Running – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Running – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

The playful interpretation of dreams is the art of human self-knowledge. Mario Quintana, illustrious Brazilian poet and journalist, wisely wrote: “To dream is to wake yourself up inside. Dreams deal exactly with that, that inner awakening that projects in our intimate situations and extraordinary images, that many times possess valuable information that we let go unnoticed.

But nothing passes totally imperceptible, not through your subconscious. For Psychoanalysis, there are two possible classifications that are given to dreams: the big dream and the small dream. This classification does not depend on the duration of your dream, but on the complexity and symbolism that a certain dream carries or can transmit.

Big dreams are sometimes indecipherable and mythical. Archetypal when we observe them from a mere individual point of view and capable of affecting and transforming the life of the individual given their symbolic character. Small dreams, on the other hand, are those that reflect what you live in your everyday life and are only a representation of the dreamer’s psyche.

In this article we will deal with big dreams, those that you feel want to tell you something more. Dreaming that you are running, for example, when identified as something out of your everyday life and put in the class of big dreams, can symbolize good omen and unexpected luck. Of course, dreams in general are prolific and, in order to understand what it means to dream that you are running, several factors must be taken into account. Let’s look at some of them:

Dreaming That Runs Fast

Running – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

To dream that you are running fast, wherever you are, is a sign of restlessness and impatience. You don’t like to leave things halfway or postpone tasks, you want to solve them as soon as possible. Sometimes you create expectations of how and when these tasks will be solved, which can cause anxiety and frustration. Relax a little, restlessness is an effective driver of attitudes, but in the same way, it generates stress when in excess.

Dream That Runs And Does Not Leave The Place

You cannot let go of someone or some situation from the past and this has prevented you from living new experiences. Dreaming that you are running and cannot get out of place suggests the need for self-analysis in search of the necessary detachment that will give you openness to meet new people and have new opportunities, at work or in love.

Keeping connected with the past is a real waste of time, no matter how much this past keeps good memories and sometimes it is painful to leave them behind. Keep the past in two places only, in the memories of the heart or in the dusty sheds of oblivion, never take it with you wherever you go. The past can be too heavy a bag.

Dream That Runs In The Wake

Unless you are in the habit of exercising on a treadmill, which could reflect on your dreams without any particular meaning, dreaming that you run on a treadmill is the same as dreaming that you run and don’t leave the place. Someone or some situation from the past has confined you emotionally and this has prevented you from living new experiences.

This kind of dream suggests the need to make a self-analysis in search of the necessary detachment to meet new people and have new opportunities, at work or in love. Keeping connected with the past is a waste of time, even if these memories bring back good memories.

Dreaming That You Run From Someone

To dream that you are running from someone represents the will to escape and to be liberated. A relationship is suffocating you and you want more space or maybe some issue demands your attitude to be solved and you have been trying to avoid this responsibility. Dreaming that you are running from someone is related to emotional wear and tear and fear of not meeting expectations that others may have about you.

The best thing to do, if this is your case, is to face the problem right away and seek the solution or accept the consequences. Many times we overestimated the facts and then found out that it was no big deal. Analyze if it will make a difference in your life a year from now, if it doesn’t, solve it right away. If you do, just reflect well before deciding, but don’t run away.

Dream That You Are Running After Someone

If, on the other hand, you are the one who is running after someone, this may indicate that your jealousy may be crossing a bit of the limit. Possessiveness is the best way to keep someone you love from you.

Being possessive and controlling will not help your relationship at all. People need to want to be with us and not be forced into it. The bird returns to the nest because it finds warmth and comfort, but if it is in a cage, at the first opportunity it will leave to never return.

Dream That It Runs Alone

Running – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming that you are running alone demonstrates that your competence is at a higher level than that of the people around you. With effort you will be able to achieve your goals and achieve your desires. Don’t think, however, that this makes you better than others, it only shows that you are a determined and focused person and, working on your gifts, the future has only the best to offer you, but don’t let pride consume you.

Dream That You Run Naked

If you dreamed that you were running naked or just in your underwear, this is a likely sign of money arriving or some benefit that you were not counting on. Dreaming that you were running without clothes symbolizes unpredictable but positive facts that will happen to you very soon. Maybe a promotion at work might be coming along!

Dreaming That You Run In The Rain

Running – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

They say that the rain washes the soul and revitalizes, running in the rain in a dream symbolizes throwing away everything that is bad and preparing for new things. Smell of freshness and freedom. Dreaming that you are running in the rain is also a positive sign that you are on the right path and everything you long for at this moment has strong chances to work.

Keep the determination in your heart and don’t cling to the negativism of the pessimists, by the way, this dream already shows that you are not to cling to negative things. Congratulations!

Dream That Runs In The Dark

Watch out with your professional career or your business! Dreaming that you are running in the dark indicates that you have made, or may come to make, hasty decisions only because decisions are required of you. A lot of attention, by the way, caution is the most correct word to use here. When we run in the dark we can come across a wall, so analyze and ponder very well everything you do without acting by mere outside pressure.

Dream That You Run Barefoot

Running – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

It symbolizes carelessness and relaxation before life and its responsibilities. Running barefoot can also mean that your self-esteem is down, but you don’t accept whatever is leaving you like this. If this is the case, great. Don’t let anything put you down.

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