Window – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of window means you are on the right track to achieve your goals. Good opportunities are appearing to you in the professional sphere. It is important that you persevere in case problems arise in your life.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Window?

The meaning of dreaming of a window may be focused on professional opportunities, overcoming obstacles or even indicating that a new love is about to come into your life.

According to symbolism, the window may indicate that it is important to have hope that things will improve, hope in a good future, and this thinking both externally and internally.

So, without further ado, let’s understand what it means to dream of window, on a case-by-case basis, in more detail.

Dreaming That You See A Window

In window dreams, it is important to remember that each of them has certain details that differentiate them from each other, with scenarios and symbologies. The dream universe is very particular.

When you dream that you see a window, you can believe that this dream indicates that soon good opportunities will be shown to you.

When dreaming of a window, when you just see the window, it can mean that you are a sensitive person, who is suffering from external influences. Keep an eye out for vulnerable situations.

If you notice that you are being influenced, it is because window dreams have come to warn you that you should pay more attention to these situations, and start acting according to your own convictions.

Dreaming That Looks Through A Window

Looks Through A Window

The meaning of dreaming of a window, when you are looking through it, depends on what you see.

If, in your window dreams, you have observed a beautiful landscape, this means that it is time to resume those projects that were put into practice previously, but that, for some reason, did not work on the first attempt.

It’s time to renew your hopes and fight for what you want.

On the other hand, if you have observed an ugly landscape, what it means dreaming of a window changes. It indicates that it is time for you to have strength, because the problems you are facing may increase.

Dream You See Someone In A Window

When, in your window dreams, you see someone through it, it means that you are going through a quiet time in your life, especially in relation to love.

Don’t expect fights or misunderstandings, and keep the mood pleasant with the people you love.

Try to maintain this climate of peace, because the meaning of dreaming of a window, when there is a person on that side, comes to say that you are with the right person.

Dream That Opens A Window

Opens A Window

When dreaming of window, when you are opening it, it is a good time to be happy. That’s because it’s a good omen, it means that good opportunities will arise in your professional life.

This dream also indicates that you have a vocation for business, that is, that you were born to undertake. Take advantage of this talent to invest in yourself, and do great things.

The time is now. Talent exists, you just have to believe and move on!

Dream That Closes A Window

To understand what it means to dream of a window being closed by you, the symbolism of the dream must be observed. When you close the window, you are protecting yourself from dangers that are close to you.

There is no cause for concern, as you are protected. Be grateful for the protection, and keep trusting your instincts.

A second line of interpretation when dreaming of a window when you close, may indicate that you have been making decisions within a comfort line. The tip is: no one achieves different results if they keep making the same decisions.

If you want to change something in your life, have boldness in your decisions, open your mind, seek the new.

Dreaming That Jumps A Window

If you dream that you are skipping a window, it is important to start paying attention to your financial life. It is a warning, in the sense that economic problems may arise for you and your family.

Thus, upon awakening from this dream, seek to review your accounts and schedule your financial commitments. Make a plan, and focus on solving the problems that may arise.

Remember that this dream is just an alert, like all window dreams. You are fully able to overcome any difficult situation.

Dream Of Broken Glass Window

Dreaming of a window that has broken glass may indicate that your home will undergo some changes in the coming days.

In addition, the meaning of dreaming of a window with broken glass may be the omen that a close person will break your confidence. This person can be involved in any aspect of your life, so keep an eye on those around you.

Dreams with a broken window can also mean that you, the person who dreams, are going through a moment of rejection of any kind of change that presents itself.

This is not a warning for you to change your attitude, just remember that sometimes it does well to get out of the comfort zone a little, and live new things.

Dream That Cleans A Window

Cleans A Window

Want to find out what it means to dream of a window when you are cleaning it? Watch out. This is a warning that it is time for you to review your way of thinking. Reflect if you are somehow not being too prejudiced towards other people.

This type of behavior can drive interesting people away from your life, people who could provide you with new experiences.

Therefore, when dreaming of a window being cleaned by you, try to change your posture towards people you do not know, because you may be missing good opportunities.

Dream With Window Open

In dreams with an open window, there is the possibility of new alternatives and opportunities in your life.

This means that you will have options to define certain subjects, and it will only be up to you to decide where you will choose to go.

The meaning of dreaming of an open window indicates that you are a firm person, who knows what you want, and does not fade in the face of difficulties.

It is in your hands all the capacity of realization, both professional and personal.

Dream With Closed Window

Dreaming of a closed window can make you worried, because it really isn’t a pleasant dream. And, in fact, it doesn’t bring good omens to those who dream of it.

Basically, the meaning of dreaming of a closed window consists of obstacles and challenges that will appear in your life.

Anyway, it also indicates that these obstacles will be fleeting, and that if you face them bravely, you will be able to overcome them.

Dreaming That You Shoot Something In A Window

These types of window dreams indicate bad omens. They are usually focused on material (financial) losses.

However, as usual window dreams, these losses will be fleeting. With focus, you will be able to overcome the difficulties, and what remains of the situation is learning.

Dream That You Try, But Can’t Open A Window

When dreaming of window, specifically if you try but can’t open it, keep an eye out for the day you had that dream.

That’s because the meaning of dreaming of a window, when you can’t open it, is a momentary warning, so that you don’t make any important commitment, in whatever area of your life.

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