Washing Clothes – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Washing Clothes – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of washing clothes can have countless meanings. Although nowadays people no longer have the habit of washing clothes as they used to (when they washed their hands; nowadays we use washing machines), the dream of washing clothes may have created curiosity in you.

Generally, the meaning of dreaming about washing clothes is that some person or situation is causing you discomfort. It can also symbolize that there is some situation to resolve in your life that is making you restless. However, the cleaning of clothes also symbolizes purification, washing the soul, making clean what is dirty today. It can be a sign that there are things in your life that bother you at the moment and that you want to “wash” those botherings.

Dreaming That You Wash Dirty Clothes

Washing Clothes – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

If you dream that you are washing dirty clothes, it can be a reference to the situations that occur in your life that generate discomfort to you. Most of the time, these circumstances are related to your love life. It is important to pay more attention to all the people who are part of your relationship, because this dream also symbolizes a possible attempt of betrayal in which someone tries to harm you.

These people are acting silently behind your back. If you guard for now, analyze the attitude of the people around you and avoid talking about personal matters or intimate secrets.

Dream That You Wash Clothes In Your Hand

Washing Clothes – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreams of washing clothes in hand (can be using a washing tank) symbolize that you are falling apart or getting rid of old grudges. It also represents a cleansing and purification from possible resentments of the past.

This dream is positive and indicates that this is an excellent time to list everything in your life that holds you to the past and that you would like to get rid of. Open the doors of your soul to good energies and vibrations, throw away all the resentment and anguish of the past, and focus only on building a new future. This is the time for that!

Dream That You Wash Clothes In The Washing Machine

By dreaming that you wash clothes in the washing machine, it shows the need you have to solve pending issues of the past in order to make a clean in your life and start new cycles. Dreaming of a washing machine indicates that there is a need for a cleaning in your essence. Leave aside the old and bring new things into your interior.

New feelings, new beliefs, new learning and even new relationships. Let the old go away and make room for the new. Make a reflection of everything you would like to be changed and renewed in your daily life. Start this inner renewal as soon as possible, this is a great time to expand your mind and attract new things.

Dream That You Wash Clothes In The Laundry Room

Dreaming of washing clothes in a laundry room can have several meanings depending on how the state of the place is. Dreaming of a clean laundry symbolizes good changes that will arise in your life and you must be prepared for them. Be aware of all kinds of changes that will occur in your life in the coming days.

If unlike the dream described above you dream of a dirty laundry, it symbolizes bad relationships that you are experiencing. Take better care of your personal relationships and pay attention to your friendships. Try to evaluate which relationships are good and which are not, because they need extra attention. Think about how you can improve your relationship with the people around you and put these thoughts into practice.

Dream About A Pile Of Clean Clothes

Washing Clothes – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreams of a pile of clean clothes symbolize a good organization of your family structure, a healthy lifestyle and good possibilities to prosper. Clean and organized clothes are an excellent indicator that you have your life in harmony and balance, and that you are able to reconcile your personal life with your professional life.

Keep working on the organization and harmony of your routine, because the time is great to grow financially and lovingly.

Dream About A Pile Of Dirty Clothes

Washing Clothes – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

The meaning of dreaming about a pile of dirty clothes refers to the people around you who are talking about you behind your back and slandering you.

As it is not possible to control what people say about you, a good solution is to avoid exposing your intimacies to those who are not of your utmost confidence. Keep yourself reserved and discreet and you won’t take that risk anymore. In a work environment, avoid talking too much about your life to people. Open up only to those who deserve it.

Dream That You See Another Person Washing Clothes

Usually dreams with other people washing clothes indicate great changes in your life for the better. If the person in your dream is someone you know or live with, they may be related to these positive changes.

If the dream you had is with someone unknown washing clothes, this symbolizes prosperity and good news arriving for you. If you dream about someone you know washing clothes, we recommend that you pay more attention to them, because good surprises can arise.

Dream That Extends Laundry

If you have dreamed that you have stretched clothes on a clothesline, this indicates a warning sign related to your unthinking attitudes, especially in relation to talking about the life of others or denigrating the image of someone you know.

This is a warning for you to change this kind of action, because soon this behavior may bring you harm. The greater the number of pieces of clothing you have extended in your dream, the greater the challenges you will have to face. Take advantage of this moment to reflect on your attitudes and what the consequences will be if you continue acting in this way.

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