Alligator – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Alligator – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming about alligator means that there may be something in your life that still bothers you. You need to discover this bother and face it to finally get rid of it.

Do you know what it means to dream about alligator?

The alligator is that animal that arrives softly and, in a fatal attack, catches its victims unprepared. The most common interpretation when dreaming about alligator is precisely to be living with false people, who seem to be your friends, but who actually do not see the time to hurt you. When dreaming about alligator, it is likely that you have received a warning signal to be prudent and careful with your friendships.

But all dreams are complex and dreaming about alligator can also mean many other things. This dream can represent that there is something or someone that bothers you, it can be a signal for you to face and face your fears or, even in some cases, an indication of financial success. It is important that you always consider the context of the dream and how your life is, so you can draw some conclusions.

But calm down, if you need help and really don’t have the slightest idea of the meaning of your dream, we will help you understand it better! We have made a list explaining the meaning of dreaming with alligator and its possible variations of interpretation:

Dreaming About Yellow Alligator

Dreaming of yellow alligator represents a fear that you have, perhaps a discomfort with some change or novelty in your life. It’s a warning for you not to let yourself be dominated by insecurity and anxiety, everything will turn out well and it’s normal to be surprised by some transformations in the beginning. Keep doing your best to overcome the difficult moments!

Dreaming About Green Alligator

Alligator – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Dreaming of a green or white alligator means financial success! It is likely that you are going through a prosperous phase in finance, or that you will enter one soon. This dream means a good omen in your life, pointing out stability in finances! Enjoy the moment with wisdom!

Dreaming Of Blue Alligator

Dreaming of blue alligator is something positive and the interpretation of this dream is a mixture of the above (yellow and green alligator). The meaning of dreaming about blue alligator is that you are afraid of a novelty, which without knowing, has great possibility to be very beneficial in your life. You will go through changes, but you will have good opportunities (mainly financial). Be calm and safe to make good use of all your chances!

Dream About Big Alligator

The big alligator symbolizes his fears, fears and apprehension. You may have gone through a difficult moment that traumatized you and until today you have not been able to overcome it. The size of the alligator represents that feeling of grief and resentment that shakes you and haunts you. It would be good and liberating to stop to reflect what does or did you harm and put an end to it. Life is much lighter and happier when you forgive yourself. Think of this alligator dream as an opportunity for change!

Dream About Small Alligator

Alligator – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming of a small alligator symbolizes that you must be a victim of falsehood. You seem to be underestimating someone’s ability to harm you. Just like someone who sees a small alligator, you believe that the person presents no danger, forgetting that he/she is still a predator. Be careful not to suffer with malice and surprise attacks from those you least expect. Get smart!

Dream Of Dead Alligator

Are you trying to solve unresolved issues? Dreaming of dead alligators means that you are finally managing to resolve your fears, sorrows or grudges. It may also be that you are finally dealing with a situation that you have been putting off for a long time. Don’t worry, the most important step has been taken, the victory is certain, just continue with the good will the positive attitude!

Dreaming About Alligator Cub

Alligator – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming of alligator cub means you have the wisdom and agility to get rid of a problematic situation that is still at its initial level. It is important to act while there is time, because the alligator cub is harmless, but if you let it grow, it will become a big problem. Don’t let a bullshit turn into a headache, “cut the evil out at the root” as soon as possible.

Dreaming About Alligator Feeding

The meaning of dreaming of alligator feeding is, unfortunately, a warning of danger. You must be very careful not to put your life at risk. The most important thing at this time is to keep yourself safe, so avoid any dangerous activity or person that could harm you. It’s a time to collect yourself at home and keep yourself safe and at peace.

Dreaming You Run Away From An Alligator

Dreaming that you are running away from an alligator can mean that you are trying to escape from some situation or fear of your life. It’s no use to ignore and run from your traumas or difficulties, because they will always be chasing you. You need to try to master your feelings and solve problems head-on. Unfortunately it’s impossible to escape from your fear or from that situation that makes you feel bad, the tip is to face everything with wisdom and courage! You can do it!

Dream You Are Attacked By An Alligator

If you dream that an alligator attacks you, it may indicate that something bad is going to happen in your life! But if you resist the attack, this can be seen as a good sign, indicating that you need to invest in yourself to be ready for new opportunities. It’s a good phase to start new personal and professional projects. An alligator may even attack you, but being well prepared, you will emerge victorious! It’s an excellent time to start courses, to commit yourself even more to your work, indoors or in your studies.

Dream That Caresses An Alligator

Alligator – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

If you dream that you pass the hand on the caiman and are happy, it may mean that you will earn a fortune. You will make a lot of money over a long period of your life! It’s one of the best possible omens! However, if in the dream you are afraid, it means that it is very likely that you are playing with danger. Sometimes bad things are very seductive! Be careful and don’t get carried away by something wrong!

Dream That You Eat Alligator

Dreaming that eating an alligator represents a great victory in your life! You’ve finally managed to overcome your fears, resentments or sorrows. You have overcome that situation that you considered difficult and now as a victim you have become a victorious warrior! You are no longer a prey! Congratulations, you have succeeded or you will soon succeed in solving all your unresolved issues!

Dream That Kills An Alligator

Dreaming that it kills an alligator also represents victory. You will be able to win your challenges with time, perseverance and a lot of fight. This dream indicates that you will reach balance and peace in your life after defeating your personal fears and longings. You will overcome everything that hurts you!

The meaning of dreaming about alligator in this case is something very positive, especially if you saw the fight. It is important to consider the violence and intensity of the fight between the two animals, because the more aggressive it is, the greater your financial profits will be. That’s right, this dream is a good omen and indicates that you will receive extra money. If the fight is very bloody and violent, it will be a generous amount!

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