Wave – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Wave – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

The waves of the sea are like situations that arise in human life, because nothing is forever, neither joy nor sadness. Dreaming of waves has this symbolic charge, for days come and go as well as nights; storms come and go and people are born and die, but the waves of the sea never cease even for a brief moment.

The meaning of dreaming of the wave represents the brevity of happiness and the tenuous time of pain, even if it seems to us stupidly long, almost infinite. A certain poet once said: he killed himself for not knowing that everything passes.

And so life is, everything passes. Waves also represent feelings and our ability to deal with them. Well, if you want to know the nuances of playful interpretations about what it means to dream of a wave, dive with us into the short lines to follow.

Dreaming Of The Sea Wave

Human life is full of ups and downs, adversities come and go, as well as the waves of the sea. Dreaming of a sea wave concerns the various elements that affect our lives and the little or no control we have over them.

Translating, dreaming of sea waves symbolizes the acceptance that not everything in life passes through our sieve and that much of what we gain or lose comes from chance. Learn to accept the gifts and setbacks that life offers. Gifts are gifts that we willingly receive, but even the creeps that we receive are opportunities to learn, grow and mature.

Dream Of Giant Wave

Wave – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

A powerful indication of great anxiety coming down on you. Waves represent emotions or situations beyond our control, so dreaming of giant waves may represent something in a brief future that is bothering you.

Identify what it can be and try to anticipate the problems. A common cause are beads that begin to form a snowball. If this is your case, try to renegotiate the debts, don’t let them run to the surface. However, there are several problems that can overwhelm us psychologically. Breathe, at the same pace as these waves, and relax so that your head can think better. Let the oxygen in and the solution out. It’s more or less that way.

Dreaming About Invading Waves

Breakouts of anger, crying, emotional instability. An emotion that explodes uncontrollably is a wave that invades. These waves, like a tsunami, can cause great damage. What to do? Be aware of your emotions in order to have control over them. This can be conquered in the following way; in each situation you feel yourself reaching the limit, think about the next act.

If you imagine yourself getting out of control, think about the consequences that this can have. If we visualize our actions before we have them, we can see our actions more clearly, and by seeing them this way, the probability of being able to reason more clearly increases. Don’t be a well of emotions, be the person who plunges the watering can into the waters of emotion and watering flowers with them. Make flowers bloom.

Dream Of Strong Wave

Just like dreaming of a giant wave, dreaming of a strong wave represents emotions or situations beyond our control. A strong wave can represent that something that is about to happen has left you anxious and concerned.

It is important to identify the cause of this anxiety and to anticipate the problem. There are several possible situations that can overwhelm us psychologically (debts, work, not getting a job, relationships), worrying may have its value in not standing still, but the very etymology of the word already gives you a clue about what the act means.

If worrying comes from “pre-occupying”, in other words, occupying yourself before the problem really arrives. Don’t worry too much.

Dreaming About A Wave Of Dirty Water

It may be time for you to prepare for a bad phase. In life, obstacles are inescapable. That goes for everyone, poor and rich, men and women, blacks, Indians, yellows and whites. We all have to be aware of this so that we are not caught by surprise and suffer beyond what each situation requires. Dreaming of dirty waves represents this phase approaching, so be strong and have resilience. This phase will pass.

Dreaming Of Mud Wave

Just like dreaming of a dirty water wave, dreaming of a mud wave is an alert for you to prepare for a challenging period in your life. Problems will come, but just like waves, they will also go away. How much they may affect you will depend on how much you anticipate the alert, just as people who live near the sea should anticipate a tsunami alert. Identify the problem and try to minimize the damage, but more than that, have resilience, spiritual and psychic strength to deal with them.

Dream Of Dark Waves

You are dealing with feelings that you have not yet learned to deal with and have not even managed to understand and absorb. Know yourself before you go to the fight. If you don’t accept and understand what you have meaning, even less other people will accept and understand you. We need to know ourselves or we can become our greatest enemy.

Dreaming Of Clear Waves

Wave – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

The clear waves symbolize that you have good absorption of everything you feel and channel these feelings in good vibrations. Congratulations! Having control over what we feel and how we deal with these feelings when they are negative is a sign of great spiritual maturity.

Dream That You Surf The Wave

Wave – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming that you surf a wave represents the control you have of your life even under severe adversity. The challenges arise, but you do not let yourself be shaken, even when you shake. You feel the thump, but you don’t let yourself down, you face it and this courageous decision will bring you good fruits.

Dream That You Are Caught By The Wave

When we are swallowed by a wave, we become helpless and there is little we can do to get rid of it before it completely swallows us unless we receive help. Dreaming that you are caught by the wave symbolizes this inability to react to a certain fact and that, without help, you may end up swallowed by the situation. Seek help, don’t be deluded to be able to solve everything by yourself. In life, we are drops of water or grains of sand, alone we are incapable, together we are oceans or mountains.

Dream Of A Wave Pool

Desire to relax and have moments of leisure. Reserve some time for these moments, without them we get confused and stressed. Your body is asking you for it, listen to it!

Dream That You Listen To The Waves

It is the manifestation of a feeling that arises in you. Peace, harmony with the people around you and satisfaction with the moment you are living.

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