Father – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Father – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of a father means protection and affection. It represents all the responsibility you have and the security you pass on to the people around you.

A father represents safety, respect, but also trust and affection. Dreaming of a father relates to the divine, the desire to connect with God, with financial stability and growing responsibilities. The meaning of dreaming about a father is an especially interesting symbol.

Dreaming of a father is closely associated with his desire to control his life, but also to be protected from the dangers that come from this independence. The father is a strong reference of safety and security, so it is common that this is your desire to be yourself this reference for others. The way you deal with your relationships, whether affective, loving, with your co-workers or subordinates, is of important relevance when interpreting what it means to dream of a father.

For example, it is necessary to identify whether the father figure in your dream symbolizes power and authority over you or what you exercise over other people.

According to Sigmund Freud, dreaming of a father, depending on the context, can mean a turbulent moment with someone who exercises power or influence over you. The dream usually offers clues, sometimes subtle, about who your father is serving as the “ironhead” (Freud, 2016).

It’s not uncommon to dream of a dead father – which may not mean exactly what you might imagine – sick, crying, or angry, but each of these dreams has its own specific interpretation. A hug in your father, a moment of relaxation or a fight bring different messages, but all of them, when well interpreted, can help us to solve or even discover problems that until then were not apparent, but which affect our lives significantly. Let’s understand each one of them better.

Dream That You Talk To Your Father

The father is a counsellor, dreaming that they are having a pleasant conversation is a great omen and symbolizes that we are walking on the right path. If eventually some people disagree with your choices, projects and goals, just make an effort and keep your steps steady. The road is for you.

Dream That You Play With Dad

Father – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Interpreting a dream where you play with your father requires some important observations: Were you a child in the dream? Were you an adult or still a teenager? Being a child or very young in a dream when you are already an adult indicates the need to mature, to embrace your responsibilities and grow up. It is important to keep the inner child alive, but there comes a time when we must be the vector of responsibility.

In case you have fun with your father, but on equal terms, the two mature adults, the meaning is the opposite. Let your inner child appear more. Don’t take everything so seriously. If you play in your dream using toys, this is a sign of personal success on the way or someone you like but haven’t seen for a long time, coming back.

Dream That Hugs Your Father

Father – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming that you give your father a long, tight hug is a sign of happiness in the family. If your father hugged you in your dream, it is a sign that you are protected and loved by people. If in your dream you caress your father, it is a sign of spiritual and physical renewal.

Dreaming Of An Angry Father

An angry or angry parent in your dream is a warning that you should review some of your recent decisions. Have you had any family disagreements? Maybe it’s time to analyze if you haven’t been too hard. The advice your dream gives you is to apologize and seek forgiveness.

Leave sorrows behind and seek the comfort of peace of mind. Your own anger can also project itself into your father’s irritation in your dream. In this case, it is very important to breathe and count to ten before leaving for the attack if you take a lock in traffic or a tantrum at work or in discussions with people, family or not.

Dreaming That He Fights With His Father

It’s not exactly a bad dream. It symbolizes sacrifices that you may have to make. If you fought in the dream, but soon after you made peace, it is a sign that there will be battles in life soon, but the path will not be as hard as it may seem.

If you fight too hard and go to physical aggression, it’s a sign that you need to get closer to your father in real life. If your father beats you, it is a sign of emotional disconnection between you.

Dreaming Of A Father Crying

If you dream of your father in tears, this is a sign that your expectations will not be met. Maybe you expect a lot from someone or from something you aimed for, but at this moment it’s all about mere illusions. Be patient, the time will still come. Dreams like this can also suggest that someone you least expect will come to your aid and that this person will prove to be a true friend.

If your father is crying not of sadness, but of joy in his dream, this is a factor to be considered. In this case, maybe some dream for which you have fought hard is about to come true. Observe your father’s expression and words in the dream to make the correct interpretation.

Dream Of Father Smiling

Father – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Sign that you are making the right choices. Proceed confident in your projects, you are on the right track. Keeping the focus and the work is important, but being sure that what we have done is having an even better effect.

Dreaming Of A Sick Father

Father – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

There are two possible interpretations: in the first, if your father clearly has an aspect of someone who is sick, the dream indicates the need to distance himself from someone who exercises authority. In the second case, rest assured, it is a sign of good health and long life for your father.

Dream Of Father’s Death

If your father died in your dream, this represents that positive news will arrive soon. Strangely enough this dream can be a good sign. However, it is also an indicator of caution in business administration or in the way of doing some work.

Dreaming Of A Dead Father

Contrary to what one might imagine, it is an indicator that the health of your close relatives is going well, including that of your father. On the other hand, it may indicate financial instability. Try not to make unnecessary expenses.

Dreaming Of A Saintly Father

Wisdom and success along your journey when you talk to one in a dream and ability to evolve and obtain victories if you are the father of a saint himself. But if the father of a saint is dead in his dream, it is a sign of bad omen and negative news. Keep your faith up and seek to connect with God and work on spirituality.


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