Tooth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Tooth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of a tooth represents your pride and dignity. The state in which he appears in the dream will represent the way he finds his inner self.

This dream, although weird, is not the most unusual event in the dream world. It is an event that is quite recurrent.

And the meaning of dreaming with a tooth is quite varied, and it is important to point out that even dreams that foreshadow events that are not so promising are important at least because they alert you to aspects of your life: in this sense, every dream is positive, because its interpretation can help to lead you to a happier, wiser and more generous existence.

Do you want to know what it means to dream about a tooth and avoid oneiric cavities? Read our text to the end because we are, at least in terms of dreams, great odontologists!

What is dreaming with teeth falling out?

What does it mean to dream about toothache?

What does it mean to dream about the soft tooth?

Dreaming About A Falling Tooth

When dreaming of falling teeth, you may wake up scared. You will probably look for the meaning of dreaming about a tooth falling out of your mouth on the internet, fearful that it will be the worst possible omen. After all, how can something like this be positive?

Because the dream world specializes in surprises, this perception is far from being true. For example: if you dream of a tooth falling into your hand, your family may soon grow. A son, nephew or little brother may be on the way.

Already dreaming of every tooth falling out of your mouth is a sign of solid, unshakable health, or long life. There are less positive interpretations, such as the presence of fears or lack of self-confidence, if they fall out while you are talking to someone. In these cases, use the dream as an excuse to reinvent yourself and face the world head-on.

Dreaming About A Broken Tooth

Tooth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

The importance of oral hygiene is always stressed, from the earliest childhood, as the best way to avoid tooth breaking and rotting. So it is logical that this dream is quite unpleasant, reflecting some basic fears related to health and appearance.

Dreaming of a broken tooth in the mouth is almost a synonym of broken life. That is, you don’t take very good care of yourself, accumulating stress and neglecting your physical and psychic health.

That said, really what it means to dream of a broken tooth changes according to the location of the tooth. If the broken tooth is not yours, you may need special attention from a friend or relative. The only “fix” is altruism: caring for others is one of the best human virtues. It has no better filling.

Dreaming Of Soft Teeth

This dream symbolizes weakness. That is, what it means to dream with a soft tooth is perhaps the imminent confrontation of some disease or boring event. We always repeat: health is essential. Practice exercises and make periodic visits to your trusted doctor.

But the list is not exhaustive. That is, your possible allegories do not end there: this dream can also refer to the moral weakness of someone close to you. Be aware of your friendships, because someone may be betraying you or sneaking around wishing you harm.

Dreaming Of A Rotten Tooth

Dreams with rotten teeth also have more than one meaning, all alarming. On the one hand, they can refer to family problems and undesirable situations caused by disaffection. On the other hand, their health may not be at all legal.

As with soft teeth, this is a red alert for a life without moderation or too sedentary. It’s also worth remembering that rotten teeth are bad for your appearance: are you too worried about how others perceive you?

Dreaming Of A Crooked Tooth

Tooth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming of a crooked tooth means that you are going through some situation in your life that you are ashamed of. However, it says more about your feeling about it than the situation itself.

Dreaming About A White Tooth

This is great! White teeth are beautiful, healthy and strong. Maybe you are taking or rendering to take such a phase in your life. Look out for good opportunities. Use your charisma and your skills to earn the trust of important people, improving your self-esteem and your will to grow.

Just be careful not to overestimate appearances or incur narcissism.

Dreaming Of A Rotten Tooth Falling Out

Dreaming of a falling tooth can be a good sign: it means that something bad is leaving your life. Maybe you have moved away from bad friendships or you are taking good care of your health? Some people don’t see any difference between this and the dream with a rotten tooth, but with this information you can immediately verify the opposite senses.

Dreaming With A Pierced Tooth

Pierced teeth are obviously weakened, compromised teeth. Perhaps a complicated phase is approaching. It is not as problematic as a rotten tooth, however. You can avoid it quietly by treating your routine with the care it deserves, without being affected by the problems and malicious opinions of others. In this case (and only in this case), your dentist is yourself.

Dreaming Of Toothache

Tooth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Toothache usually means concern with future acts. Doubts may be popping in your head, causing not only oneiric toothache, but also real life headaches. It is the ideal time to rethink your choices a little and act more cautiously, weighing the benefits and losses of your decisions.

Dreaming Of A Crumbling Tooth

Teeth that crumble recall a little the insecurities aroused by the dream with falling teeth. Life may be getting out of control out there and you’re not being able to react to it. Maybe this is the ideal time to take care of it: take the reins and follow your path with renewed firmness. If before you have the opportunity to rest, do it, but without getting too comfortable.

Dreaming Of A Bleeding Tooth

You may be disappointed with something. Or have disappointed someone. Try to know the cause of these resentments, since the person related to this dream is someone who really cares about you. We should not hold a grudge against those who love us.

Dream Of A Pulled Tooth

To pull out a tooth can be a painful and terrible experience, but at the same time it can rid you of monstrous pain and serious infections that can compromise your overall health. In short, it is “good” and “bad” at the same time.

In the world of dreams, the logic is similar. If you pulled out your teeth in pain, in a scary procedure closer to a nightmare, it may be a sign that you are going through complicated problems that can only be solved with great effort. Don’t relax: face them.

If, however, you pulled your teeth with more calm and placidity, it is because you created the courage to get rid of your problems with stoicism and willpower. It is an extremely positive dream that shows strength and self-control.

Dreaming About Dirty Teeth

Another rather uncomfortable prognosis: perhaps an illness or a difficult problem arises within your family. Unlike a completely rotten tooth, a tooth with caries can be saved: but instead of seeing a dentist, look for the people you love. Find out if they need something and be loving.

Dream About Tooth Loss

Tooth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

This dream may represent a fear of maturing. Age is not an enemy: it brings you experience and wisdom, broadening your horizons and deepening your perspective on things. Contemplate your own growth with gratitude for being alive.

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