Lice – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Lice - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of lice means that more attention must be paid to the toxic things that have been sucking your energies and wearing out your emotional.

Dreams of lice can have many variations. These tiny creatures don’t always bring luck, but sometimes the context can be extremely beneficial and promising. In other words, it is possible that a dream with lice is much more than you expected.

Lice are repulsive and irritating parasites. Your habit of “starting a family” in our hair is enough for your reputation among us not to be the best. Looking at it this way, it’s hard to think that the meaning of dreaming about lice is among the most auspicious things in the world.

Want to know more about what it means to dream about lice and the different ways to translate these dreams? Read our interpretations below.

Dreaming About Lice In Your Head

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It is not a good sign. Besides symbolizing stress, the louse scratching on the head can foreshadow unpleasant events and losses of all sorts. Possibly bad companies are trying to put you down and it’s hard to stay optimistic. It’s a phase of extreme sensitivity for you.

However, remember that he is just a louse: even if he tries to bring a tide of bad luck, it is easy to reverse it with hard work and the support of dear people. Let’s get rid of this louse.

Dreaming Of Louse And Lice

Nits kind of sabotage aesthetic hair care, right? So: when dreaming about lice and nits, you’re probably neglecting your physical appearance. Not that you should be just that, but you don’t have to get sloppy.

However, there may also be nothing wrong with your physique: it’s that you overcharge yourself and are always dissatisfied with yourself. It’s a good thing to have a healthier relationship with the mirror (physical and moral): no excessive vanities, but also no pure sloppiness.

Dreaming About Living Lice

As long as he is out of his mind, the living louse is not a bad omen. On the contrary. He is almost a kind of “lucky cricket”, although considerably less sympathetic. Since he’s not attached to your scalp, you’ll probably enjoy excellent health for the next few years.

So, with renewed confidence in the future, take advantage that the winds of fortune are in your favor and grab the chances that appear.

Dream Of Many Lice

Lice - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Why should you care about a louse? It can’t hurt me… until another one and another one and another one and another one. Suddenly there are so many that you can’t handle the situation anymore and your head is full of wounds.

Just like lice, some problems are tiny, but they can cause serious damage if you let them accumulate. Don’t put off your commitments or ignore flaws that need to be promptly corrected: sometimes these everyday banalities can, in a matter of time, turn into a real nuisance.

Dreaming Of Dead Lice

Get out, problem!

Daily existence reserves many obstacles for perfect satisfaction and comfort, we know well. However, you are ruthless with the “lice” of life: if you dream that you kill lice, this means that you are not waiting for the parasite to procreate and spoil your year. You know very well the evil it can cause and that’s why you don’t waste time to take an attitude, not giving the insect the slightest chance to ruin your hopes of improvement.

Dreaming About Lice In Someone Else’s Head

Dreaming of lice in someone else’s head means that your relationship with someone else can probably enter a troubled phase. Be aware of the demands of family and friends, trying to be compassionate and understand their reason. This prevents silly arguments from causing lasting hurt.

Dreaming Of Lice Falling Out Of Your Head

Translating this dream is simple: you need to leave some things behind. If you fool around, some people who have been doing you harm could also be removed from your life. This is a dream that asks for changes and renewals: don’t stand still in time to accomplish the wishes of a person who doesn’t truly want your success.

Dreaming Of Snake Louse

Hey, ugly boy! In this case, the ugly appearance hides a soul… even uglier. Dreaming of snake lice (better known as centipede or seal) is not a good sign. Besides symbolizing emotional arrests, it may be warning you that some unpleasant things you thought you’d gotten over may come back to bother you.

When you see this bug, it’s time to take care of your health, past issues and be very careful with the envy of others.

Dreaming Of White Louse

This is an unusual louse. In fact, there are people who don’t even know it exists. That’s why its appearance can mean the arrival of unusual and surprising situations in your life. Most of them are positive and related to immense luck. It’s probable that you will receive a promotion at your job or a gift you longed for, but you couldn’t believe that one day you would win.

Dream That You’ll Catch Lice

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The problems that you intend to infiltrate your life and go unnoticed will have no luck against your eagle eye: if you have dreamed of collecting lice, it is because you don’t let yourself be deceived and opportunities are not lost. It’s an incredibly positive dream that only gets better if, after collecting the lice, you kill them.

You can’t give the parasites a chance.

Dreaming About Lice On Your Clothes

Believe me: this means a lot of money. It’s serious. Dreaming of lice on your clothes is perhaps one of the best ads of fat cow times to come.

The money should show up, but of course you can’t just sit around waiting. It may be that the dream is encouraging you to run after it, aware that you will be properly rewarded for your efforts.

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