Treason – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of betrayal means that you have wasted time and energy on things that were not necessary. It can represent your insecurity towards various subjects or relationships. Maybe you are feeling dependent on something or someone emotionally.

Betrayal is something nobody wants to dream about, isn’t it? It causes that feeling of insecurity, fear and low esteem at the same time, either because you are betraying or because you are being betrayed. But we soon put our heads in order, because dreaming doesn’t exactly mean it will happen.

But what does it mean to dream of betrayal? We know that dreams are messages from the unconscious that have their meaning and often say something about what we are thinking or feeling. The dream of betrayal is closely linked to insecurity.

The meaning of dreaming about betrayal in a love relationship can be linked to the following factors: if you have doubts about your partner; if you are a suspicious person; often think about betrayal; have past relationships that have not been fully resolved emotionally.

Dreaming of betrayal from friends can reveal surprises, both good and bad. If you are cheating on someone in the dream, it indicates that they are trying to cheat you out of something, but this will only happen if you allow it. Be aware of those who call themselves friends and may not be.

Dreaming of betrayal still reveals that you may be betraying yourself, or going through situations and decisions that you would not like, because they go against your true desires and your identity. Your subconscious is probably loaded with the theme of betrayal, thus bringing the dream with betrayal.

Try to analyze these negative thoughts and feelings and replace them with healthy habits, try to be secure, be at peace with yourself. Depending on the context of the dream, it may bring a specific meaning, see:

Dream That You Are Betrayed

Insecurity about oneself speaks volumes in this case. Dreaming that you are being betrayed represents, besides insecurity, distrust towards other people. The dream is bringing messages from the subconscious, take the opportunity to clarify your feelings and doubts with yourself first.

Dreaming Of Boyfriend Betrayal

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Fear is first in line here, fear allied to insecurity. You may also find it difficult to admit how much you like it, generating in your subconscious a representation of “loss” to know how you would feel if it happened.

Dreaming that your boyfriend cheats on you is not good, but you can reflect these feelings to improve the relationship, so that it is even more pleasant, free and healthy.

Dreaming About Betrayal Of A Husband

In theory, a marriage is to have more security and stability than a courtship. But feelings and thoughts of insecurity or emotional dependency can still often exist in marriage as well. Dreaming that you are betrayed by your husband may represent the emotional dependency you have on him and fears related to the possible loss of the relationship.

Dreaming Of Love Betrayal

If in the dream you are betrayed, insecurity and fear are always present in these cases. Besides the emotional dependency you may have on the other person. If you betray in the dream, it may mean, in fact, that someone is trying to harm you, stay alert.

Dream About Betrayal Of The Wife

This case is linked to emotional dependency. The areas of life must be shared, but not dependent, both marriage, professional and others. A dependency can generate damage. Dreaming does not mean that it is happening or that it will happen.

However, they are messages from the subconscious revealing its feelings and thoughts. Work your mind and live the positive side and security of an independent and happy relationship. Be safe with you.

Dream Of Betrayal Of A Boyfriend With A Friend

It is connected to the fear of losing this courtship without being able to do anything. But it is also more related to yourself in relation to your attitudes. Interpret the details of the dream, they can be reflected and bring to consciousness the situations that bother you, either in other people or in you.

Maintain emotional stability and have mature attitudes to clarify your feelings. Dreaming does not mean that it will come true, you cannot control or guess the other person’s thoughts, but you can analyze yours, you can still face what bothers you, be subtle and intelligent.

Dreaming About Another Couple’s Betrayal

It indicates that you need to concentrate on your life. New things are about to happen and you need to keep your focus to identify the chance the universe is giving you. Take more care of yourself and stay calm with positive energy.

Dream Of Betrayal Of A Friend

The dream is not always linked to the person who has dreamed, it usually brings a meaning in the relationship genres. Dreaming of betrayal from a friend indicates surprises that will come into your life, both good and bad.

Dreaming That You Are Betraying

If in the dream it is you who are betraying another person, contrary to what it seems, the dream indicates that someone close to you is trying to ruin you in some way. They can be people who call themselves close friends or even recent friendships.

But this will only happen if you allow it, so stay alert and don’t over trust people, don’t reveal your most intimate matters, because whoever wants to do you harm will be able to use his or her account against yourself. Attention.

Dream That You Forgive A Betrayal

Treason - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

Dreaming of forgiveness means, above all, peace, optimism and hope. However, the act of forgiving about the betrayal itself, in the dream can reveal that you are not in your right mind to make important decisions. Dreaming that you forgive a betrayal can be related to a lack of sense to distinguish right from wrong. Try to analyze if you are really at peace to make the right decision.

Dream That You Resist A Betrayal

If you resist this betrayal, this is a positive sign, but it does not mean that you are unscathed from going through moments of trial and disappointment, be attentive to these signs, be sincere and reflect, because in the end everything will be fine.

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