Witch – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Witches are part of the popular imagination as a malevolent figure, but their association with female power is also striking. They possess powers, sometimes dark, and use them for evil, but not always. The witch has in her imagery the mystery, and determining what it means to dream of a witch or whether the meaning of dreaming of a witch is good or bad for you, depends on the feeling that permeates your dreams. In the following lines you will understand better.

Dreaming That You See A Witch

To make a correct interpretation of this dream, first you must really understand what you saw. Was this witch doing something bad? Did you feel fear when you saw her or did you feel at peace? Witches usually have bad connotations in the popular imagination, but this image has changed and, depending on what you saw or how you felt, the interpretations may be different.

If you have seen a wicked witch or felt fearful when you saw the witch, this may indicate problems at home or in your work. Or that you have not yet recovered from a recent loss, because the negative dream of a witch can illustrate a feeling of orphanhood, loss, and loneliness (Ribeiro, 2019). If you have your own business, be careful when investing or closing partnerships. But if, on the other hand, the witch did something good or you felt good watching her, contrary to the previous omen, dreaming of a witch can mean a good omen and a period of prosperity.

Dreaming That Some Acquaintance Becomes A Witch

If dreams are reflections of our subconscious capturing signs that we consciously let go unnoticed, dreaming that a friend becomes a witch, or that an acquaintance becomes a witch, may indicate that someone you trust may be trying to manipulate you in your own favor.

These people would be the real-life witches, sucking your energy and trying to use you for selfish purposes. Be careful and watch how open you are to those you believe you can trust. Don’t be, on the other hand, suspicious of everything and everyone, just keep your eyes open.

Dream That You Meet A Group Of Witches

You Meet A Group Of Witches

Dreaming that you meet a group of witches is a sign that you have felt harassed by people who are consuming you. Attention in your work or academic environment. It is very easy to be depersonalized in places of collective coexistence or where we are hierarchically subordinated to others.

We must always cherish good coexistence and respect for leadership, but without ever subjugating our values or demeaning ourselves just to be accepted in a group. When this negative influence occurs at work, avoid participating in the gossip wheels or, even more, treating people hierarchically below you with carelessness.

Dream That You Are Influenced By A Witch

If you dream that a witch is influencing you or you dream that a witch is trying to influence you, beware. Witches have selfish purposes, so dream that a witch is trying to influence you represents someone around you, a close person, who may be trying to manipulate you to take advantage of you. Therefore, don’t let yourself be led to do something that you don’t want to do, or even that you know it wouldn’t be right to do. This may bring you unhappiness and discontent.

Dream That You Are A Witch

The maxim of “how did you feel being a witch?” is what it’s worth here. Did you feel evil and ready to do evil and take advantage of others? Or did you feel willing to sow goodness and help others? Dreaming that you are a witch will depend on what your personality was like during the dream. If your inclination was for evil, beware. Recognize your mistakes and where you have failed as a person.

Remember, everything we do turns against us. If you do good, it will come back, but if you sow evil, it will, in the same way, come back to you. If your actions and inclinations in your dream are positive, this may indicate a will to transform, to change your life and go beyond.

Dreaming You Talk To A Witch

Maybe you don’t remember exactly the content of the conversation, dreams are like that, much more an embolishment of feelings than facts that follow a logical sequence. Try to remember if what you felt during the dream was positive or not. Talking to a witch, in a negative sense, can symbolize your desire to get rid of someone. Be careful that these negative feelings do not blossom (or rot) in you.

If someone bothers you, just try to get away from that person, if an altruistic attitude is available in you, the best would be still to try to get closer and understand what left them in this situation and how to put an end to bad feelings.

If the feelings were positive, this dream can indicate the desire to change the course of your life. The truth is that there is no magic for it, as your dream suggests. If you want to change your life, make an effort and start doing it differently than you have done so far. Life is pure mathematics, if the factors are the same the results will always be the same. Apply different factors.

Dreaming Of A Witch Flying On A Broom

Witch – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

The flying broom is for the witch an advantage over ordinary mortals. She takes it wherever she wants to go, makes it fly. These supernatural concessions she has access to with the broom are the same ones you seek – to want to fly and to be able to go beyond others you may consider rivals.

Always seek growth, not just material, but spiritual. Wanting to stand out is natural and even healthy, but the only thing is when we compare ourselves with others to measure our success. Look at your life and measure it by values, not by possessions and even less by the grass in the other’s garden. It will always be greener in your eyes.

Dream Of Witchcraft Or Witch Doing Spell

Witchcraft Or Witch Doing Spell

A witch doing witchcraft can mean that someone wants her evil. There is no magic in receiving this information through a dream. This is because her subconscious saw in someone things that he could not capture (a look, a whisper, a different touch).

During the day, we receive a lot of information simultaneously, some of it we don’t capture consciously, but that doesn’t mean that our mind hasn’t perceived it in some way. This dream tries to show you that someone may be being false to you.

Dreaming Of An Old Witch

If you observe her, you need to take more attitudes in life towards the people who harm you. Don’t settle down and run after your happiness, regardless of the people who twist against you or say that everything will go wrong. Just ask for wisdom to distinguish good advice from bad omen.

Dream That You Run Away From A Witch

When you dream that you are running away from a witch, it may be that real-life witches, that is, false people, try to approach you to manipulate you. People at your job, colleagues or even your superior, may be trying to take advantage of something you may have or get access to. From these, run!

Dream That You Hunt A Witch

The world is more and more competitive and the work environment ends up being especially disputed. As we’ve already dealt with here, it’s common for the subconscious to notice things that the conscious can’t capture (a look, a whisper, a different touch). We receive a lot of information simultaneously during the day and some we don’t consciously capture, but the mind perceives it and tries to show us that people close to us may be being false. Dreaming that you hunt a witch represents this rivalry in the work environment.

Dreaming That Kills A Witch

In a similar way to dreaming that you hunt a witch, dreaming that you kill a witch has the same warning character that people close to you may be acting falsely.


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