Childbirth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Childbirth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

For many women, childbirth is surrounded by a lot of anxiety, fear and insecurity, but no doubt a lot of emotion. To give birth and bring a life to the world, a child born inside your body, for some, is the realization of a great dream. A child is, for a huge slice of couples, the realization of the love that exists between them.

Sometimes bonds are strengthened, but yes, we know that many problems also come along with the little ones. Dreaming of childbirth can often be a playful manifestation of a moment of transition, of something new arriving in your life. It may be something for which you have perhaps created expectations and which is now about to come true, or, similarly, the meaning of dreaming of childbirth may symbolize an abrupt and unexpected change in your plans or how you expect things to go.

Dreams are still a mystery to science and scholars of the subject do not consent when the subject is the purpose they possess when analyzed from the evolutionary point of view. However, there is another group apart from scholars who understand dreams as an independent system of the human brain that analyzes your environment and your everyday life, and transforms this information into images that can pass on important signals and facts that you may have consciously missed.

Dreaming of childbirth would then be your subconscious trying to tell you something, and paying attention to what it wants to tell you can be very helpful. It is this approach to dreams that we will follow from now on, and in the next few lines we will find out what messages your subconscious wants to convey to you when it comes to what it means to dream of childbirth.

Dreaming That You Are Attending A Birth

Attending a birth that is not yours in a dream can have two distinct forms of interpretation. Some difficult problem may arise in your path and this problem ends up becoming a great challenge, but there is nothing to worry about. Someone with whom you identify a lot will help you to overcome anything and after that you will create a very strong bond. Another common interpretation of a dream like this is that good news will come to you soon.

Dreaming Of Birth Itself

It is a wonderful omen! Do you know that phase in our lives when everything works out? We meet new people, we realize ourselves in love and in work? Yes, this dream is a sign that the wheel of life has turned and now a period of abundance and prosperity begins for you.

Take advantage of these moments, but don’t stop planting them so that they will be even more frequent in your future. They are moments in which we can better plan what we want in our lives.

Dream That Helps In Childbirth

Dreaming of helping someone in childbirth (and not just assisting in childbirth), helping the pregnant woman to give birth, not infrequently indicates that someone in your family or close circle of friends will have a baby. Another possible interpretation is that someone – also in this circle of family or friends – will need your help very much. Be helpful, but do not expect anything in return. Altruism will be essential, as you will give without receiving.

Dreaming Of Premature Birth

Childbirth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

One of the most deplorable feelings in human beings is envy. Envy is not just wanting to achieve what someone else has achieved, but feeling bad about seeing someone else’s success and even wanting to sabotage it.

Dreaming of premature birth indicates that your subconscious has already noticed that some people around you are jealous of you, so it is good that you refrain from telling the four winds about your plans, dreams, and especially how close you can be to realizing them. Even if you trust someone, at least for now, keep only certain things to yourself.

Dream Of Normal Childbirth

If the birth was normal but uncomplicated and the baby was born perfect, it’s a positive sign that the worries that afflict you are about to end and any suffering you have experienced will soon come to an end. If there have been complications, the birth was difficult or the baby was born with some apparent problem, it is good that you stay alert at work or at home. Problems may arise. Just redouble your attention and care with what you do, to try to minimize mistakes and misunderstandings.

Dreaming Of Cesarean Section

Childbirth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming of a cesarean section symbolizes that for you to develop into something that is important for your accomplishment, you need help. Do not be shy in seeking this help or even in enrolling in some course that can work for your growth. We must always pursue personal development, be it spiritual or professional.

Dreaming Of Twin Births

The birth of twins is an indication of prosperity and abundance. Success in business, increased earnings and income or a professional promotion. Take advantage of this phase to open a business, make new business connections, develop projects and multiply your earnings. An excellent and favorable wave is on its way.

Dreaming Of Birth Pains

Childbirth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming that you feel the pain of childbirth represents what problems you are going through or even have gone through affect you at a deeper level. Serenity and resilience are fundamental attributes for a healthy overcoming of an especially bad phase.

If you have been through the problems but still feel shaken by them, even after overcoming them, seek professional help. It may be that some consultations with a psychologist or therapist bring relief and understanding about whatever you have faced. It is also advisable to seek your spiritual leader for counseling. This support can be essential in overcoming some traumas. Talking to someone close and trustworthy can also be helpful, but it does not replace the accompaniment of someone experienced.

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