Fire – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Fire – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of fire means affliction and warnings. Control more your impulses, your mood and, especially, your jealousy.

Fire is the element of nature that consumes, transforms and purifies things. Like everything in the world of dreams, the meaning can vary between something positive and negative and depends a lot on your current emotions and feelings. To understand your dreams you need to understand and listen to your heart.

But, in general, the fire that burns can represent a good thing, like a true passion, or a bad thing, like an obsession or envy. Normally, dreaming of fire is related to intense emotions and feelings in your life.

So, what does your dream about fire mean? It can burn, it can comfort you, it can scare you, or it can warm you. To help you understand the meaning of dreaming about fire, we have made a list of specific situations, explaining what each one can represent.

Dreaming Of Home Catching Fire

Fire – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Dreaming of a fire burning down a house represents that something or someone may be bothering you. Is there a problem in your life?

The house may represent you and, the fire, a feeling that consumes you or a bad situation that worries you. It can indicate that you are emotionally ill, that someone wants to do you harm or that some transformation you are afraid will happen. This metaphorical dream means that the structure of your home will be shaken, and this can come from you, from a specific situation or from people who want you badly.

So be aware of self-destructive feelings, such as optimism, envy, ignorance, anger and resentment; also analyze and be careful with false people. And don’t forget that changes are part of life. It’s time to try to keep yourself safe and balanced!

Dreaming About Rebuilding A House After A Fire

Her house caught fire, but fortunately she is being rebuilt. This means that you are close to feeling recovered and invigorated after a difficult moment that has passed. You have overcome the trauma and are now cured, this can be related to both health problems and financial or loving ones. Good work! Now you can invest in a fresh start! Find what makes you happy and move on!

Dream Of A Car On Fire

Fire – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming of a car catching fire means financial loss. The car is an expensive commodity that many people want and strive to buy. This dream indicates that, unfortunately, you will lose a good or an amount of money.

Dreaming Of Burning Fire

If the fire is burning some object, it means you will find a new and powerful passion. Don’t be attached to memories of old relationships, be prepared and live this new romance with joy.

But if in your dream of fire you only dream of the flames (the fire is not burning anything) this may indicate some disappointments with people close to you, but nothing so serious. Anyway, stay alert and watch carefully who you love.

Dream About Fire And Water

Fire accompanied by water represents balance and peace in your life. Although they seem to be opposites, the two elements are fundamental to the existence of life and, together, they represent harmony.

For example, we can say that fire and water are two sides of the same coin or the perfect representation of Yin and Yang. It is a good dream!

Dreaming About Fire Being Lit

If in your dream you are setting something on fire, it may mean that you don’t believe in yourself and probably sabotage your own projects. Stay alert and be confident!

However, this dream can also symbolize that you want to start new things. If you don’t have any new projects, you may be tired of your life and the same old things. If you want newness, be bold and take a chance!

Dream Of Fire And Passion

Your dream with fire reveals your love interest, physical attraction, a fetish or even a hidden fantasy. You must not ignore this desire, because even if you pretend you feel nothing, inside you this desire burns. What a delightful dream!

However, if your dream has to do with fireworks exploding in the sky, it may also mean that you are entering a new prosperous phase. Enjoy and celebrate, you deserve it!

Dream Of Fire Being Put Out

Fire – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming of fire extinguished can be an indication of loving disillusionment. The passion, which used to burn, is now extinguished! So be careful not to let yourself down or even let someone down.

If you dream that you put out the fire, it means that you will pass through/face a great difficulty. If in your dream you put out the fire with water, it can be a sign that you are impatient with this whole difficult situation. But if the flames are decreasing as you throw the water, it represents that, even if you are impatient, you will have control. Don’t worry, this fire that gets in your way and hurts you will be overcome!

Dreaming Of A Person Catching Fire

To dream that someone is on fire is a bad omen. It can be a very traumatizing dream. This dream indicates that something bad will happen soon, affecting someone you know or who is near you. Be careful!

Dreaming Of Bright Fire

Dreaming of bright fire is a good omen. The beautiful and seductive flame symbolizes your success! In your dream you are not afraid of fire and it can’t burn you, it’s just a beautiful flame that shines and fascinates you.

Dreaming Of Fire All Over The City

There are great chances that a relationship in your life is close to being totally destroyed. This can mean that you will lose a person’s friendship or love. But cheer up, if this really happens, it will not be the end of the world! Remember that there are millions of people on Earth who are dying to meet you!

Dream That You Admire Fire

If in your dream you are admiring fire, the tendency is that you find a burning love. You will fall in love hopelessly, just be smart, not to give yourself up to a bandit love,

Dreaming Of A Firearm

Fire – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

A dream with a firearm shows that maybe you need to be aware of possible slanders and intrigues in your professional environment. A firearm, as in real life, represents danger. If you saw a gun in your dream, be careful not to be a victim of injustice at work. Act as professionally as possible, so that you are not harmed or humiliated by anyone!

If in your dream you held the gun, you should be aware of the excess of vanity in your life, because it can harm you. Don’t forget to dedicate yourself to intellectual abilities and always be humble, only this way you will show your worth.

If you shot the dream as a sports practice, it is a sign that you will give your heart to a passion; but if you used the gun for revenge or to kill someone, it must be a sign that you are dissatisfied or sad about something. Be careful not to put yourself in a difficult situation! Get over your traumas!

However, if you just bought a gun, this means that it’s very likely that you’re on the right track to overcome past hurts. You will kill your grudges and achieve peace.

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