Kidnapping – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of kidnapping means that it is important to be alert about the people around you. Take care of what is yours and don’t fool around with those you can’t trust.

Dreams, or even nightmares, often hold hidden meanings that talk about what we feel or even about what we don’t even know exists inside us. A dream is an experience that most of us go through during moments of sleep.

For science, the dream, although still very much shrouded in mystery, is the fruit of the imagination and the unconscious. The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, tried to explain dreams as a search for the fulfillment of a repressed desire (Freud, 2016). Although it makes a lot of sense, in some cases dreams can go beyond just wish fulfillment that we don’t put into practice – be it because this wish is a taboo or for any other reason that prevents us from making them come true.

In many cultures, dreams are interpreted as messages that the spiritual world sends us, like traffic signs that warn you of some danger ahead. Several biblical passages and even the sacred book of Islam, the Koran, also corroborate this thesis. Whether you are a devotee of these or other religions, or if you are someone who guides science, the fact is that dreams have always fascinated us, so much so that they have brought you here.

Here, we will deal with a specific type of dream. Dreaming of kidnapping. What does it mean to dream about kidnapping? Is it an omen of something bad? Or is it the manifestation of an obscure fantasy, as Freud would say? Maybe both, but don’t be scared.

In the world of dreams, not everything is what it seems. Jealousy; getting away from people who do you no good or who are not good company for those you love; these are some possible interpretations of what it means to dream of kidnapping. Take a look at the examples we have separated for you, they will certainly be useful to help you understand a dream that is usually afflicting.

Dream Of Kidnapping A Boyfriend

It is related to a common fear of those who live a relationship, especially in the beginning: the fear of being betrayed. The trigger for this kind of dream can be simply in your fear that your spouse, partner, or boyfriend may be doing something like this, that is, it can simply be the result of your imagination and your mind reflecting this fear in the image of someone kidnapping the loved one. A healthy relationship must be based on trust. Work this in you.

Dream About Family Member Kidnapping

Sometimes we have a very close relationship with some relatives, be they nephews, grandchildren, uncles, aunts and cousins. If we see these people, who are so dear to us, devoting attention to others, this super powerful organ that is so well kept inside your head called brain, you can interpret that they are wanting to “steal” this person from you and then… there you will have a horrible dream that this person is being kidnapped.

Another possible interpretation is that this person may go through a dangerous situation in real life sometime soon. Talk to her and try to find out if she has not been exposed to some possible risk situation.

Dreaming Of Child Abduction

Kidnapping – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

Children are the purest expression of innocence. Dreaming that a child is being kidnapped indicates the need for self-analysis. Have you been giving your inner child little flow? It may be that something in your life is kidnapping this child that we should all keep alive within us.
Certain circumstances rob us of this joy and innocence at work, in love relationships, in family life. But it is this child who gives us the ability to smile and have fun with simple things. Keep it inside you.

Dreaming That You Are Kidnapped

Dreams like this symbolize emotional traps that are restricting your life. As we have said, a healthy relationship requires trust, which brings us freedom. If it is you who is suffering with your partner’s jealousy, it is good to weigh the situation and see if this is a relationship that has a future.

Talking is always important and, many times, can solve the situation. But it is not only love relationships that can restrict your life, if not, identify what has possibly made you feel weak and vulnerable, because these are the feelings most commonly associated with this kind of dream.

Dream That Hijacks Someone

If you dream that you have kidnapped someone, this is your subconscious wanting this person’s attention and respect. Several studies indicate that people used to be the leaders in a group, usually have this kind of dream when they feel their leadership threatened.

Dream Of Kidnapping A Friend

The (not so) good old jealousy again. You’ve noticed that kidnapping is a symbol of jealousy and dominance, right? Well, like dreaming of kidnapping a relative, this dream is about your own fear of losing this friend or his attention to someone else.

Dreaming Of Kidnapping A Son

If you are a parent of a child, adolescent or even an adult, worrying about who your child relates to will always be part of your life, after all, children are children. You may not approve of a boyfriend, especially if it doesn’t inspire confidence, so… Yes… You will dream of someone trying to steal your child from you.

Dreaming About Baby Abduction

Do you remember that inner child that we all have and must keep alive within us? She herself. Circumstances in your life are trying to steal from you the innocence of the inner child. Strive to see the beauty of little things and always smile. It is the inner child that keeps us healthy and well with life.

Dream That You Witness A Kidnapping

Someone or something is keeping you from continuing to fight for your goals. Dreaming that you see someone being kidnapped shows you that the goals you have set yourself are being left aside for some reason. Identify the problem and don’t leave your dreams behind.

Dream Of Kidnapping And Escape

If it is you who kidnaps someone and runs away, this symbolizes your desire to take something from another person, maybe a love or even something intangible, like a talent. It’s not easy to see your own mistakes and defects, but make an effort to do it, because wanting what belongs to another person is something that will invariably turn against you.

Try to develop your talent, discover it or even learn something new. Remember, it is not a fallacy, each one of us is a unique being with unique abilities. Some discover your talent, others spend their lives longing for that of others. Discover yours.


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