions in your life. The meaning of dreaming of lightning storm represents imminent changes in your professional life. They can be bad or good changes.

So keep a close eye on your work environment. This way, you prepare yourself for these changes and for when they come.

Dream That You Get Stuck Because Of A Storm

You are very stuck and worried about your emotional side. Give yourself some time and stop to make a reflection. Ease some weight off your shoulders and just analyze why you are having these emotional disorders. Don’t demand so much of yourself, and let life flow as it should. The best things happen when you least expect them.

Dream Of A Hailstorm

Dreams of hail can mean an unresolved anguish and frustration in your life. This dream can also represent the fear that some tragedy will totally change the course of your life and lead you to a road with no return.

Stay calm and reflect on a way out for each apparently unresolved situation. In this way, you will prepare yourself to solve your inner dilemmas.

Dreaming Of Storm And Hurricane

Dreaming of a storm and hurricane are also connected to your inner self. These dreams are associated with emotional problems that have not yet been well resolved and persist in your thoughts.

Perhaps it is time for you to be more passive with yourself and lighten the weight you carry with you. Get out of the middle of this hurricane in which your emotions are. Remember, your negative thoughts should be only fleeting, and your happiness and peace of mind should be eternal.

Dream That You Are Watching A Storm

If you dream that you are observing the storm, it means that you are cadencing your emotional turbulences well, with a passage from the troubled period of your feelings to a period of total control of your feelings.

If in your dream the storm was distant, then a certain more troubled phase of your life is coming to an end, taking with it all the thoughts that delay its evolution.

Dreaming Of An Approaching Storm

Storm – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

Unlike the dream where you are just watching the storm, if you dream that the storm is approaching, or if you dream of a strong storm forming, prepare for a period of transitions in your professional life, especially in your work environment. But unfortunately these changes may not be positive.

Be always alert and prepare yourself to deal with difficult situations in order to transform negative changes into learning. Remember that after the storm comes the bonanza. Positive things can arise from these transformations.

Dreaming Of A Storm Destroying Some Place

This dream has a positive omen for you. The meaning of dreaming of a storm destroying some place means that you finally managed to overcome some obstacles that hindered your progress and you deal with your problems through more sensible attitudes. You found the best solution to solve some. Congratulations, you are on the right path.

Dreaming Of A Fire Storm

Dreaming of a fire storm has a very broad meaning. Fire represents the fury of nature and, when not controlled, it spreads and destroys everything around it. Dreams of a firestorm also indicate your feelings and emotions in anger. You are taken by feelings that, without control, can end up hurting people from your coexistence.

The firestorm dream can also represent a burning feeling of love and desire experienced by the dreamer in the present moment of his life. This kind of dream literally demonstrates an inner fire of various sensations. Take the reins of your feelings and use your inner fire to warm, not to burn.

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