Water – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about water can have different interpretations, because it depends a lot on its state (if it is clean, dirty, stopped, current) and where it is (glass, river, sea, pool). It can indicate peace and harmony or be a sign that new challenges will arise in your life.

Just like the air that fills our lungs, water is an essential element for life. It is through it that everything that is alive on Earth, from humans, animals, plants and even microscopic beings, exists and is maintained.

You need it daily, be it for drinking, for cooking, for bathing or brushing your teeth. Because of its importance, power of creation and cleansing, the meaning of dreaming water tends to be something involving knowledge, healing, purification and spirituality!

In this article we will discuss the most common dreams and the specific interpretations for each situation. Check out the list and understand what it means to dream about water!

Dreaming About Running Water

Dreaming of running water means purity and tranquility. You are calm and do not let yourself be shaken by any problem. The running water in your dream portrays precisely this state of peace of mind in which you find yourself.

Clean water and currents symbolize movement, change and also fluidity. This dream is a sign of renewal and points out that there will be some positive news for you, which may be something related to your family, home or work.

But be cautious if, in your dream with water, it is dirty. This means that you have the ability to face obstacles, half delicate, but passengers. Just like water that flows and takes away impurities, they also go away.

Dreaming About Clean Water

Water - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Clean water is a symbol of peace, calm, tranquility and serenity. Dreaming of it means that you will have prosperity in all aspects of life. You will be happy and will see yourself satisfied in your personal and professional life. It is very probable that you are going through a moment of enormous emotional peace and that you are healthy and happy.

Dreaming of clean water means peace and harmony in your life. It represents all the prosperity that is in your path, clear and crystal clear. Your health is also on the rise! It’s a great time and one that should be enjoyed to the full!

Dreaming About Dirty Water

Dreaming of dirty water is a warning sign! You may go through some difficult time in both your personal and professional life.

It means that you don’t feel so clean spiritually, that you need an inner cleansing. It represents all the toxicity and negative energies that are currently around you.

Be aware of negative thoughts, because there are chances that they are the ones responsible for the things that don’t work or didn’t work in your life. Reflect and assume an optimistic posture, you can/will be able to win!

Dreaming About Muddy Water

Dreaming of muddy water has similar meaning to dreaming of dirty water: you must go through setbacks in your life. Be careful, especially when it comes to your love relationship or sentimental issues. It is a sign from your subconscious that something is not going well.

Dream That You Drink Water

Water - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

If in your dream you drank drinking water, it means that you are realizing that success is near, and that you will be able to overcome the obstacles that bother you. However, if you dream that you drink dirty or contaminated water, this may indicate that you are concerned about your health.

According to Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), dreaming that you are very thirsty, drinking plenty of water in your dream, and waking up to actually drink water, can simply mean that you really needed to hydrate yourself. You were really thirsty, and the dream reminded you of this. He interpreted the dream itself: “When I eat anchovies, olives or some other very salty food at dinner, I get thirsty during the night and it wakes me up.

This awakening, however, is preceded by a dream that always has the same content (Freud, 2016,p. 371)”. The Father of Psychoanalysis then goes on to say that he dreamed of drinking plenty of water, in generous, tasty sips of fresh water, and concludes: “the reason for this simple dream is thirst, and then I wake up and have to drink water in fact.

Dreaming That He Sees His Reflection In Water

Water - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

To dream that you see your reflection in the water is not a very positive omen. The most common interpretation for this kind of dream is that there may be casualties in your social environment. It may be that some relative or close friend of yours dies.

Dreaming Of A Lot Of Water

The meaning for this kind of dream depends a lot on the context. Besides taking into account your feelings, you need to pay attention to how the water was.

If it was a lot of dirty water, it’s a sign to get smart with falsehood. If it was a lot of still water, it can indicate that you pass or will pass through a moment of plenty of peace and tranquility. If it is cloudy and moving, it is an indication of arguments and intrigues.

Dreaming About Sea Water

Water - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

The meaning of dreaming about sea water can vary. It also depends on how the sea is. If it is calm and peaceful it is a sign of good luck, abundance and even creativity. But if you are in rough water and big, violent waves, it can be an indication that you will go through great personal problems.

Dreaming About River Water

The meaning of dreaming of river water is similar to dreaming of sea water. If the river is clean and calm, it symbolizes luck. You can benefit at work or in your family life. However, if the river is dirty or with rapids, you should pay attention, avoid or be prepared to deal with possible problems.

Dreaming About Standing Water

If the still water is very polluted or muddy, you have a chance to go through problems. Stay calm and solve them. Everything will be fine. And if in your dream with still water, it is clean, this represents peace of mind, health and lightness. You are going through a moment of balance!

Dreaming Of Dark Water

Water - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

As we have seen before, dreaming of dark waters symbolizes some problem or difficulty. Also, it may mean that you are undecided or confused about a specific situation in your life. Be safe and solve your problems!

Dreaming About Rainwater

Many people love to take a rain bath, because rain represents spiritual cleansing and renewal. Dreaming of rain is a good omen, because you will evolve spiritually. Enjoy this moment of tranquility and calm!

Dreaming About Contaminated Water

Water - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

Dreaming that you are drinking contaminated water shows that you are giving a lot of attention to toxic people or with bad energy. The fact that you are drinking dirty water indicates that you are contaminating your spirit by living with them. Don’t let people take your peace! Avoid those who gossip and are fake with you.

If you are in contaminated water, you may face some difficulties. Swimming in a river of dirty water indicates that you should be aware of negative energies and thoughts in your personal life!

If you dream of a dirty puddle or lake, this is a bad omen because it is related to illness and contamination. Maybe you or someone in your family is going through some delicate moment with regard to health.

If you dreamed about flooding dirty water, you need to improve your self-esteem. Be more confident to deal with your problems! And if dirty water has flooded your house, you should be alert with fake people who want to hurt you.

Dream About Crystal Clear Water

Water - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 7

Just like clean water, crystalline water represents good things. Do you remember the feeling of seeing a clean sea or river? It brings a peace! This is exactly what dreaming of clean water represents: lightness, emotional tranquility, good health and purification. There are great chances that you are going through a great time in your physical and emotional health.

Dreaming About Pool Water

Dreaming of a clean pool means you will improve your financial life. Dreaming of a full and clean pool means abundance or novelty: you will go through prosperous moments and find a new friend or love. Dreaming of a dirty pool is a bad sign, besides representing material damage, it is an alert for you to be careful with false people.

Dreaming About Leaking Water

Dream leaks are a warning: don’t waste time with what is not worth it. It can also mean that you will go through problems and will not be able to control them.

Dreaming About Hot Water

Water - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 8

Dreaming of hot water symbolizes material problems. Be aware of possible losses.

Dreaming About Cold Water

Dreaming of cold water shows that you will go through a moment of great prosperity and that you will be very lucky.


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