Bridge – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Bridge – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of a bridge means that you will achieve all the goals you seek. It represents all your success in the fight against all adversity.

According to the Aurélio dictionary, a bridge is “a work built to link two points separated by a watercourse or any depression in the land. To dream of a bridge has, symbolically, the same function: that of connecting two places or two things, a guide to cross an obstacle.

Bridges represent, in the universe of dreams, this critical junction that separates a decision from a consequence, from the result of your actions and how they can interfere in your life and that of other people. The meaning of dreaming of a bridge, as in everything that deals with the interpretation of dreams, depends on certain important details that must be observed, such as the condition in which the bridge is located, where it leads and from where it departs. It is these details that provide important clues for us to find the best interpretation for your dream.

Among the possible meanings of what it means to dream of a bridge, it is possible to advance that, in general, bridges are a sign of good omen, good omens and good luck. The overcoming of adversities that seemed insurmountable and insurmountable, times of plenty and prosperity. Dreams are often messages from the unconscious warning us of little facts that went unnoticed to us, or during that particular day, or even something that you have not consciously been able to capture, but that somehow your brain, or even your spirit, has captured.

The famous investor Warren Buffett said that “whenever I was about to make an investment and felt a pain below the rib I reviewed every detail before closing it, and guess what, there was always something that was going unnoticed”. Dreams are like the annoyance Buffett feels, an alert that his invisible self wants to give him. So let’s get down to business, what does it mean to dream of a bridge?

Dreaming That You Are Crossing A Bridge

Bridge – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

A great and exciting sign of success and achievement. Crossing a bridge, no matter what state it is in, even if it is in pieces, is a sign that you have triumphed and won. Your dreams belong to you and the road to them too. All the pieces are connected and well fitted, all you need now is the courage to do what it takes to win.

Dreaming Of A Wooden Bridge

Bridge – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

A wooden bridge is simple and not very resistant, it can even take you where you want to go, but take it easy. Be cautious and don’t hold back on observing the structures and pillars well, if you understand us.

Let’s be clearer: the wood, although it looks firm and quite safe, may be rotten inside. Are you sure you should follow this path, this job, this relationship? Don’t step too deep, take it easy and observe every sign and creaking of the boards, that is, be very sure if it is worth continuing.

Dreaming Of An Iron Bridge

Now yes, this is a definitely strong and safe bridge. Move forward quietly, the path is ready and the road to happiness awaits you. The invitation is for a pleasant and comfortable crossing, follow your destination, but as in any trip, keep your attention, even the best paved road can have some holes. Focus!

Dream Of A Beautiful Bridge

Bridge – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

A beautiful bridge with a beautiful landscape is a beautiful invitation to watch a sunset for two, and that’s more or less what dreaming of a beautiful bridge means. Success and peace in love! You and your partner are connected and ready to move on. If you haven’t found love yet, pay more attention because it may be right next to you. Be happy!

Courage and determination you have already shown, now take only the final step. Remember, the true victory is the one that lifts not only you, but the one that opens the way for others to win with you. Humility and dignity always. Forward!

Dream You Jumped Or Fell Off The Bridge

Jumping or falling off a bridge in a dream is just a reflection of our own fears and insecurities. You are uncertain about your ability to achieve the goals you set yourself, the demands society or family imposes on us, or the goals and targets at work or in business.

Dreaming that you jump off a bridge or dreaming that you fall off a bridge also represent the fear of connecting more seriously with a person. It can be in a loving relationship or in a possible society. Your fear may be related to the changes this connection can bring to your life or even a sign for you to stop and observe well whether this “bridge” is safe and worth crossing.

Dreaming Of A Bridge Over Water

Generally, if the bridge is flooded or extends over the water, this suggests that the transition or next journey will be emotional. If the water under the bridge is rising and flooding the surface of the road, it means that you are letting your emotions paralyze you by preventing you from moving forward.

Dreaming Of A Falling Bridge

You may be letting an important opportunity pass you by. The kind of opportunity that can change your life. The collapsing bridge represents viable chances that you have to make something work, but that for some reason you have despised. Believe and have faith, as well as attention and sensitivity to not let these opportunities slip away.

Dream About A Bridge Being Built

Bridge – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

A bridge being built in a dream denotes a period of transition and gradual transformation in your life. There is a new stage coming up in your career soon or a new love may appear. Dreaming of bridges under construction is also a good sign to close a deal, buy a property or change cars. If the bridge is unfinished, it may be a sign that you need to prepare a little more before taking a step forward.

Dreaming Of A Narrow Bridge

Bridge – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 7

The paths are not always easy to follow. In fact, the tendency is to face difficulties and obstacles. What we can never admit is to give up on moving forward. A narrow bridge represents the obstacles you face. Move on.

Dreaming Of A Tight Bridge

You are unsure about any recent decisions. If that’s what you want, make the latest analysis, weigh the pros and cons and always be ethical in any instance.

Dream Of A Drawbridge

Dreaming of a drawbridge is a sign that many of the problems you have faced are created by yourself. Talk to someone you can trust and open up about what you have felt and about something you want to conquer. Sometimes an outsider can see the road better.

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