Chickenfoot Cross – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Chickenfoot Cross – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

What Is Chicken-foot Cross

The Chickenfoot Cross, also called the Cross of Nero, is represented by the drawing of a “chickenfoot” inside a circle.

Symbolism Of The Chicken-footed Cross

Under the name of the cross-foot or Cross of Nero, the symbol is considered antichrist, while it is as if Christ was crucified with head and arms fallen.

The name Cross of Nero comes from its creator Nero, a Roman Emperor who created it with the purpose of mocking Christ and the Christians, who wanted to decimate. He gave the name of “sign of the broken Christian” and that due to his design, also became known as the chicken-footed cross.

All symbols are created to identify groups that follow a certain belief or philosophy, and in the case of the Cross of Nero, it is linked to satanic movements for those who believe in this origin.

However, the symbol was used as the logo of a Nuclear Disarmament Campaign (CND in English) in order to be the largest movement for peace in Europe in 1958, for this reason, it also represents peace and love, which was even adopted as a hippie symbol in the 1960s.

In green, it was a symbol of peace and ecology. Today the symbol of ecology is represented by three green arrows that form a triangle.

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