Waterfall – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Before we talk about what it means to dream of a waterfall, it is interesting to understand what archetypes are. Archetypes are universal patterns that emanate from the collective unconscious, i.e. (according to the renowned Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung) they are impersonal information that we collectively embody during the process of life development.

Water is the liquid equivalent of light, so the meaning of dreaming of a waterfall induces the interpretation of the symbolism that water possesses, but it is necessary that certain elements are also taken into account, such as movement, the fall of water and its force being digested with the rocks at your feet. These are crucial points for us to observe from the right perspective what it means to dream of a waterfall.

This information has migrated among each of us as individuals, creating the collective unconscious, a common form of understanding images that transfigure beyond what they simply are, thus transmitting a message universally accepted by each of us. For example, the archetype of the waterfall reveals cleansing and purification.

Dreaming Of A Dirty Waterfall

Waterfall – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

Dreaming of dirty waterfall means that you have dammed emotions, and it is these emotions that are leaving your torrent of feelings darkened. The waterfall flows as our feelings should flow so that we can stay healthy. Repress these feelings and hide what you feel negatively for your health.

Letting the feelings flow does not mean, in turn, that you should say everything you feel or think. Feelings, when they flow, take away hurt and resentment, so don’t let bad experiences or loaded people influence your well-being. This is a time when your psyche needs good energies and positivism.

Dreaming Of Waterfall And Sea

It is a representation of your family life, tensions and connectivity with those with whom you maintain inbred ties or consider them as family. If the sea and the waterfall had calm waters, this suggests a period of full peace and balance in your family. You are connected and the communication is transparent and without room for misunderstanding.

Now, if the waters were troubled, it is likely that there will be disputes and discussions that may wear down the family relationship. In this case, try to measure the words and avoid stress. The family is all we really have, even when we think it is the source of problems, your family is your clan.

Dreaming Of Waterfall And Cataract

Cataracts have an immense amount of water that falls with great strength and power. This is a manifestation of your inner self about contradictory, confused feelings with which you are not able to deal or understand. What makes this more complex is that, many times, it can be difficult for you to understand or distinguish q ue feelings are these.

Seeking professional help at this moment can be very useful, soothing and even revealing. Seek answers and take the opportunity to know yourself better. Imagine a vehicle that is all unregulated; the brakes don’t work well, it spends more fuel, you have more expenses and besides everything you run more risks in traffic. Your feelings, when confused, leave you more or less the same way. Unregulated, without mood, stressed and undermine your health. Do not allow this to happen.

Dreaming Of Dry Waterfall

If in your dream you see a fall through which you should pour a waterfall, but it is dry, once again this is a dream that represents contained feelings that are not flowing the right way. The Roman poet Juvenal wrote in his famous Satyr X “Mens sana in corpore sano” – a healthy mind in a healthy body. He referred in his text that this was all one could desire in life.

The poet was completely right, but for us to reach this healthy mind and consequently develop a healthy body, our feelings need to flow and not be dammed or dry. Do not cultivate hurt and resentment, promote the fluidity that takes away everything that is not positive and beneficial.

Dream That Plunges Into The Waterfall

There are hundreds of songs about purification that symbolize a dive in a waterfall. This is an explicitly archetypal belief and dreaming that diving into a waterfall represents exactly that. It is a symbol of renewal, an omen that your life is about to change for the better. You have probably lived or are living intense moments that have caused shakes in your emotional structure.

Know that this is about to change. But don’t forget, an omen or a sign, it happens not because something magical will transform your life, but because what you have been doing guides you to this renewal and revitalization, so keep on the right path and certainly everything will work out.

Dream Of Crystal Clear Waterfall

Waterfall – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

It is a good omen. Dreaming of crystal clear waterfalls symbolizes self-knowledge, because clear waters allow us to see the bottom, and this bottom is its own interior. You can distinguish what is going well and what is going badly in your life, and this perception is a blessing to those who use it wisely. Take advantage of this period to open a business, take more risks in your undertakings, plan and plant for the future. It’s time to make decisions and not postpone anything until later.

Dreaming About Taking A Waterfall Bath

Waterfall – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Similar to diving, dreaming of taking a waterfall bath represents renewal and spiritual cleansing. You are on the right path and must continue for it. Your life will soon go through moments of renewal.

Dreaming Falling From A Waterfall

Dreaming that you are falling from a waterfall indicates that you are afraid of everything that is new and that you are very attached to things as they are. Accepting it is important, however, it cannot mean that you cannot try to change it or try something new as long as it is positive and does not hit you or others around you negatively. Now, if you dreamed that a friend would fall from a waterfall, make sure that wrong attitudes do not harm your friendships.

Dreaming About A Waterfall

Dreaming of waterfalls is a symbol of emotional turbulence, so don’t let feelings that bring you nothing positive affect you negatively. Go after counseling with a professional or even with the spiritual leader who represents your faith.

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