Death – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming about death doesn’t mean something really bad, it doesn’t mean that you or someone close to you will die, so don’t worry, because this dream is usually linked to a moment of transition or great changes in the social, professional or personal life of those who dream.

Death is a subject that many people usually avoid, because it is a frightening subject. Nobody wants to deal with loss or imagine themselves going from this to the best. It is a state of transition, a process of finalizing life itself, the biological and vital functions of human beings.

But what does it mean to dream about death? Deciphering this kind of dream includes analyzing the details in the dream, the context in which it happened, and how you felt in the situation. First of all, relax, pay attention to the dream with death as an interpretation for life, so you will be aware of the possible changes that will arise.

What does it mean to dream about a dead person?

What does it mean to dream about a person who has already died?

What does it mean to dream that your girlfriend is dead?

What does it mean to dream about the death of a friend?

Dreaming About A Dead Person

In spite of the great affliction one has when dreaming of death, there is no need to panic or let despair consume you, because this dream possibly does not mean something bad, on the contrary, it reveals that you or the person you dreamed of will be in great health.

Some people say that dreaming of dead people may mean a loss of power, however, it may also be that you have witnessed some scene of great impact that caused you an enormous emotional shock during the week, the month or even the year. Scene that was marked in your mind, maybe you didn’t even realize it, but, nevertheless, it was kept there in your memory and, through the dream, it happened again.

Dreaming Of Dead Fish

Dead Fish

Fish are of paramount importance to humanity, as they are seen as one of the symbols of Christianity and are found in much of the ecosystems that have water, both in the sweet and salt. But what does it really mean to dream about dead fish?

If you are the one who dreamed, be attentive and prepared, because it is possible that you miss a great opportunity, that you have some disappointments with a special person, that you live moments of frustration and even that you are insisting on something that will not take you anywhere. But don’t be upset, be prepared in the best way you can to face this new phase.

Dreaming About Dead Mouse

Dead Mouse

Dreaming of rats is not very pleasant, because it is a little animal that most people do not like to deal with because they are considered disgusting and prone to bring disease. However, imagine this being appearing in your dream, and dead!

If you have dreamed of a dead mouse, be alert, because this dream reveals that someone from your family, friends or someone close to you may get sick or have serious problems. It may also be that you have some feeling that consumes you inside, however it may be a warning for you to review your eating habits and hygiene. Avoid unnecessary annoyances, stay calm and look for healthy habits.

Dream About Dead Dog

It is rare to find someone who does not like dogs, such faithful little animals and companions that, among animals, are considered the best friends of man. It is known that when a dog appears in dreams, it is a sign of joy and sincere friendships. However, what about when he appears dead?

This dream indicates that a cycle of great importance is coming to an end, but don’t be sad, because new beginnings will come. And be careful, because this dream can also indicate betrayal, that someone or something will certainly bring a great disappointment.

Dreaming About Dead Cat

Death - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Cats appearing in dreams is usually not a good sign, especially when they are dead. If you dreamed that he was dead, be aware because this dream reveals that bad luck may be prowling close, bringing with it an old difficulty that you have lived or even the news of a bad result of something you have battled a lot.

So be prepared, be strong and brave to face the possible unpleasant obstacles that will arise along the way, even if the news is bad, face them with courage.

Dreaming About A Dead Baby

It’s not pleasant to dream about a dead baby, because these little angels only bring happiness and joy to our lives. There are countless possibilities of interpretation for this dream, however, the most plausible is the early end of something you just started and that put all your energies. Don’t be afraid! You will suffer a great change, but by suffering it, a new phase in your life will begin.

Dreaming Of The Death Of A Relative

Part of dreams brings great affliction and anguish to the soul because of the way they happen, and especially if this dream is related to someone special and from our family environment. Dreaming of a dead relative is a situation of conflict and anguish because it is connected to the people with whom we care most and who are part of who we are.

The interpretation of this dream will depend a lot on the degree of kinship you have with the person, but in general, when a relative appears dead in the dream, it may indicate the personality changes you have suffered or may suffer over time. However, it is also linked to the feeling you have for this person, indicating all your affection for him/her, but that it is not possible to be as close as you would like.

Dreaming Of Death As A Friend

Dreaming about the death of a friend is not very pleasant, but don’t worry, because this dream only indicates that you care and have a strong connection with him, that he is very missed.

When dreaming about a dead friend, you can realize how much he misses you and how great are the feelings you have for him. So take some time to call or see him, because a life with friends is always much better!

Dreaming About Mother’s Death

Dreaming of death is not a dream that makes us calm, on the contrary, it makes us wake up frustrated and worried. Dreaming about the death of the mother makes us even more worried, because the mother is a symbol of protection, affection and love.

Dreaming about your death reveals that you are afraid to take responsibility. This dream can also indicate that the distance or lack of seeing her makes you develop a great longing for her. Try to find and take the time to visit her and give all the love you can to the warrior who brought you into this world.

Dream Of Father’s Death

The father, like the mother, is a source of protection, affection and love. Dreaming of your father’s death indicates that you will undergo a great and considerable change, and that you also need to be more independent. It also indicates that you lack the ability to develop your projects and make decisions. Be bold and do your best!

Dreaming Of Dead Chicken

Death - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

Dreams of chickens are not seen with good eyes by people. They are always remembered as a bad omen. However, it is not something tragic like getting sick or dying.

This dream is related to the loss of someone you love very much, that is, this special person may end up moving away. It also reveals that those who dream will go through various changes in their life, so be filled with courage and be prepared in the best possible way.

Dreaming About A Dead Son

Dreaming of a dead child can make any parent distressed and worried, however it only indicates a feeling of security you have towards your child.

It is possible that you have planned and promised something that you could not fulfill, however it can also indicate a feeling of longing, for he is following new paths and entering new phases of life. Try to help him in the best way, talk and always be close to what he needs, because you are the safe port between him and this new phase.

Dream About Brother’s Death

Don’t worry, because this dream indicates that this brother will have a prosperous life and a lot of health, above all it indicates that something very good and meaningful will happen in his life. You are already in a moment of great propensity to find a point of balance and to be more calm and balanced in relation to the problems of the day by day.

Dreaming Of Girlfriend’s Death

Dreaming about the death of your girlfriend or loved one means that you are having your feelings confused about her. It may represent your indecision about matters relating to you.

Dreaming About A Person Who Has Already Died

Dreaming of someone who is already dead is a warning from your subconscious that you may be being negatively influenced by people who want you evil. Be careful of the people you approach. If the person has been dead for many years, it may mean that your love relationship is not as good as before.

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