Flea – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Fleas are annoying and cause discomfort. They are often difficult to catch because they are agile and cunning. Dreaming of fleas should not always be interpreted taking into account the annoyance of having these animals around, but most of the time – and we have to be very frank about this – they really represent little problems, annoyances, boredom and stress.

But wait a minute, dreams are interpretable and interpretations are basically possibilities and understandings of a certain fact, image, reading and so on. This is a truth, so don’t get hung up on what you dreamed before you read what we have prepared for you to understand the meaning of dreaming with flea and its various interpretations.

Dream That You See A Flea

You know that flea behind the ear? Well, then, dreaming that you see a flea may indicate distrust or an alert about something or someone close to you. Fleas are tiny beings, but they bother a lot.

To dream that you see a flea is an unconscious observation of your inner self about a person or a fact that, although you have not yet consciously attacked yourself, may become or cause some kind of problem in the future. Don’t let small problems become big, solve them while they are still fleas.

Dream Of Flea On Dog

Flea – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

Some friend or close relative is in need of help, but will not ask you for it. The initiative to help this person should come from you and only from you. If you notice that the person is going through problems, you can help him/her.

Certainly the rewards will come in the future, because the law of return is always grateful to those who dedicate themselves to others. If in your dream you were catching the fleas of the dog, this indicates that somehow you are already helping that person, even if emotionally. Emotional support is often as important as financial or physical contributions.

Dreaming About A Cat Flea

Flea – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Dreaming of a flea on a cat has almost the exact meaning of dreaming of a flea on a dog. The only difference is that, in imagetics, the cat symbolizes the feminine, so it is likely that some woman is in need of your help.

Be sensitive to notice who and how you can help her. It’s worth the same here about if you’ve dreamed that you were removing fleas from the cat, if that’s what you were doing, then you must already be helping that person in some way, even if you don’t know it.

Dreaming About Fleas In The Body

You know those daily disturbances we have at work, sometimes with a friend or spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend? That route you take every day going to work or study, with the traffic jam or the bus and subways crowded? Yeah, it’s those everyday things that are stressing you out.

Many of them are inevitable and you need patience and self-control to cope; others may depend on you to improve. That’s it, yourself. Forgive, ask for forgiveness, understand before you are understood. We know you read or hear this often, but do you know why this is so repeated around? Because it’s true! To keep breaking rules and thinking about yourself first is like punching a knife. You’ll be hurting yourself.

Dreaming Of Flea Jumping

This dream has two possible interpretations depending on the culture on which we will base ourselves at the time of deciphering it. In Western culture, that is, our culture, dreaming about jumping fleas represents an irritating and difficult situation to control. That kind of problem that requires patience and reflection to solve.

However, in Chinese culture, dreaming of a jumping flea is a good omen and even a curious omen. The Chinese believe that the person who has this kind of dream will soon find a love or someone they have not seen for a long time, when they are in some kind of public transportation. That’s right! Interesting, isn’t it?

So, if you’re riding a bus, subway, plane or who knows what else for collective use, keep your attention. You might meet an old friend or even the love of your life.

Dreaming Of Flea In Your Head

Dreaming of flea in the head or dreaming of flea in the hair symbolizes the need to recognize our own responsibility in certain problems that have affected us. Sometimes it’s easier to dodge guilt and throw it on others. We put the blame on the boss, the subordinate, the parents, the friends, the other driver, in short… The world ends up taking the blame for everything, but we are always the victims.

The truth is that we know that it’s not so. The big responsible for what happens in our lives is usually ourselves. This does not mean, of course, that external factors cannot influence or even cause some of these problems, but admit it. You really need to recognize that you have your share in this, don’t you? Then do it. Recognize your mistakes and work to make them right. With effort you can do it.

Dream Of Flea Stinging

Another dream with two possible interpretations. The first concerns the itching caused by the sting. If it does not disappear during the period in which you dream, it may mean that something you did is bringing you deep regret. If this is the case, asking for forgiveness can help you overcome this feeling.

The second interpretation is that this dream would be a warning about someone who is secretly wishing you harm and planning to sabotage you in some way. An advice here would be to avoid telling your plans and wishes to others at this time. At least until the person who has been acting falsely is revealed. Feelings like this always return to those who feed them.

Dreaming Of Many Fleas

Do not let the problems accumulate. These small and annoying insects, when they appear in a group in your dream, indicate that several things have annoyed you. Face these problems and find a way to solve them. If necessary, seek advice from someone close to you or even spiritual advice.

Dream That You Can Catch Flea

Dreaming that you can catch a flea and capture the animal during the dream is a sign that opportunities will arise and you will be able to realize your plans. Stay alert and do not let the opportunity slip away.

Dream That Kills Flea

Flea – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

It means you can have money coming to you; it can be inheritance, prize, find money. Money is always welcome, no one has any doubt about that. Another interpretation is that you possess what is necessary to overcome the obstacles that eventually arise.

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