Suicide – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of suicide means something heavy for you, after all, having suicidal thoughts and witnessing this act are not easy things to deal with. Thus, it is important to remember that bonnets with suicide are linked to death itself, and this usually brings negative aspects, as it is associated with fear.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Suicide?

There is a very big difficulty approaching your life, and this can represent a certain delay for you to be able to solve this situation. The important thing is not to let this become bigger than you and that it will become something increasingly complicated to deal with. It is interesting to think that the meaning of dreaming of suicide, despite bringing these challenges to your life, is also linked to the learning that one can acquire by mastering the situation and succeeding in solving the problems.

However, it is important to remember that this may not be the only possible meaning. Our dreams are hardly black and white things, we often come across contexts of the most varied. Each variation in your dream may indicate that there is a new possible interpretation to associate. Therefore, it may be interesting to know some more variations so that one can understand more fully what it means to dream of suicide.

Dreaming You See A Person Suiciding

You See A Person Suiciding

Seeing someone commit suicide is something with a very heavy aura and can even be considered a nightmare. Regardless of whether we know the person or not, when we come across another human being in this situation, our instinct is to sympathize with them.

In this way, this dream may indicate your fear, as situations that do not please you may be approaching and represent a threat to your current lifestyle. So it’s time to make an effort and try to deal with anything that comes boldly.

Dreaming Of Known Person Suicide

Dreaming that you see an acquaintance committing suicide can be something very impactful and it is certainly not an easy scene to deal with. That way, there is something worrying going on with this dream person so that they get to that point, and that’s the biggest sense. This concern is linked to something about her.

Thus, it is interesting that you seek to identify characteristics of this person that you are suffocating, even without realizing it. That’s because the dream may end up saying more about how you’ve been dealing with this acquaintance than anything else. Your subconscious has already realized that you have been acting wrongly with someone and urges for reflection.

Dreaming Of Unknown Person Suicide

In case you are someone unknown, the suicide of your dream may, oddly enough, indicate something positive. As much as it is something that scares, this is an omen that the problems of your life will have a faster solution than you were expecting. Because of this, it is even more important to stay focused, without thinking about giving up, because success is waiting for you, and all you need right now is to believe in yourself and your ability to handle what you have at hand.

Dreaming Of Family Suicide

Family Suicide

Dreaming that someone in the family commits suicide may have two interpretations. The first is similar to that of dreaming of the suicide of an acquaintance in general, but not associated with any kind of action of yours. That is, this person in your family is going through problems and you are realizing that they are in need of attention.

Here, however, you are not necessarily the cause of this, the only important thing is that she is in need of help and you can provide it. The other meaning is that your family, in general, can go through problems or disagreements. Therefore, it is important to remain calm and try to find the converging points between you to reach peace without nurturing bad feelings.

Dreaming Of Friend’s Suicide

Seeing a friend commit suicide in a dream is an indication that someone you have friendship with may be going through difficulties, just like the case of the family member. Therefore, it is important that you take action to help this dear person, because true friendships are shown in the most difficult moments. It is not necessary to hunt problems in your friends, but it is essential that you show willingness to help those in need.

Dreaming Of Suicide Of Your Love

Dreaming that your love commits suicide can be an indication that you have been losing hope in love and recent disappointments have brought you this kind of image. It is possible that this does not mean anything serious, and it can be common to happen after more serious fights or discussions, but that can be circumvented.

However, it may be related to irreversible disappointments in a way, such as betrayal. In this type of case, it is important that you make the right decision not to suffer longer than necessary.

Dream You Want To Suicide

This can be a desire that makes your spirit more charged and dark-oriented. This can be because you feel totally stuck in your situation, without having a real prospect of change.

In this case, the dream would be like a symbol of search for some kind of freedom. However, you should know that it is not a suggestion to do this kind of thing. Thus, the important thing is to pay attention to what is bringing you this feeling of imprisonment, and it may be necessary to make big changes in your life to reverse this sense of nullity.

Dreaming Of The Suicide Itself

Once again, there is a quest of yours to get rid of something that torments you in your life. It could mean that you are nurturing some sense of guilt, and it is consuming you.

Therefore, it is important that you look for a way to reverse this situation, even if it is through a simple apology. It is not healthy to keep something bad inside you, so it is essential that you miss the feeling of guilt, because we will not always be able to act in the ideal way.

Dreaming Of Suicide Spirit

This dream is a warning that you do not trust the people around you. They may be acting in one way, but their respective spirits say something else. So it may be possible that they are trying to do you some harm behind your back, so pay close attention to who you can really trust. Avoid sharing too many details of your life with people you don’t have that much intimacy with.

Dreaming Of People Suiciding

Dreaming of many people committing suicide is a sign that you are feeling very exhausted lately, both mentally and physically. This way, it is important to take a moment for yourself to recharge the batteries. Take a break, or even a vacation and try to travel, because it is something that, even of short duration, is able to renew your spirit.

Dreaming Of Suicide At Work

Suicide At Work

Here there is a clear association with your work environment, and its meaning is negative, indicating a possible dismissal or delays. It can also mean a trap arising for you. It is time, therefore, to double your attention and dedication to work to avoid worse consequences in your professional life.

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