Magician – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of magician means mystery and the desire to believe in what cannot be understood. It represents your great intuition and that you have a lot of focus on what you want to achieve.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Magician?

We know that the magician is a person who works with illusion: his ultimate goal is to divert our attention, with a distraction, from the place where magic is really going to happen.

The more details about the magician dream you can remember, the more sense each interpretation that will be demonstrated shortly thereafter will make.

It is important to think of the word mystery, because it involves all the questions with magicians we can think of. It is also part of the basic characteristic of the magician to know the secrets, but not to be able to reveal them, so that the illusion is maintained, and curiosity is sharpened.

Remember that the meaning of dreaming of magician is not written in your destiny, it is just a warning, where you can understand and beware, so that you can overcome any situation.

Dream You See A Magician

You See A Magician

In magical dream interpretations, if you dream that you see a magician, it means that you have great spiritual protection.

It also comes to show that you have a great desire to accomplish the impossible.

On the other hand, dreaming of a magician can mean that there is a person who is trying to get into your life. However, for some reason, you are not letting this person in.

What it means to dream of a magician, when you see him, is not a sign of a bad omen. Therefore, if there is anyone wanting to approach, allow with caution, be sure to take advantage of the opportunities that life offers you.

Dream You Want To Be A Magician

When dreaming of magician, when you realize that, in fact, your desire is to be that magician, it indicates that you own a strong personality, who does not give up so easily on your goals.

Their goals and desires tend to be strategically drawn, and successfully achieved.

In dreams of magician, when you become one, the word “defeat” is not part of your vocabulary.

Keep moving forward, pursuing your goals, without, however, going over anyone. You will be able to accomplish extraordinary things if you really dedicate yourself to it.

Dreaming You Are A Magician

You Are A Magician

In case you dream that you are a magician, know that this is not a good omen. However, remember that it is important not to worry, and that dreaming of magician is a warning, where we should pay attention to the details and beware.

So what does it mean to dream of magician when you are the magician? Basically, this kind of dream means to tell you that disappointments are on their way to your life.

Even so, you are the magician in the dream! This means that even if these disappointments are on the way, you are a strong and resilient person, and will not be overwhelmed by difficulties.

Usually, these disappointments will come from people close to you. Look closely at those around you.

When having this kind of dream with a magician, remember to proceed with caution, analyze well before making any decision, and always seek balance in your life. These small attitudes will help you go through any difficulty.

Dreaming You Are Making Magics

The meaning of dreaming of magician, when you are doing the magic, is quite simple. It usually means that you can, in a short time, buy new clothes.

But not just new clothes: new and good clothes. You are the magician, owner of the strong personality, so you are not content with little.

With this kind of magician dreams, you can expect a good opportunity to buy clothes, such as promotions in the store you like best. It’s still a good chance to invest in your wardrobe, is it?

Take the omen and grab the opportunity when you come. After all, buying good clothes is never too much.

On the other hand, if you dreamed that you did a very difficult magic, the meaning is not the same. This kind of dream can mean that you have gone through difficult times in your life, but that you have managed to overcome them.

If you have not gone through these moments, they will come. But remember that you are the magician, you are a strong person, so you will be fully able to overcome any challenges that present themselves in your life.

Dream You See A Magic Presentation

Magic Presentation

In magician dreams, when you dream of a magic presentation, it can mean that you have some poorly structured issues in your thoughts and concerns.

It may be related to the fear of frustrations, as well as some kind of psychological problem. Remember the main meaning of dreaming of magician, which is to believe it is possible to do the impossible.

So, when dreaming that you see a magic presentation, try to look at yourself and stop seeing the world with pessimism. Remember that your inner strength has no limits.

When we believe in ourselves and in our ability, when dreaming of magician, we open up many opportunities for problem solving, and begin to realize that, in fact, it is possible to overcome any diversity.

Dreaming That You Try To Do Magic

So far, we have seen several interpretations of what it means to dream of a magician. Now, let’s focus on attempts to perform magic.

Within this context, there may be two meanings. If your attempt to do magic works, it means you believe in yourself and your ability to achieve, which is great.

Keep faith in yourself, and you will attract more and more positive energies in your life.

On the other hand, if in dreams of magic you are unable to complete your magic, it means that you are being very pessimistic. This dream indicates that you must believe more in yourself.

Remember that good energies attract good energies, and bad energies also attract bad energies. So if in your dream you failed to accomplish your trick, take this as a warning from your subconscious.

There is still time to change and improve. Just work on your self-confidence, and seek more and more to be a better person.

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