Hugging – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Hugging – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Sometimes a hug can be all you need, right? A real hug comforts, shows affection and concern, besides being a therapy for who gives and who receives. Among so many positive things, you may think that you are in the face of what it means to dream of hugging, but is it really that? Look, yes and no.

The meaning of dreaming with hug has a strong relationship with everything that hugging brings us in the physical world, but the dreamlike universe – the world of dreams – is much more complex. So okay, you can put on your list that dreaming that receives or gives a hug in a general way symbolizes friendship, partnership and complicity. But there is another side to it, because everything has two sides, or – as the wise man would say – three sides. Just like everything in life; there is the version of who tells you the story, there is your version of that same story and also a third version that corresponds to the truth.

The interpretation of dreams follows more or less the same path: what you dream, the interpretation that someone gives you and the real interpretation. In order to arrive at this real interpretation, we need to evaluate crucial details of the dream in question. A good idea to remember these details is to always keep a notebook and a pen beside the bed (no cell phone, because his light can take away your sleep, so use paper and pen anyway) to make notes when you wake up, even in the middle of the night.

These details are what will give us the right clues to understand the message. Here are some examples of dreams that involve hugging for you to decipher the message that your subconscious is trying to get through to you.

Dreaming That You Are Hugging Someone

Who were you hugging? Was it a sweet person? This dream usually indicates that you care and wish the person to whom you gave this hug well. If it is someone you have not seen for a long time, it may mean that soon you will meet again. This dream also indicates that you are reaching maturity and wisdom.

Dream That You Receive A Hug

Hugging – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

When we dream that it’s us who get a hug, it may suggest that someone close to you is maneuvering to trick you into getting some advantage. This is not a good time to close a deal. If possible, leave these decisions for later, otherwise analyze every detail thoroughly.

Dream That You See Other People Hugging Each Other

Watching people embrace each other is an excellent confirmation that their family ties promise to strengthen even more. The family is a pillar in our lives, even if sometimes there are disagreements, only inbreeding bonds last for life. Dreaming of other people embracing each other also symbolizes prosperity in business and work.

Dreaming Of Loving Embrace

Remember the advice about keeping paper and pen next to your bed? So, if you dream that you received a loving hug before anything, try to identify who was the person who hugged you in your dream and write it down before you forget. Dreaming of a loving hug can be a sign that this person needs you. If it is someone who is distant, try to contact them. A simple phone call can sometimes change someone’s day.

Dreaming Of A Tight Hug

If you received a tight hug, even though the words suggest something positive, this dream leads to feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. Was it the spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend who hugged you? Maybe even a friend.

Do not let this relationship become suffocating and oppressive, dialogue. If it was you hugging someone, be careful that your relationship does not become a cage where the bird escapes at the first opportunity. Relationships should be nests of comfort where we rest and find warmth and security. From a prison everyone just wants to escape.

Dream That Hugs An Animal

Hugging – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

This will depend on which animal you dreamed of hugging. Here are two of the most common: dreaming of hugging a dog – even if dogs are associated with friendship and fidelity – may represent that someone close to you might betray you. Puppies want affection and attention all the time, and dreaming that you hug one is a symbol that someone very close can betray you to get some advantage.

Although this is a negative omen, don’t get too attached to finding out who or when, just avoid telling your plans to anyone during the next few weeks. Now, if you dreamed you were hugging a bear, you are feeling needy and seeking affection and protection. Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to face everything on your own.

Dream That You Embrace An Enemy

Dreaming that you embrace an enemy or a disaffected person is a sign for you to go urgently to make peace with someone, but not exactly who you can imagine. The enemy, in this case, is much closer than you can imagine. The enemy is about yourself. The biggest rival we have is ourselves, because we are the ones who have to decide how much we will bear the challenges and how hard we will try to overcome them.

We are the ones who must possess resilience and we are the ones who must know and accept who we are and what our limits are. So forgive yourself, accept yourself, and transform where there is need for transformation.

Dreaming Of A Farewell Embrace

Hugging – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

To dream that you say goodbye with a hug is an enormous symbol of a cycle that closes and another that begins. The person you say goodbye to in your dream may not participate in your new cycle or will play a minor role in this new phase of your life. Carefully keep the memories that remain and start your new journey with great faith and hope.

Dream That You Embrace The Person You Love

It may be that you are giving yourself more than you are getting back if in your dream it was you who gave that hug, but if you received the hug and did not give it back in the same intensity, your feelings about this relationship are dubious.

A relationship is like life and life is like a road. There are winding stretches, others not so much; there are ups and downs, and there are also the beautiful, fresh plains where you open the glass and let the wind in. With patience you can evolve in each of these passages.

Dream That You Hug A Friend

Hugging – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

Loyalty, loyalty, companionship and trust. How nice it is to have a real friend, isn’t it? So cultivate your friendships, give back what is given to you and give it back. Always positive things and, in the same way, forgiveness when it’s not so positive. After all, we are all human and making mistakes is part of our fragile nature.

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