Watermelon – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Watermelon – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming about watermelon means it is important to be careful with diseases. Healthy eating is fundamental. It can also be a symbol of leisure and tranquility.

Dreaming about fruit is quite common. They can bring signs of hope, money, happiness, but they can also be a sign for you to prevent illness or devote more of your time to leisure, family, children or work.

Watermelon is a delicious fruit of the Cucurbitaceae family. Generally, watermelons bring good omens to those who dream about them. Some observations about the fruit and what it means to dream with watermelon: it is a huge and juicy fruit, its interior is of a bright and vibrant red, generally associated with fertility and sexuality.

Its nectar is sweet and its flesh is filled with seeds, a real sensual and fruitful invitation. The watermelon is also resistant, its shell is hard and green, a color that suggests prosperity, so the meaning of dreaming of watermelon has many of these factors; prosperity and sensuality.

The watermelon grows on the ground, in creepers that crawl and curl sensually, symbolizing love, lust, fertility and passion, as well as family and good harvest. There are many ways to see or interact with a watermelon in your dreams, from eating a juicy watermelon to choosing the fruit in a supermarket gondola or rolling it down a hill. Well, let’s get to the point… it’s time to explore a little bit the various symbols and possible interpretations in case you have dreamed or come to dream about watermelon.

Dream That You See A Watermelon

When you only see the watermelon in your dream, it means that great and strong emotions are about to happen in your life. It may be that a trip you have always dreamed of, or even one you never imagined, is on its way.

Seeing a watermelon in your dreams symbolizes a period of discovery and novelty, of different sensations and transforming experiences, not only in your life, but also in those of the people around you.

Dream That Holds A Watermelon

Dreaming that you are holding a watermelon is an indication that you can make a thoughtless and imprudent decision. If you are in the process of signing a contract of employment, sale, purchase or any type of business, pay attention to the smallest details. Dreaming that you are holding a watermelon is a sign that you can make a decision without knowing all the necessary details or facts.

Dream That You Eat A Watermelon

Watermelon – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Hummm… Dreaming that you eat a watermelon is a great sign. It means instantaneous satisfaction and memorable and delightful sexual experiences like you never had. However, like everything that concerns interpretations of dreams, if you eat this watermelon sharing it with someone, the dream simply means that you are open to making new friends.

Dream That You Buy A Watermelon

You are surrounded by people who want your good and in whom you can trust. The circle of people you are involved in at this stage of your life, both in the family and social spheres. Wait for opportunities that may arise from these connections and problem solving that have persisted for some time. Life is made up of phases, and often the good and bad phases depend on how we relate to the people in our lives. At this moment you are being very well seen. Enjoy it!

Dream That Cuts Watermelon

Dreaming that you are cutting a watermelon symbolizes preparation to take a more serious step in a loving relationship. You have matured over the years with good and bad experiences, now is the time to take the next step.

You have matured and your subconscious already knows this. If you are not relating to anyone at the moment, that person may already be about to emerge in your life, and the feeling of both of you will be mutual, and between us: is there anything better than a mutual feeling?

Dreaming About Green Watermelon

Watermelon – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Green fruit is not yet ready for consumption and dreaming of green watermelon means something out there. Maybe you have plans and make an effort to make them come true, but wait… are you really ready for the responsibilities that will come, or for the challenges that may be coming? This kind of dream is telling you not to rush into it and prepare a little more. Keep the focus, but take it easy.

Dream About Big Watermelon

Dreaming of a large watermelon refers to the emotions and moments of great happiness that you are about to experience. It is also a sign of good news and profit in business.

Dreaming Of Falling Watermelon

If you dropped a watermelon in your dream, this may be a sign of stubbornness. You are not giving your arm in many moments of your life. None of us like to be wrong, but there is a difference between liking to be wrong and being effectively wrong. If you never admit to error or failure – we are all susceptible to error – this, besides making coexistence and even your employability, difficult or fragile, will also bring direct or indirect consequences in your life and in the achievement of your goals.

Another possible interpretation may be even more drastic; someone you know or have some contact with may suffer a miscarriage. The tip in this case is never to tell the person this, for two reasons: you may be mistaken as to who the dream may refer to, or you may even be stubborn, as the first interpretation suggests. In any case, try not to be stubborn this time and just offer a place to sit for the next pregnant woman who is near you.

Dreaming Of Sliced Watermelon

Watermelon – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

You have repressed desires and this is not necessarily something bad. If people did whatever came to their mind, believe me, the world would be a worse place.

However, it is important to analyze if these desires can negatively affect you, your spirituality, faith or hurt in any way a third person, whether you like it or not, or even someone you don’t know. If it’s not the case that you go against any of this and you just want to bungee-jump, just be sure to look for a professional to fulfill your wish.

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