Phoenix – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Phoenix – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

What Is Fenix

Phoenix is a legendary bird of Greek mythology that died, but after a few moments was reborn from its own ashes. The phoenix bird, before dying, obstructed in combustion, and then was reborn.

The phoenix possessed ample strength, capable of carrying heavy loads during its flight, reaching the point of transporting even elephants.

What Is Fenix?

The term phoenix names a mythical bird, a legendary figure that represents overcoming. The mythological Phoenix died in combustion and was reborn, after some time, from its own ashes, as said before. Other symbols attached to the Phoenix are the sun, fire, life, happiness, resurrection, strength, renewal, longevity and immortality.

Origin Of The Term Phoenix

Scholars believe that the legend of the Phoenix had its origin in the East, tolerating adjustments by the peoples of the West over the years. In ancient times, the bird was a being respected by various peoples such as the Egyptians, Chinese and Greeks. In Egypt, the Phoenix was especially contemplated by the residents of Heliopolis, where it was seen as the reincarnation of the god Ra.

Mythology Of The Phoenix

Phoenix – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

The bird, according to the point of view of Greek mythology, is the most beautiful of animals and simulates hope and the warning of the continuation of life after death. The feathers that cover the Phoenix and its plumage, shine in five colors, blue, purple, white, gold and red. Curiously, the genealogy of the term comes from a confusing translation by a Greek historian, who deluded himself by giving the name of the palm tree (phoinix, in Greek) to the bird.

Immortality And Rebirth

At the end of each life cycle, the phoenix burned in a funeral pyre. The phoenix’s faraway life and its rebirth from its own ashes transformed it into a symbol of spiritual rebirth and immortality.

Legendary Bird

Phoenix – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

It is quite interesting to note that the figure of the Phoenix appears in various ancient cultures. However, its original symbolism and meaning are preserved, so that, in the Egyptian, Greek and Chinese cultures, it maintains the representation of a legendary and admirable bird, as well as its symbolism of resurrection.

Symbol Of Strength

The phoenix also has the ability to convert itself into a bird of fire quite similar to an eagle. By its distinct death, the phoenix has become a symbol of strength, immortality and rebirth. It is one of the most conceived forms by people who make tattoos for the body.

The Tattoo

In meeting the definition carried by the myth of the Phoenix, those who choose their image seek to show their tendency to overcome, as a consequence of having overcome a broad sadness of suffering.

Taking into account the richness of details, it is often done on the back and selected by both female and male genders. The locality is one of the favorites because as it approaches a drawing with an excess of details, it needs a larger space. The color is also another strong point of the phoenix tattoo, it is used to use intense shades, such as red or only in black, with shaded details.

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