Child – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Child – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming about a child means that soon positive things will happen to you. You have a life full of hope, with pinches of innocence. You represent the child that still lives in you. However, it can be a wake-up call for you to take more responsibility for things.

Of course, dreaming about children is usually a good omen. Little human beings come to warn us that luck is turning to our side and that our feelings are marked by purity, honesty and creativity. Children are the reason for the life of many of us, loving parents, and they inspire us every day.

In a child’s dream, it is normal for the message of the subconscious to be an incentive to rediscover our initial charm with the world and the future. That is why the meaning of dreaming about a child is rarely negative, especially when the child is healthy, but the possibility also exists.

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Dreaming About Small Children

A small child still has so much to see and do, doesn’t it? But believe me: even if you can’t compare yourself with her on this point, you also still have a lot to produce in your life. This is exactly what this dream wants to warn you: the small child signals how much growth you can still have in various aspects of your life, whether family members or professionals.

Dreaming About A Child On Your Lap

Although there is nothing wrong with holding a child on your lap, it is possible that this dream refers to another adult. Far from being “childish,” it is possible that an individual has been placing too much responsibility on your shoulders and depending too much on you. Even if you are solicitous, the child must learn to walk alone: something that an adult should already know how to do.

Dreaming Of A Crying Child

Child – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

A child’s crying may be heartbreaking, but it is not a prediction of sad things in his life: on the contrary, this dream may indicate very positive surprises in the coming days. Of course, your subconscious may also be playing a trick on you, materializing in dream form worries about other people.

But in general, it is more common for it to be good news.

Dreaming About A Newborn Child

How much ahead you have! It’s true that we already mentioned this in the dream with a small child, but a newborn child reinforces this impression: life is wonderful and you must always follow it prepared for new possibilities and experiences. The newborn is a sign of transformation and vitality: a gigantic world opens up to you. Let’s explore it?

Dreaming About Many Children

Child – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming of many children is always something lovely, of course. And their senses are also very good: besides a possible growth in the family, with one or several new members, it is certainly a sign of much happiness and success in relationships.

Dreaming About A Sick Child

This is usually synonymous with a heavy routine that has been weakening you, exhausting you physically and mentally. Have you ever thought about taking a break?

Maybe you are overcharging yourself. It’s important to work hard and dedicate yourself, that’s fine. It’s also important to give yourself a break to breathe and enjoy life. Forgetting even momentarily so many commitments and urgent tasks. Otherwise, it is possible that even your health will be shaken.

Dreaming Of A Child Playing

Child – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

A very positive dream!

Children are all good, aren’t they? Seeing them playing happy could only be a sign of joy. When dreaming of children playing, it is possible that your subconscious is telling you that very righteous attitudes on your part have affected in a very positive way dear people: nothing like the feeling that you did the right thing.

Dreaming About A Dead Child

The most unpleasant dream possible. It may even refer to the release of obligations (that is, a great weight taken off your shoulders), which would have been better represented by a less radical image, but its most common sense is the concern with health and financial stability.

Dreaming Of A Child Vomiting

Another boring dream experience, this dream at least has more positive meanings, reflecting your immense concern for the well-being of others and your complete dedication to your family. However, if you have decided not to act while the child vomits, it may be that you are blaming yourself too much for not helping your loved ones as much as you would like. Don’t cover yourself up so much, work hard, and continue to be a loving and empathetic person.

Dream Of A Child Being Born

A common harbinger of novelty, dreaming of the birth of a child is a normally invigorating experience that makes you feel like you have been reborn to the outside world. Enjoy it with the courage of one who knows it is a unique chance.

Dreaming Of A Child Sleeping

Child – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

A lot of serenity. You have confidence in the decisions you make, knowing that they are the best in the long run, and the people around you know they can count on you. Keep this phase of tranquility, security and faith in yourself.

Dream That You Play With Children

Dreaming about children playing was already good, but dreaming about playing with children can be even better: because beyond the predictions of happiness and harmony, this means that you will be able to keep your own joviality, keeping an open mind and considering what others have to suggest, even the youngest and inexperienced. Knowing how to listen to everyone is also a sign of leadership.

And look what you’re dreaming you play with children!

Dreaming That You Are Helped By A Child

Child – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 7

When being helped by a child in a dream, you may feel incapable or humiliated. After all, you needed the help of a child. Actually, that’s not what it means: the child is a messenger of something greater. It may be that you are about to get something you have always wanted. Maybe a child.

Dreaming Of Unknown Children

If you dream of unknown children, it is possibly because you will come into contact with aspects of your personality that you did not even know existed. In this case, the dream may be good or bad. Be aware of the degree of kindness and hostility of the child in the dream.

Dream That Feeds A Child

Child – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 8

As with the dream of a child sleeping, this experience reflects his altruism and his willingness to help others. Your relatives and friends, knowing your responsibility and your character, know that they can count on you for whatever comes and goes.

Dream That You Are Guided By A Child

Perhaps you are acting thoughtlessly and frequently questioning your own ability to make the best choices. You may need to reflect more before you act, but you are capable of the dream reflecting your insecurity or some remorse for a hasty decision that cost you dearly. Don’t forget that to make a mistake is human. It is better to have more focus from now on.

Dream That Saves A Child

Saving a child is an extremely noble act. In dreams, it is not only characteristic of a virtuous person, but of someone who is trying all the time to save his own goodness in a world that sometimes tries to pressure you to let go. To insist on being good and caring for others is not weakness. On the contrary: your beautiful character is what makes you dear and respected among your own.

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